Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cops in the news today 1) shot an unarmed motorist suspected of an expired inspection sticker in the back as he lay on the ground, zonked by her tazer 2)New Jersey cop DWI kills 2, driving against traffic plowing into a semi, one was a cop, one was his friend

Pennsylvania police officer was charged Tuesday with criminal homicide after investigators concluded she shot an unarmed motorist in the back as he lay facedown after a traffic stop over an expired inspection sticker.

Authorities accused Hummelstown police Officer Lisa J. Mearkle of shooting 59-year-old David Kassick twice on Feb. 2 without legal justification.

Mearkle had attempted to pull over Kassick for expired inspection and emissions stickers before he sped away. She caught up to Kassick near his sister's home where he had been living for a short time.

He got out and ran before Mearkle incapacitated him with a stun gun, held in her left hand. He was on the ground when she shot him twice in the back with the gun in her right hand, police said.

The off-duty New Jersey police officer hired in 2008 who was behind the wheel was among four people in a car early Friday when he drove the wrong way on a Staten Island highway after a night at a New York strip club, crashing head-on into a tractor-trailer that killed another officer and a friend last week in New York City, he had previously had his driver's license suspended for driving under the influence, an official said Tuesday.

Officer Pedro Abad Jr., had his license suspended for seven months starting in October 2013, restored in March 2014, a judge found he refused to submit to a chemical test and was also driving under the influence, he had to use an ignition lock until September 2014.

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