Monday, March 16, 2015

Pete Waterman's collection of model locomotives

the sales of these models will then fund the restoration of the real ones

The most exceptional model engineering works of art built to the very highest standards in nickel silver and brass by some of the best gauge one and larger gauge model builders who have ever lived.

Geoff Holt and George MacKinnon-Ure spent the last 20 years of their lives building these fine models for Pete Waterman, with a life time of knowledge of the full size railway locomotives. As Pete recently said; ‘I never ever thought about cost when commissioning these models – it was all about true quality, which ultimately is the only thing that matters. No expense was spared in achieving the very best outcomes'.

Works of art with in many cases, taking periods of up to four years to research each engine and obtain drawings, build patterns and then to hand build each locomotives.

These models are ‘scratch built',  not built from kits, making them unique in the true sense of the word. The detail in these models is nothing short of perfect with great attention given to the working motions, the valve gear by such great names as Stephenson, Walschaert and Joy valve gear used in all of the London North Western Railway engines, detailed eccentric work, balanced cranks, brake and sanding gear, fine plate work with detailed riveting.

Each example has then been painstakingly painted with the highest degree of detail. These examples from Pete’s collection have been worked on by top model locomotive painters including; Alan Brackenborough, Brian Badger and Larry Goddard. In some we can even see specialist weathered finishes by Brian Caldicott.

Don't waste time clicking around on links to see the entire collection (like I did) just see the pdf

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Will be auctioned in April:

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