Monday, February 02, 2015

Here's a treat... design art studies for Kaisers that never were produced. by Frank Hershey and Rhys Miller

The Merced, the Fairmont, the Piedmont, the Golden Gate, the Haleakala, the Menehune, the Paneole,  and Del Mar

I love these old art pieces... they show how ridiculous designers are... when working on "Future" looks. Ever seen a "Future" car ever get made into production? Me neither. I don't know why they bother after all these decades of ridiculous "design studies" to keep drawing up cars they ought to realize will never be produced.

yeah, I like the art, but not the waste of time in trying to make UGLY stick around and get made into cars.

Look at the top two, there ain't no way that's going to get through the commitees and hit the assembly line.

Reminds me instantly of the other Kaiser design studies I posted 6 years ago the Menehune, the Pele, and the Waimea (which was fabbed up into a single custom car)

with the quirk that the Waimea actually was custom fabbed into a car

All of this reminds me that there is now a tumblr for artwork like this


  1. The 1957 to 1959 generation of Chrysler Corp products had the Virgil Exner "dream car" look and they got placed into production. Unfortunately they were rushed into production so their assembly quality was poor. However, they were striking looking cars in their day. Think about how the 1957 models must have looked when first seen on the streets in the fall of 1956!

    1. Okay, but you're commenting without context on the post about Kaiser concept art. Thin thread of connection

  2. I have 4 of those drawings framed, where they sold as prints?

    1. Probably, if someone was smart and printed them, and sold them. I seriously doubt that anyone did a copyright on them