Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gilmore Gold Cup #11, the Bell Auto Parts Special.. .a replica of a car that never was


  1. While not a TRUE High Boy (only 1932 got that honor), this 1933 roadster fits the rest of the definition - ALL fenders, running boards and frame covers off with everything else in place (oh, it required a remount of the headlights). The addition of two "genuine" looking aircraft gauges below the right hand dash add to the Gilmore image (remember the Gee Bee Racer?).

  2. Nice car.I just got back from a convention and won a nice autographed 8x10 picture of Danica in a dress, holding her helmet. I also won a replica car of hers, autographed, still in the box. Is her stuff worth much and if so would you have a ballpark of what it would go for?
    Thank you:
    Steering Rack