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1923-1925 | Renault 10CV Type MH 6x6 Sahara

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Renault launched the six MH-type wheels in the early nineteen twenties, to cross the Sahara and facilitate communication between Algeria and French West Africa.

It paved the way for large African adventures with several expeditions between 1923 and 1925. Between Algeria and French West Africa, the Sahara was a barrier that the railway had not crossed.

Citroën launched its autochenilles in 1922 and the following year, Renault developed its six wheels. In fact, 12 wheels as they are matched in order to better "focus" on the sand.

 With their two rear drive axles, these cars combine good climbing ability and ease of use. End of December 1923 the first successful mission by rallying Touggourt Tozeur in two days. In the aftermath, the shipping Gradis-Estienne made in January 1924 joining Algeria-Niger. But the longest yet to come: November 15, 1924, Mr. and Mrs. Delingette, accompanied by Mr. Bonnaure mechanic, engage in crossing Africa, Colomb-Bechar in Cape Town! They do this on July 3, 1925, during the journey having passed the Citroën Central mission. An extraordinary adventure: 23,000 miles during which they have crossed 35 rivers by canoe and 129 bridges constructed or adapted

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