Saturday, December 14, 2013

the Michelin railroad tire and custom railcars (found on the Old Motor)

The pneumatic railroad tire developed by Michelin offered a number of advantages over the traditional wheel type in this relatively lightweight application. Passengers experienced a smoother, quieter ride. Better traction resulted in faster acceleration, shorter braking distances and improved climbing ability on grades. Greatly reduced rail wear likewise resulted in reduced track maintenance costs. Downside factors included higher fuel consumption caused by increased drag and the possibility of flats.

Michelin dayliner type 51: ( I just don't have time to clean up this translation)

 After the implementation of micheline in normal way on the french network in the early 1930 , their builder realized similar vehicles for narrow path. One of them was tried on the nice - digne line railway de provence In 1934, but was not selected for the network. However, this material would be successful ' export ', In the french colonies. As well, 19 micheline called ' coloniales ', Type 51 and 52, were delivered: 7 in mozambique 2 in indochina ( line of yunnan ), 2 in africa - french equatorial ( line congo - ocean ), 1 in africa - french west line dakar - niger ) and 7 in madagascar .

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