Saturday, October 20, 2012

An unrestored 1969 Dodge Daytona, looking like it's had a really rough life. No its not for sale

people on the Charger forum know the car, it's been owned by the same guy since 1987, and the newspaper ad he bought it from is 


  1. One of ONLY 503....I've seen worse!

    Thanks for sharing.

    There are probably very few '69 Daytona's that have not been restored. This is very cool to see.

    I've never seen the seat belt clips mounted on the back section of the console, and it appears to be original. New one on me.

  2. So the owner is maybe going to fix it up someday, right?

  3. Such neglect should be a felony...

  4. Would not touch a single part of this car keep it like it is super cool.

  5. Does Shaun still own that? No way there are 2 b-5 blue chargers that are unrestored in socal with blue plates

    1. the sheet on the car said same owner since 87... so my guess is yes... that is why I included in in my post, captions, write up, whatever