Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Most outstanding car at the Mopars at the Strip 2012 drag racing and car show event

 I don't recall what year or model this is... a 62 Lancer? Anyway, so much has been done to lighten and make this aerodynamic it's astonishing.
 Airducts to the airbox in the firewall, the front bumper was made for a PT Cruiser or similar new vehicle, most of the panels are cut out, and replaced with aluminum patches,

 The top has been chopped... and have you ever heard of anyone doing that to anything but a hot rod from the 30's, 40's or 50's? The side windows are all plexiglass,

 The inner fenders and all the rest of the car have been swiss cheesed, the door for the driver weighs about 3 pounds, and you are astonished at the feel of it... like a piece of cardboard. All the chrome has been removed, louvered vents everywhere,

 The inner door liner is felt.
 Top of the rear window and below the gas tank are air difusers

 I believe the owner told me this car holds 4 or 5 national records for speed
amazing. Gets my award for most out-standing. Not the prettiest, nor the most expensive, but the car that is far more interesting than any other at the Mopars at the Strip event this year

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