Monday, November 28, 2011

The foot resting on this Shelby Cobra Mustang convertible trunk spolier should be chopped off as a warning to others.

filthy feet to make it worse. Tattooed? Really? What, aren't your feet stupid looking enough already?

Dan, in Norway, is a far better PhotoChopper than I am, so he took her legs off!
Thanks Dan!


  1. Maybe tattooed-foot-gal and the car belong to the same guy.

  2. You had to post I am mad at that girl too. That's going to ruin my day.

  3. That's her mustang the Tattoo foot girl. At least she made it look like it is her car maybe the owner did not know. A video is posted on youtube she is with the car I wouldn't say,, well I don't want to be rude anyways she steps in the car and rapes it with her barefoot. The video caught my eyes because I like a woman with a pretty barefoot except what she did to this car hurt my feelings. I felt sorry for the car just the way she molested that accelerator pedal through out the video but what she did at the end oof the video was gut wrenching. Poor car and at the end the camera person zooms up on her foot on the gas pedal as she whales on it like she was going to blow up the beautiful engine of this car ending out with a seriously evil grin on her face.

    1. send me a link to that video!