Monday, August 15, 2011

Stop if you've heard this one before, woman is given a 60's race car, she stores it for 30's years while she works at a Sears warehouse (after losing the car she suicides), because her dad gave her the car, because he was a bodyguard, to a music legend who murdered a woman.(Phil Spector) Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe CSX 2287's story

Yes, same car. Above is the 1964 Riverside race, from
in November 1965 when Shelby took it out of “retirement” to run at the Bonneville Salt Flats. They changed engines and tires, retained the Le Mans 2.88 gearing and they were ready. No special prep, no spare engine, minimal supplies. USAC really didn’t believe they were serious about running for endurance records. They were more than just a little surprised when drivers Breedlove and Tatroe clocked 1,931 miles, averaging 150 mph and breaking the record set by Bugatti in the 1936 Type 57G “Tank” . It set 23 national and international Stock Car Speed and Endurance records!

After Bonneville the first Coupe required three days of cleaning to get rid of the salt. Now a tired racer, it was sold and ultimately fell into the hands of record promoter Phil Spector who, after receiving many tickets, gave it to his bodyguard. The bodyguard gave it to his daughter who, in 1971, put it in storage in Yorba Linda, California. She kept it locked up, not allowing historians, collectors, or even Carroll Shelby to see it. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s it became obvious that this car was an icon and extremely valuable.

Once the world became aware that the car was in storage, and everyone pressured her to seel the car, an exotic car dealer, Spector, Brand and her boyfriend who claimed she had promised him the car. Plus there was a judge and litigation involved before it was over. After selling the Daytona, Brand willed the car to her mother and then committed suicide.

It's now in the Simeone Foundation Museum in Philadelphia.

there are other crazy stories in this big world of cars, this is just one of many. Read the "Hemi In The Barn" "Cobra in the Barn" and "Corvette In The Barn" books by Tom Cotter. Blows your mind how many of the ultra exclusive race cars, muscle cars, and sports cars have been left to rot and neglect for years and decades by owners that weren't interested in them

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