Friday, October 21, 2011

Slogans of Cadillac advertisements

"You Can Kill a Horse but not a Cadillac (1905)"
"Every Cadillac is a Dewar Trophy" (1911)
"Cadillac Shows the World truly magnificent a motor car can be!" (1937)
"It's a "Who's Who" of the Highway!" (1952)
"More Eloquent Than Words!" (1952)
"Those who want the finest want - the Standard of the World!" (1953)
"Cadillac car is one of the soundest investments in the automotive world!" (1953)
"They'll Take The Cadillac Tonight!" (1955)
"It Gives a Man a New Outlook... Cadillac" (1957)
"Finest Expression of Motordom's Highest Ideal!" (1957)
"Magnificent Beyond All Expectations! - Cadillac" (1957)
"A New Realm of Motoring Majesty! - The 1959 Cadillac"
"Cadillac - a new measure of automotive supremacy." (1959)
"Cadillac ... the new measurement of greatness" (1959)
"Cadillac ... universal symbol of excellence" (1959)
"Cadillac ...World's Best Synonym for Quality!" (1959)
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