Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stumbled across the restoration and repair shop of this collection, accidental coolness!

Odd parking lot ornamenal conversation piece... first time I've seen a lost case in a business parking lot

That is an impressive stack of leaf springs

I've posted photos of this before, when it was at the Allied Gardens car show.. and I was told while taking this shot what it's story is. Back around 1970 there was an area of San Diego that trail bikes would enjopy, which torqued off the cops. The cops weren't allowed to off road the cop cars chasing the bikers, but of course they did, and the rocks caused flat tires. So the police dept needed a tow truck of their own to get the cars out of the wild country so they wouldn't be embarrassed by their stupidity when a tow truck company went out to haul the cars back to developed roads. So in 1970 they commissioned this unique International Harvester to be custom made. It's a one ton, no dualie rear axel, tow truck that is light weight and small enough to get off road, but stout enough to pull cop cars back to the city.
Donated with the full complement of medical accoutrements from when it was rolling out to save lives.

I wondered why they were bothering to keep a four door working, and learned it was a detective car... which makes it cool. It reminds me of 70's cop shows, and the ugly cars the detectives drove.