Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The pinstripers at the 2011 GNRS, always worth looking at all the cool art they've got on display

Ain't that beautiful?!

This is the San Diego pinstripier, Kong. He's damn good, I've posted him laying down paint on a car a couple years ago

He is working on a flat panel here, and it's on a lazy susan so he can turn it to work easier

This is the work of Spider, I featured his work at SEMA

These are damn cool

Above, Kong's tool box

Way cool

What a great idea!

The Spy vs Spy never looked so good!

Flying eyeball demon bat... awesome

The guy on the right is Von Hot Rod, he organizes the pinstriper group, invites them, holds the auction etc. I've no idea who the guy on the left is... but he's got a damn cool hat

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