Thursday, September 09, 2010

Some unusual rare parts on this roadster.. I was told it's owned by the Lattin family, the Bonneville racers

the red pegasus was the trademark of Exxon Mobil from 1933 to 54.. these headlight eyebrow indicators are the first I've seen

written on the side of the car in the center of the steering wheel... "Hot Rod"

Pierce Arrow speedometer

The Veda Special knock offs? I've never seent hem before, but I speculate that they are from the Orr husband and wife Speed Shop, though a thread on the HAMB talks about Briz Bumpers and Orosco making repops. Veda set the Full Fendered Roadster record at 104.40 mph and later upped that to 114.24 in 1937. She ran 131-plus mph at the wheel of the Taylor-Blair modified and became the first woman to race in the SCTA.

Veda published the SCTA News, and later started her own newsletter as a means of communicating with other racers; however, it wasn't long after its inception that WWII began and many of the racers found themselves in the military and on their way overseas. To keep spirits up, Veda distributed her publication to more than 750 service men all around the world for free and personally corresponded with hundreds as well.

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