Monday, August 04, 2008

A tour of Les' hauler and Boss 302, much more detail photography. Thanks for the open doors Les!

This truck was a fire truck in it's first life, so I'm thinking this is the panel that was needed to patch over all the fire truck stuff.
The signatures both in the hauler, and in the Boss, are the equivalent of blessings from the legends that so inspired Les that he went to beat the challenge of recreating the look, sound, feel, and results of the car and hauler he liked the most.

This photo is true to the horizon, it's the tach that is turned. Easier to glance and see what is going on than to read the numbers, so lot's of racers have arranged their gauges so the desired top speed or RPM is at the top, bottom, or sides.

Real signatures

My excitement might seem a bit much for most people, but lots of car guys don't seem to mind, and Les has been really cool about letting me drool over his car and hauler many times. Thanks Les!
Also, Tere (my girlfriend) is a great match in my enthusiasm for cars, of all kinds, and is a damn good photographer too! She took the hauler photos, and the underside of the Boss. I took the interior and engine bay shots. (she took some really cool shots of the underside, from a photographic technical and artistic viewpoint)