Monday, January 07, 2008

last of a dying breed, taken out by plastic camshaft teeth

This 69 Coronet is still wearing it's dealership trim ring, from a dealership that was the local performance outlet. Burger Dodge used to be the spot to buy the R/T's, the 440 6 packs, the hemi's and so on. In the Burger Dodge dealership floor they still have the 440 6 pack Challenger the Carl Burger owned, and the 25th Viper that was assembled. (pics after this link)

it caught my eye as I was driving along, and I stopped to see what was getting worked on, and maybe try to get ahold of the owner to see if they want to be a part of a group photo of 69 Coronets, R/Ts, Superbees, and 6 pack Bees.

Not many teeth left, why they used plastic? Maybe for noise suppression.... but I still think time has shown that plastic engine parts couldn't last.
318, power steering, no power brakes, only one winshild wiper arm, no wiper blades, bench seat, automatic trans. I'm surprised that it stayed on the road so long, 39 years with out major damage or parts breakage... they were built to last!