Sunday, May 06, 2007

Saved from the junkyard, just as you see it. '59 Galaxie 500 with original paint

This has been a long time coming for Ian, who helped a friend wrench on it when he was a teen. Some years went by, college happened and then he got a call from that friend, who had to move to Colorado. The Galaxie had sat for 2 years.
The friend wanted it to go to a good home, and Ian had worked on the car with him since he purchased it about 8 years prior, so he got the call to save it from a junkyard fate.

He got the call to save it from certain doom for the tidy sum of 3 thou... now I think he was taken due to the money the junkyards give / he should have been offered it for just as little / but still, he was given the first dibs...
So, with a new upholstery, and the original paint, orig headliner, etc... all freaking incredibly in terrific shape, he bought it and had it towed here to San Diego
So towed into San Diego, where It's been resurrected into a good cruiser... sounds so cool, runs great, and will probably see a couple cruise spots before the end of summer. Radiator was rebuilt, and the water pump might need replacing, maybe a look over the brakes.. but c'mon! Are we going to quibble over a few minor maintenance issues?
Hell no! This 1950 Galaxie 500 rocks!