Sunday, January 21, 2007

Carroll Shelby's personal Cobra sells for $5 million

Auction details here in 3 minutes it was $1.5 million, at the 4 minute mark $2 million, at 4:45 it was $3 million, at 5:30 minutes it was $4 million , and at the 8 minute mark it went out for $5 million.

The buyer is Ron Pratt, who paid 4.1 million last year for the GM Motorama bus. Who the competion was that got the price that high is something I'd like to know.

That is a monument to the man, the legacy, and the craze that auctioning rare cars is. It made US history, World history, and it feels insignificant to mention that it made auction history. for the 8 minute feed from Speedtv's website.

click on the link to my earlier postings for more info, a copy of the 1968 Motor Trend article in full, and other links for more on Carroll Shelby's personal dual supercharged Cobra Super Snake.