Wednesday, August 08, 2018

I'm impressed, someone out there drained the pawn shop of it's 10 mm sockets... they either are giving them out as gifts, or can't use the same one twice - because they lose the damn thing every single time


  1. Maybe the pawn shop loses them too.

  2. There may be another explanation; 10mm is one of the most popular nut/bolt sizes on Japanese cars (maybe European too) - especially older ones. (Sort of akin to 9/16 and 1/2 inch sizes on GM cars/trucks from the 50's/60's etc.) I would imagine that every DIY car person needs one to even work on the simplest of things, so they sell a lot more of them, than other sizes. Eg, I needed mine to change the battery on my 2002 Lexus ES - both battery connections and the battery hold-down clamp were 10mm.

    1. that is the reason, but it lacks humor and ridiculous over thought explanations. I'd rather use a Rube Goldberg machine than just flip a switch, and often my humor gets inserted to craft a phrase that over explains a situation, rather than just say something briefly. Wheres The Fun?