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people wonder what the largest displacement factory car engine was, here's the biggest piston engine, and the 2nd n 3rd biggest that I've come across

1910 Fiat S76, the "Beast of Turin", 28.4 liter engine that is about 1730 cubic inches, 4 times as big as my 426 cu in Max Wedge. Try and imagine 4 hemis, 3/4's a hemi, or 6 of the hemi cylinders per cylinder in this aircraft engined straight 6 cylinder. Yeah, that is huge, but made relatively little power or torque because engines weren't as understood and developed in the 1910's.

An outrageous creation that debuted in the early 1910s, the Tipo (Type) S76 was built by the Fiat factory in Turin presumably to break the world's Land Speed Record, which then stood at 125.95 mph. The chassis was a flimsy 1907/08 Fiat production unit with a Tipo S76DA six-cylinder airship engine of 28.4 liters (1,730 cu. in.), which developed 300 hp at 1,900 rpm.

Standing about five feet high at the radiator cap, the frighteningly top-heavy car was referred to as The Beast of Turin. Except for a brief appearance in England at the Brooklands racecourse, where it was timed at about 90 mph, it never made an impact on any records and was returned to the continent to be lost during the confusion of World War I.

The Beast of Turin’s engine cylinder's were so large, a man could stick his head in one. When it drove down the road, flames shot 10 feet out of the exhaust.

Count Louis Zborowski, a racer and racing patron, was incredibly wealthy and his stable included a 1914 GP Mercedes and a 1919 Ballot, and he raced a Bugatti at Indianapolis. He returned home with a new American Miller race car.

Chitty I was created in 1921 after Zborowski obtained a war reparations Maybach aero engine from a Gotha bomber. The 23-liter (1,409 cu. in.) six had four overhead valves per cylinder. At a modest speed of 1,500 rpm, it put out 300 hp. The chassis was an old Mercedes that had been lengthened and topped by a primitive aerodynamic body. To show it was all in fun, the exhaust pipe ran the length of the body and culminated with a turned-up tip with conical shield.

1912 Mercedes with a 21.5 liter engine, only 4 cylinders and was already posted at

Kirk Douglas goofing off for the camera in a wheelbarrow

It's cool to finally post a photo of Kirk Douglas, I've enjoyed his movies, and he's the type of celeb movie star that I'd catagorize as "cool". In 20,000 leagues he even sang, and that song is part of the Disney songs catalog... not the guy you'd expect to find int he Disney song catalog huh?

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Great photo of a neglected passenger car from the Pennsylvania line

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Just hanging out in backyards and fields

Above 1928 Fiat

The rare and one of a kind Corvettes

1957 Vette

Barney Oldfield and the Golden Submarine, August 1917

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Beautiful advertising from 1909 and 1928, from Moment D' Inspiration

See galleries of far more of this small sample at the very cool blog

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"Cars for sale" by Chenoweth

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There are 2 blogs that ripoff everything I post

Anyone have advice on how tho shut these bastards down?

Before I could even get to work on contacting Blog, that ripoff is already gone! I think your advice and action on my behalf must have done the trick!

Thanks! (why didn't I think of that forehead smack has just been performed!)

art deco sketch art of Michael Kaluta, from the artwork book of the movie "Metropolis", the incredible 1927 silent film

I didn't want to watch the silent film, not once I learned that a anime version with English vocals was made. It's a magnificent epic story that varies a lot from the original, and I recommend it highly. The original was written about on Wikipedia, and seems to be a very difficult story to follow, and that must be why it was editted differently by anyone who could, resulting in every known copy that existed from the 1930's to the 1990's having about 30 minutes cut from it to make the story cohesive. Watch the anime version for enjoyment, or the original if you're a film afficianado.

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Best monster truck wheelie I've ever seen

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Home made tank-tracked off roader

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Good racing photography from the Chicane Blog

the above and below are the photography of Laurent Nivalle

Above Sebring

Above Monaco

Above, Sir Stirling Moss talking to photographers
see a lot of awesome racing coverage of all kinds