Saturday, March 26, 2016

1930 Packard dealership exhibit pavilion, Semarang, Dutch East Indies,

in the evolving steps of the car, some interesting advertising was used to sell cars with the new inventions

50 years anniversary for Packard, 1899-1949

1917 Packard special victoria,

1942 Packard Clipper Club Sedan.

Knee action wheels, and overhead valves. Strange to advertise those on an airplane so few people would ever see

a look in the GM design studio

newest discovery in the cars advertised as given away in a contest, Cougar GT

the worlds first and only straight 16 cylinder engine for automobile, the Herkules 1934, Pelle Söderström is going to be the guy who makes a new engine, 1st time in years anyone has created a new engine

Using 4 engines from Volvo B40s

hell cats and hell kitties know Porsches are tasty for breakfast

cool Mustang paint job

Friday, March 25, 2016

pace car for the 1971 Dixie 500, a convertible 71 Barracuda

Richard Petty wins his 134th race in the Dixie 500 at Atlanta International Raceway (now Atlanta Motor Speedway). With the win, he becomes the first NASCAR driver to top $1 million in career earnings.

and this is the only image of it so far that I can find. If this is one of the 7 or whatever, hemi 4 speed Barracudas that drive Barrett Jackson auction goers crazy, that would be pretty cool to discover it paced a Nascar race

70s street machine paint... far out groovy stuff

one heck of a cool drink stand at a trailer park.. but, they had to cut an Airstream in half to do it... hmmm.

I learned a long time ago, don't race a VW Bug, they are crazy quick

Some cool photos from Hot Rods coverage of the Moon Eyes 2016 show in Japan

Barney Oldfield, 1917, Pomona but not racing, installing road signs

Wikipedia doesn't have a good page for him, all it says about 1917 is:

In June 1917 he used his Golden Submarine to beat fellow racing legend Ralph DePalma in a series of 10- to 25-mile (40 km) match races at Milwaukee. He retired from racing in 1918, but continued to tour and make movies.

the way Jeep ships parts to dealerships, pretty damn cool

A trucker claims that a railroad trestle is lower than the sign says (14 foot) after he became wedged underneath it in Marysville, California.

Driver Rigoberto Corona was traveling north on Highway 70 when he struck a train trestle marked 14 feet 1 inch around noon yesterday.

 Did anyone have the brains to measure it after the impact, and see what the height of the truck, and the height of the bridge, factually are?  No.

Old Yeller on the set in a 1955 Pontiac Chieftain.

trim the flaps, lets get this pig moving. The loser buys the drinks at the airport

Hagerty and Tom Cotter have made episode one of "The Barn Find Hunter"

Manny's 1972 Polara

This has a great big "taking up your space, whatt'ya gonna do about it" vibe. Love it!

Thanks Manny!

1930 Open Front Carved Hearse.

1975 Dodge Big Horn semi

Now, wait just a second... this is cool, way cool.

close enough

most epic random license plate I've heard of

Super Camanjas.. yeah, what in the hell are Camanjas? According to Google and Bing, the word does not exist

And that my friends, is why I subscribe to Hot Rod Delux. Only place in the world to learn cool stuff, even if it's a mystery. I love Hitchcock movies and mysteries too. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

AMT Pirahna

AMT’s impressive promotional package included model kits of both the race car and the road car in stores, plus full-page, four-color ads of Stevens in action in Car Craft and other major magazines. Additional tie-ins were generated by television appearances of the street Piranha in a hit series, “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” starring Robert Vaughn. Stevens and Anahory barnstormed across the country, commanding top dollar to match-race local heroes or make exhibition singles. Fans loved the Piranha as much as racers hated it.

With the exception of the slingshot-framed Garlits Darts, nothing else billed as a Funny Car was smoking the tires to half-track or beyond, nor consistently clocking low-eight-second ETs at speeds around 190 mph. Largely overlooked in all the controversy was the fact that no other back-motored car had ever steered so straight at such speeds. “It drove like a Cadillac,” Stevens insisted. “I never had any problems at all.”

Developed by Marbon Chemical, a division of automotive supplier Borg-Warner, as a way to sell automakers on the efficacy of its new body-grade plastic, Cycolac, the CRV (Cycolac Research Vehicle) concept car caught the attention of plastic-model manufacturer AMT. The Michigan-based company decided to get into the life-size car business with the help of customizing legend Gene Winfield, and intended to produce 50 Corvair-powered versions of the CRV per year. The car got a real name—Piranha—and AMT commissioned a Cycolac-bodied dragster powered by a 1400-hp 392 Hemi to promote it.

10 months later, still nothing known about the Waco shooting of the bikers by the police

A Texas grand jury indicted 48 more bikers for the May 2015 shootout, and it looks like law enforcement and the DA are going to try for a hail Mary, and get the bikers found guilty for the deaths of the 9 who were shot by cops.

Even if police officers fired the ultimately fatal shots (still not proven, but only cops were snipers shooting the bikers), prosecutors could still convict bikers in the deaths if they can prove the bikers were part of the criminal conspiracy and police were only responding to an already violent scene, Thompson said.

Prosecutors have not indicted anyone specifically for murder in the nine deaths. (and that ain't likely, as the cops shot the bikers, and it seems they did so according to plan) The organized criminal activity charge incorporates allegations that every person indicted (only bikers)  were responsible for the deaths and injuries that ensued in the gunfire.

Prosecutors in Waco announced that all the bikers indicted are charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, meaning they're accused of being complicit in the shooting that also left 20 people injured. They face 15 years to life in prison if convicted.

And that, leaves us guessing the game plan of the police, since, we already know the score, and who lost.

Is Nascar fixing races, to diversify who wins, to keep a variety of fans attending?

Busch was angry after the Fontana Nascar Xfinity race, which he dominated until blowing a tire midway through the final lap. Busch continued driving on the rim, saw teammate Daniel Suarez slow when he ran out of gas and tried to hold off Austin Dillon down the stretch.

If race officials had issued a caution after his tire went flat, he would have won his fourth consecutive Xfinity Series race.

Dillon got past and won the race. Busch was second, and NASCAR requires every race's top two finishers to appear in the media center for questions.

Busch made a comment on team radio during the Xfinity race in which he sarcastically suggested NASCAR had fixed the race.

Kyle Busch was fined $10,000 for failing to make a mandatory post-race appearance before media members after Saturday's Xfinity Series race. It's a requirement  for the winner and runner up.

He said Sunday night that by not doing interviews he saved himself from a larger fine.

Harley Davidson servicars, seemed to be attaching to cars with a normal trailer hook, maybe with a c-clamp on the bumpers?

whatever it was, the photographer seemed to be focused on taking the photo of each of these guys at exactly that moment

Update, Thomas at the garage journal thread about Johnson's service station has found a bumper clamp mount for towing from a tow hitch, to the car you are pulling, by means of that follower car having a clamp on it's bumper