Wednesday, August 08, 2018

the Harlem Valley old railroad line trail in Autumn makes me wonder just how damn beautiful the old railroads must have been for the few locomotive engineers who rode the trains through all the backcountry between cities while delivering freight


  1. My little brother and I used to ride our dirt bikes on the old tracks up to Stevens Pass through old snowsheds...The tracks were gone, so just a neat ride.
    I have no idea what the condition of the trail is today...

    1. must have been fantastic! You rode the bikes through snowsheds? Were those something for sheltering trains?

  2. Hey Jesse!..Yes!..Check out the history of Stevens Pass great train disaster in the early 1900's..
    An avalanche nailed a passenger train, they then built the concrete snowsheds.
    The Washington state pass now uses a tunnel for the trains; it parallels
    Highway #2. They still have the old tunnel, when we visited some years later it was blocked, sorta, it had been broken into and some people living(?) inside..

  3. P.S. Highway over Donnor Pass by north Lake Tahoe has snowsheds also.