Monday, August 06, 2018

instead of destroying old wood yachts or boats with bottoms that are rotted away... consider this - they might make great trailer park rentals. For example, the Shady Dell trailer court in Bisbee Arizona

In total, nine vintage trailers, from Crown to Airstream, Spartanette, Spartan Royal Mansion, an Airfloat, a Boles Aero and an El Rey along with the Chris Craft, are all available for rental.

Along with the trailers, a 1947 38' Chris Craft yacht with V-shaped berth sleeping quarters and a 1947 Airporter bus decked out in 1950s Hawaiian style have added to the court's yesteryear charm along with the an original 10 seat Valentine diner

This 38’ yacht has been elegantly restored and decorated with vintage boating memorabilia. The galley is fully equipped, and includes a comfortable sitting area and refrigerator

Founded in 1927 as the Thompson Motor Court and renamed Shady Dell in the 1950s, the rest haven nestled in the copper mining town of Bisbee was a frequent stop for motorists along Highway 80 during the golden age of American automobile travel.,294859

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  1. What a great idea. I love how they used the classic wooden boats.