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Monday, February 17, 2014

the only existing 5 cylinder radial engine Adams Farwell horseless Carriage (1906) ... is in the Reno Nevada located National Automobile Museum

Well, that makes a new engine type I've never seen or heard of before to add to the list of unique engine designs...

Thanks Steve!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Black Jack" radial engine chopper. Not the first radial chopper I've posted, but I'm not over them yet

for the story about it: in the story the bike builder and owner states that there are only 3 radial engine choppers... I guess he hasn't looked at my blog, I've got 3 others posted, Lucky 7 seems to be posted 2wice, before (at SEMA 2009) and after a blue paint job, one chopper at the Pebble Beach Concours, and another I can't locate right now. If you want to see the others, just click the label at the bottom of this post "radial engine"

Monday, December 28, 2009

More about the Megola, 5 cylinder radial engine front wheel drive cycle

This one was found in a basement in New Hyde Park New Jersey, where it had been for decades, and they bough tit for 100 dollars. It took 7 years to restore

It looks like there is a lot on the web about it:

One is in a Swiss Museum, the collection of Joe Hilti, for the eye candy large format up close hi res hi def in color:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cool stuff that caught my attention at SEMA

If you aren't familiar, this is a Rolling Bones custom. They are well known by name for making fantastic customs

I've been hoping to photograph this Barris emblem for a couple years

One of the cooloest displayed vehicles, because it shows purpose captured, and brought into the diplay. Not the inferred power of the engine, or stopping ability of the brakes, but the mud that this takes on when playing outdoors in rough sloppy conditions.. awesome! My Compliments!

Love Moon eyes and pinstriping, had to share these

The pink and blue were great for photos

The lack of chrome, and the great contrasting colors nailed a terrific look here.

Best engine grill I've seen yet

Just put the skis on for snow, the tires for sand.

Great tool boxes!

Notice the flip up and flip down socket tray... awesome!

Pink Taco, a company that is using the free publicity of the phrase to grab attention. They couldn't get the naming rights to their local sports arena though.
Nice! I've posted a couple photos before about the radial engine chopper, but none I've taken.. so I had to get up close and admire this in person

Sorry about the lousy lighting and terrible colors.

I'd like to have seen this creation with 4 wheels, but I guess this gets those Dyna Pack boxes in front of people, even if no one was asking why they were there

ARP display booth, and they are putting about 60-80 pounds of boost to this mini engine, that's how strong the head bolts are!


Great product, wish I could do this to the garage walls!

Damn good idea
Above: Gorilla Lug Nuts display area

I'd love this if I were 4 or 5

Above: the phrase "runs like a raped ape" immediately came to mind

Love the grill and connected headlights

The Parnelli Jones, Bud Moore Boss 302

Above: Beautiful airbrushing

A tire standing dragster will stop all passers by.

Above: Useless and stupidly glam stuff to stick on the hoods of trucks and cars is becoming ghetto fabulous all over souther california, don't do it... just let this fad die already.

Battery powered freezers and fridges, and why couldn't a big solar array and battery bank power one of these for a hunting cabin off the electric grid?

Stunning truck, but lousy lighting that couldn't have been worse for taking photos in a dim area of the convention hall.

All very coppery

The DNA chain effect of the stand caught my attention, very well thought out.

Above: Has anyone figured out that no one is going to 4x4 into the great wilderness and then play the video games when they could have stayed home and enjoyed the livingroom they've lavishly furnished with high end video and audio? If they can waste the money on this vehicle, they've already blown 10-30 thou on the home theater and video games.

Two inch lift kit available for the Smart Car

The airbrushed cooler caught my attention, and then the black and white spare tire rim kept it

How much traction is a lightweight snowmobile going to have? The snow that gets pushed in front of a plow can get heavy enough to make the vehicle use traction.. that's why most all plow trucks are 4 wheel drive or dualies.

This tire design isn't entirely new, I've posted many photos of Model T's from the 1910's and 1920's with similar cross drilled solid rubber tires, these are certainly more advanced and softer, but will they corner at least as good as the lousy old bias ply tires of the 60's? Can they compare with a normal radial?

Above: What an unusual interior look, monochrome and hard floor... I don't think I've ever seen a finished plastic/fiberglass floor in a vehicle before

All these people were waiting to get an autograph from whoever drives the car int he center of the photo below.