Tuesday, January 28, 2020

coffee and donuts video: cart racing on frozen river

making paying the tolls fun - shooting the quarters into the baskets

The City of Toronto has a new debt collecting strategy, hiring two collection agencies that specialize in tracking down debtors whose traffic fines are more than 20 years old

And the city will allow the private collectors to do something most city-hired collectors are not permitted to do: phone debtors as early as 7 a.m. and on weekends.

Now, people are receiving letters from those collection agencies demanding payment of fines that, in some cases, are more than two decades old and very difficult to fight against, according to Sean O'Connor, a director of the Ontario Paralegal Association.

That's something that Donna Rodrigues discovered: Last fall, she received a letter from a city-hired collection agency insisting that she pay a fine of $746 that was levied in 1998 for driving with a suspended licence.

Rodrigues, 64, says she went to court in 1998 and was acquitted of the charge, but she can no longer find her lawyer — and the the police officer who wrote the ticket has retired.

Why the sudden attack on debt collecting?

$500 million in fines are outstanding.

Susan Garossino, director of court services for the city, wrote that there are 287,046 accounts that have been outstanding for more than 20 years. The total amount owed on those accounts: $100,856,723


It's surprising how much effort is going into trying to sell a truck online that ought to be in high demand

the original buyer is dead, only put 1226 miles on it, and it's spent the past 14 years in Utah.

So, rust free investment garage queen is finally up for grabs, and no one gives a shit.

Current bid is only 12k, the reserve is god knows how fucking ridiculous, and ain't going to get met with an online auction, even on Hemmings.

But only 2400 people have looked at it.... and none of them feel it's worth buying at a reasonable price so far, it's looking like they don't want to dare meet the reserve, or buy it for a price they can't flip it and make a profit at.

Summed up, no one wants it for what it is, a Viper engined (480 Hp) stick shifted truck.

That's a damn shame. Sure, all the rubber and plastic parts in the engine bay probably need to be replaced for reliability, and the rubber fuel lines too, and probably the serpentine belt, tires, etc.  But, cool truck for a small amount of minor fix and repairs... so, why's no one wanting to touch it with a 10 foot pole?

Is the prospective buying and selling market scaring the flippers who only buy for investment, looking like it's flat and no place for a greedy bastard to play? The recent auctions didn't show the same crazy nuts buying as it has in the past. Or is the desire for cool trucks limited to the time honored 1960s?


FAST racing improves the cars, and it's proved by the quarter miles timeslips. This 383 Road Runner was worked on in all the right racing ways, and though appearing to be a restoration, it's now doing the 1/4 in 11.5 sec while still using factory exhaust manifolds and 6 inch stock tires

someone held onto their Roth decals and never used them

I'm guessing they felt they could see through the thick snow on their windshield

it doesn't matter what young people pilot, cars, wagons, ox carts... they are probably going to crash into stuff

how unlucky can one guy be? Both the rear tires came off the Jeep, lugs nuts must not have been tightened and then tested (always drive a half mile and recheck the torque!) and hit that white car on the far side of the intersection

that white car got tagged at both ends, front and back

see the video at https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/ev8ix9/when_you_forget_to_tighten_your_lug_nuts/

Had you heard of dealership test tracks? A user experience where the customer can take a test drive on an obstacle course at the dealership. Cross Jeep in Louisville Kentucky made this one

The "Camp Jeep" obstacle course on the "International Auto Show" tour

this is from 2004, but I'd say whoever designed this display deserves an award.

The CJ-5 / camper was marketed as a new camping concept. It featured a unique industry-first detaching system that made removal of the camper a simple operation.

The humble beginnings of mainstream RVing are on display with the 1969 CJ5 Jeep Camper. At just $5,000, it was one of the first truck campers, it debuted in 1969 when Kaiser Jeep company started a marketing campaign called “Great Jeep Escape” and sold three types of CJ5 campers.

The camper itself was made by Honorbuilt, a division of Ward Manufacturing. Unlike truck campers of today, the CJ5 Camper had its own axle and brakes that took most of the weight off the Jeep.

Because of the consistency in the body style of Jeeps at the time, they would fit any CJ5 made from 1955 up to the mid 1970s.

Even so, it’s reported that only 336 of them were produced.

When AMC purchased Kaiser Jeep in 1970 that meant the end for the Jeep camper. This makes the Jeep Camper one of the rarest commercial RV models ever created.

a CJ5 Jeep Camper that got stuck on a rock outcropping in Arizona’s Petrified Forest during the summer of 1969.


Coffee and donuts 1957 Mercury outboard endurance testing video, shows what a 50,000 mile test took to accomplish

something I'll guess you may not have seen before, I've never seen it before, even when looking through spark plug collections, the Champion R7 plug

These were the recommended plug for the 1946-1950 Johnson PO-15. They were a “Cold” plug so you never got pre-ignition which you got sometimes when using the “hotter” recommended Champion 5M plug.

Gapping them must be a nice trick without the right tool


Monday, January 27, 2020

Jeff Dunham had a pretty cool set in 2015 on his Unhinged in Hollywood special, that's a cool Challenger and trailer

That's his 440 6-pack, 4 spd, 70 Challenger RT


car give away contests are fine, but, no one ever seems to deliver them, and show in follow up advertising that the winner got their car. That's not the case with the Hellcat Red Eye

She must be hiding her wedding ring... there's no way she's single, not with a Bronco like that

Heavy rains in Israel suddenly revealed the lack of drainage in the airforce hangers, and the F16s engines are probably going to need a rebuild after that

2018 Gatornationals, simultaneous kaboom at 400 mph....

Dewalt drill powered Go Cart

23' pillar supporting the ceiling, constructed with luggage dating from the the first airplanes to the present.

This is said to be in Sacramento, but something similar is said to be in Toronto


longest road in the world that can be walked

making no sense at all in context, filming a music video - with zero effort beyond being in front of the camera performing a song, in front of a Union Pacific passenger car. What's the point? 1977.

either they were doing nothing more than lip syncing, or the audio was not synced to the visual. Probably the former.... but it was 1977, either is possible. 

the right guy was in the right place, at the right time, to be a hero.

Looks like he's wondering where the hell his bike went!

how many guys have two of the same car painted exactly opposite of each other.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Maybe he's part vampire, or maybe he tests luggage racks... All we know is, he's called the Stig

Aint no Saint

gasser Willys really nailed a look

68 Charger

Ferrari 330

one of the most famous Japanese cars within the borders of Japan, is a '58 Chrysler Imperial, in the late 60s Japanese sci-fi TV-series “Ultra Seven”

Their vehicle: The Pointer 1.

This ultra advanced car was equipped with a range of gadgets which would have made both Batman and James Bond green with envy! Missile launcher, smoke screen equipment, energy shield, radar and not least a jet engine giving the Pointer 1 the ability to reach a topspeed of sensational 365 km/h. Plus its ability to fly, or hover at a standstill as were it a helicopter. Yet despite all of these amazing functions, it could still maneuver easily on ground and on water too.