Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Leather seats hand crafted by Pascal, owner of Riff Raff, a shop specializing in original and personalized leather seats and boots

what a mind twister, that isn't individual leather strips, and it's not 2" wide wood boards, it's a single piece of normal leather that's been cut to look like a wood floor, with grain, and then a pin up pirate on top of that.

Even Lemmy loved his boots, says a lot about that...

 and Easyrider did a 2 page feature

Riff Raff came about as a result of Pascal working his way through grad school in France doing a part time job in a leather workshop, then he visited the USA because of his childhood love for Roy Rogers movies, and wanting to get into a musician school. Teaching himself English by watching tv and movies, and a patient roommate who was only English speaking, Pascal landed in California on his feet, in a boot and belt shop. He even had a job working at Nudies for a while.

He went through a couple jobs, as we all do, and his career took a different path for the better! He opened up his own leather boot workshop and made the difference by customizing the boots. One day, he had an uncommon request from a customer: matching motorcycle seat and boots! 

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