Saturday, May 25, 2013

a variety of unusual from

The Isotta-Fraschini from the movie Sunset Boulevard

first given to Peggy Hopkins Joyce, a 1920s socialite, by her boyfriend Walter Chrysler

this last image is from the scene where Cecil B De Mille appears, and his charge for being in this film was 10,000 dollars and a new Cadillac. 

Honda is giving back to their car and SUV owners on Monday, a free tank of gas if you are north of San Diego but in Southern California. San Diego gets no love again!

Here are the cities :
 Van Nuys, Encino, Pasadena, North Hollywood, Whittier, Gardena, Lawndale,
 Torrance, Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, Hemet, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Riverside, Thousand Oaks, Santa Clarita, Pacoima, Downey, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Westminster, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Ontario, Upland, Fontana and Victorville.

·        How many gallons per vehicle?
 However many it takes to fill up a tank.

·        Are there any limits to this deal? Any Honda? How about a Honda
towing or carrying a Honda... Will both the car or truck and the atv/orv or
motorcycle get  gassed up?

 Any Honda vehicle (not Acura for clarification) being driven (not towed or
 carried). And while we would not turn away a Honda motorcycle the event is
really meant for Honda drivers.

this is a facebook and twitter promotion, so if you are into those websites, and drive a Honda, and live in So Cal but not San Diego, you might be in luck. 

There will only be one team per location, and I wasn't informed how many teams per city, probably only one, as they are going to 27 cities. But NOT San Diego. I don't drive a Honda, but I think it sucks that this is the 7th largest city in America and is avoided by events and concerts.

SCHDA will be providing live updates on their Twitter handle the day of the event. @helpfulhonda: 

 get real time updates on where the Street Teams are giving away free gas,

Motalko, a documentary on the old gas stations

 the video has used incredible technical means to move through the old photos in a 3 dimensional way

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the 1964 Mercury Comet durability run from Cape Horn to Fairbanks Alaska, 16,200 miles

images from googling, even Google books and Google newspapers

the 1966 Ford Magic Cruiser / Galaxie 500

from fastback to station wagon with rear facing seats in one move. Business commuter or family wagon? Good idea.

60 big car makers and their logs

The Cadillac as art, by Robert Longo

that is simple, perfect, and well designed!
Found on you can buy one of 30 copies at for $1500

the eighties were ridiculous

maybe it was too much action movies and red meat. Who knows?

all found in various posts on

I think I can hear George Kennedy

Harkey Davidson made rocket engines for US Navy drones in 1964..

a BIG VW van at 2012 Burning Man

Bubba Smith in a late 70's Honda Civic, a clip from "Police Academy"

supermodels with transportation

as long as the engine runs, and the tires hold air, there is hope it can make it out under it's own power

Never fear little John Deere, Caterpillar will save the day ( Cat should really capitalize on videos like this... its free advertising)

Uploaded on Jun 28, 2010
We were trying to finish grade the slopes along a new highway when the 650H slid down the slope into the canal and the 750J tried to pull him out, an also fell in. Good thing we had the 345CL there to rip them both out.

the reinvented Camry... great commercial! (Lets applaud the DMV idea ! )

humor and cell phone case ingenuity

one town in Texas has busted Willie Nelson, Armie Hammer, Snoop Dogg, and Fiona Apple for having weed on their tour busses. Here is a detour mapped out to avoid it

Friday, May 24, 2013

wall mounted bike rack genius idea

Audi makes a good, and funny commmercial

the motorized monocycle only costs $13,000. Probably why no one has been seen riding one

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The monocycles are made in the Netherlands, each one is capable of reaching a top speed of 25mph and is powered by a rather humble 31cc, 4-stroke 1 1/2-hp engine. It uses a centrifugal clutch on its inner wheel and has a rubber tire around the outer wheel, steering is accomplished by leaning the wheel left or right and the brake is essentially a clamp on the inner steel wheel.

GI Joe vehicles slideshow, 1983-1986

art on wheels, from Tom Sachs, it's called "Nutsy's McDonalds"

from from learning of it in Esquire or GQ magazines

Nothing about the art work was written in the magazine, or on Tom's website... it may be part of a series of representing brick and mortar fast food places with a cart/kiosk... or just a negative approach to the fast food company, as this video implies. Clever construction of the whole thing though

the weird thing? Kate Moss did a video with the art piece, and unless she's on screen, the video was borrowed from the above. The Kate Moss video is half as long, and doesn't show her xeroxing her butt, or cleaning up

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Advice for all XM/Sirius subscribers

They sent me a "renewal" letter in the mail. Quite a good deal they are promoting

25 dollars, you get 6 months, for the radio that you've stopped subscribing on, and for any other radios you have that get XM/Sirius.

I got the letter because I got rid of a car and cancelled XM/Sirius, and they had been charging me 15 dollars a month.

15 a month.

Now to get my business back they'll give me 6 months at 25 dollars total.

I called to get this applied to my daily driver. The letter says it is for every additional radio you have in addition to the one you are renewing for.

This means that even if I had the car I don't own any more turned back on, and my car renewed for 6 months... both cars would cost me 50 dollars for 6 months. Still 40 dollars cheaper than what they charge by the month for one car.

So I called, and asked what I was currently paying for the car I have... they said my current subscription offer is for about 100 dollars, 12 months, doesn't expire til January of 2014.

I asked if that was all, and they said no.


They said my AUTOMATIC renewal would then occur, and I'd be charged 175 dollars for the 12 months after that.

So, I advice all of you to check on the renewal situation of your XM/Sirius radio contract or subscription, tell them you are cancelling. A couple months down the line, you'll get a sweet heart offer for 1/4 or less of the normal charge.

Just thought you'd like to know. 

Re-imagine, re-use, and re "cycle" if you can. A neighborhood bike rack

Some cool unusual stuff at El Mirage this past weekend