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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Most far out thing I've seen in a while, NASA used a Pontiac Catalina as a tow car for an experiemental aircraft

Thanks to John Torres! Who filled me in on the story of the Catalina; This Pontiac was driven at speeds up to about 120 mph. It needed to be able to tow the M2-F1 on Rogers Dry Lakebed next to NASA's Flight Research Center (FRC) now named Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC) at a minimum speed of 100 miles per hour. To do that, it had to handle the 400-pound pull of the M2-F1. Walter "Whitey" Whiteside, who was working in the Flight Operations Division, was a dirt-bike rider and hot-rodder. Together with Boyden "Bud" Bearce in the Procurement and Supply Branch acquired the Pontiac Catalina convertible with the largest engine available and then sent it to Bill Straup's hot-rod shop near Long Beach for modification. With a special gearbox and racing slicks, the Pontiac could tow the 1,000-pound M2-F1 110 miles per hour in 30 seconds. It proved adequate for the roughly 400 car tows that got the M2-F1 airborne to prove it could fly safely and to train pilots before they were towed aloft behind a C-47 aircraft and released

Pontiac Catalina tow car for NASA’s M1-F2 lifting body aircraft, c.1963

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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Palm Spings Air Museum

 for an entrance, this is the coolest!

Above were the planes from one hanger, which had the aircraft from the European theater of battle

This display is astonishing

Doesn't the above look nearly like a Pixar airplane, you know, the grin below the nose, the canopy as eyes

  Hidden behind the two wings is a Catalina that's getting restored.

Above: Before .. . .. .. . ..

The aircraft's engine had died during takeoff from the U.S.S. Sable, and the plane rolled off the bow of the ship and into the water. Amazingly, the pilot, Ensign William Forbes, survived.

for National Geographic's coverage of this Wildcat from Lake Michigan;

Below: After being pulled out of Lake Michigan where it had been since a WW2 training flight went wrong it's been restored.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

59 Pontiac built with used parts and NOS, ran 10 second 1/4 miles all day

Brent McCoy used Nitrous, a 477 big block Chevy engine and took it to Hot Rod Maazine drag week. This guy knows how to have fun!
Found in the Jan 2012 Hot Rod