Tuesday, August 07, 2018

how stupid is a guy that goes to the UAE and racks up $45,000 dollars in speeding fines in 4 early morning, late after party, hours?

Traffic cameras caught the 25-year-old British tourist Farah Hashi from Newport, South Wales breaking the speed limit 33 times on July 31 in a rented Lamborghini Huracan at speeds ranging from 78 to 142 mph between 2.31am and 6.26am. The car is capable of 202 mph.

According to The Local, the yellow supercar is now sitting in front of the man’s hotel collecting dust.

The rental agency is refusing to pick it up because it will have to turn it over to police and will be responsible for the fines, per local regulations.

The agency currently has the man’s passport, which was left as collateral, and is hoping to resolve the matter before he leaves the country.

Meanwhile, the Lamborghini is gathering sand and dust parked outside the front of the hotel, little more than a piece of expensive street furniture.

“It’s been here for almost a week and people have been asking about it,” a valet at the luxury Five hotel on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah island said on Tuesday.

“It’s not unusual to have a car like that here, this is a nice hotel. But I don’t think it will be going anywhere soon."

https://www.facebook.com/farah.hashi.3  is probably the idiot. The level of intellect on his page checks with this escapades idiocy quotient.

I doubt that a Lambo rental tourist has enough money to buy his way out of trouble. He's probably got enough for a decent lawyer and the fines though.

Damn, he really gave no shits about speeding tickets. Probably was clueless that there were speed limit radar/cameras. He should have just rented a race track or two, and had fun with zero police problems instead of pissing off the cops in a foreign country.


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