Saturday, April 07, 2007

Good trash talking on the Hemmings blog, as different authors one-up the others weird finds

I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

Oh, puh-LEEZE. Your crane style is no match for my monkey kung-fu, donkey donkey donkey donkey

Yes, that’s Haley, as in Haley’s Comet comin’ straight fo yoo, foo. Does it make sense to convert a 1957 Nash Metropolitan into a station wagon? Not at all. Does it peg the cool-o-meter like the Night Rider pegging the speedometer on a lonely Outback highway? Hells bells yes, son. Now sit down.

That’s nice, Dan. Now why don’t you go off and play with your little friends for a while while the grownups talk?

So, you think just because you’ve spawned, that now you can dismiss my carefree, sorta-bachelor living, non? So you think that diminutiveness equates to worthlessness? Then feast thine eyes upon the Bee break, the most awesomest break ever to wear the Scat Pack stripes! I told you, don’t mess with a man that’s been to Mopar Nats. I will accept your surrender anon.

Oh, like yawn. What is that, a Chrysler? Wow. A Chrysler wagon. What did they make, like 23 million of them?

Go back to the Amish country, beard boy. Swimming with the sharks gets you bit.

The car quiz, 50 pictures, guess the make and model 1950's through 1970's cars... American heavy steel (with a bit 'o fiberglass for the 'Vette's )

Found by looking through Its a really good blog!

For another game try the 50 celeb Harley owners quiz:

Happy Easter

New York
5th Ave

MOpar PORn

Charger / Coronet / R/T / Superbee porn... nothing but B-bodies ... set to Metallica

About 400 of them, I stopped counting at 100.

Anytime your ears need to listen to a muscle car, play this

almost as good as the Bullitt chase scene opening sequence (also on this blog)

German Shelby commercial

Why import a Shelby GT500 in to Germany? Can't find a car there you'd like?

new Shelby Mustang commercial

What cops do to Shelby Mustangs when they catch them

And Carroll talks a little about the Mustang, and how the GT500"KR" came about...

South Carolina mopar restoration company thats a great ad photo!
Just take a moment to look at the single page gallery of Mopars... this is one f two, but there's 2 dozen perfect cars at once, without hitting the forward / backward buttons, or scrolling around!;$sessionid$0NSW5SYAACWVJTZENUFJPQWPERWRJPX0

Just to get you in the right mood for the Bella Italia in 1 week

Speed cameras causing fatalities in the UK

(Keeping in mind this is United Kingdom business, not American, but the truth I'm sure, doesn't just exist on their side of the pond.)

The government decided that the side effects of blanket speed camera usage warranted investigation, the transport department discovered that neglect of a statistical bias had exaggerated the main benefit of speed cameras by 400 per cent.

In September 2006, the proportion of injury crashes involving any speeding vehicle nationally was found to be only five per cent -- not one-third as previously claimed.

And now Safe Speed has learned via a Freedom of Information request that the speed camera side effects research, announced in May 2005, had been axed. (bad information research... ain't going to continue)

According to the Safe Speed campaign: " speed cameras are making road safety worse. But the Department for Transport doesn't want to hear this, which is the only possible reason for axing the most important research."

Safe Speed campaign founder Paul Smith said: "Speed camera policy has failed catastrophically. Department for Transport knows that it has failed but won't admit its deadly mistake and pull the plug. Officials seem to be hoping that speed cameras will fade away over the next five years, yet they know that the policy isn't working and is costing lives.

Who made who, who own's what

As long as this doesn't have a blower explosion....

This motorbike known as the Rapom is built by Nick Argyle.

The builder said that the bike was spawned “from the unusual marriage of convenience and naivety”. After the chassis of his monster truck was sold, he actually used the left over engine to build this motorcycle.
Tipping the scale at 454 kg or 1,000 lb, the Rapom is equipped with a 8,2-litre supercharged Mopar V8 engine (tuned by ICE Racing) that runs on alcohol producing 1000 - 1200hp (depending on blower speed and fuel used).

I'm positive no one's done it before, this is definitely a first and 2 more big wallpaper sized pics at

Problems at Ford

$10.6 billion loss in 2005

Ford's 2006 loss totals record $12.7 billion, $5.8 billion loss for the third quarter alone, largest in 14 years ( )

38,000 union members had taken buyouts at year's end

Ford Motor Co. paid Alan Mulally (new CEO) $28.2 million in his first four months, Mulally's total compensation in 2005 at Boeing, his last full year with that company, was $9.96 million

In and Out burgers

Have given it a favorable review, but that's just something I found in passing... "Meat from shoulder and ribs only"... I didn't know that.

But I was making this entry because the new shirt has a GTX and a Super Stock Barracuda passing a In and Out side by side.

Coolest shirt yet, and I'm getting the feeling that the company is partial to Mopars.

Last couple of years have had a black Charger, and a purple Road Runner. Also the intro to their website shows a ton of Darts, and not much else. Cool!

Mike's truck part 2

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Not once, but twice. Chrysler warranties Ford parts

Once when Chrysler acquired the parent company of the Sunbeam Tiger ( covered elsewhere in this blog ), and I just learned from that Ford owned and sold a car factory in France named Poissy, to Simca, who was acquired by Chrysler, who was then warrantying the Ford powerplants in the Simca's they now made. Huh.

What do the Gremlin, the Amphicar, and the Barracuda have in common?

All were introduced to the world on April 1st.... go figure.

From a really great car blog.,

to be used as a gallery link

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The most detailled show car with the coolest features, like a OC Chopper by Paul Jr

A photo from the old master Photographer Walker Evans

Notice that the above is not a clip from the below, but another photo taken at the same photo shoot

1936 Atlanta for the source of my finding this photo, for more about the master photographer, and American icon

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Car museums Anaheim (Los Angeles)

The most complete and remarkable collection of American convertibles made after 1946
complete list of the cars there:

El Mirage May 5-6

2007 Racing Schedule
El Mirage Dry Lake Bonneville Salt Flats
--------------------- -----------------------
May 5-6 Speed Week
June 10 August 11-17
July 15
September 16 World Finals
October 21 October 3-6
November 10-11

One of, maybe the most important and central, leaders of hot rodding passed away, Robert Petersen... founder of Hot Rod Magazine, and so much more

One of the most inspirational of all the pioneers of hot rodding, through the magazines he originated, Hot Rod and Motor Trend to name two, he inspired unknown millions to love hot rods and treasure the racing his generation began.

Full list of all So Cal car shows

Awesome car show photos, and a great website

About the most complete website your going to find for all the so cal car stuff, cruises, links, photo galleries... lots

My consolations to the family, friends, and teammates of Eric Medlen

In the NHRA, safety is paramount, then racing for new records, and big rewards.

Eric was a team member of the John Force Racing team (JFR) from 1998 when he began as a mechanic, and spent time on the superchargers, clutches, and other mechanic duties.

In 2003 he was rewarded with a funny car seat, and won Rookie of the Year! He stayed in the top 5 points standings for 2005 and 2006 and won 6 times in his 1st 3 years. The tv show "Driving Force" chronicling the business of John Force and family ended season one with Eric Medlen winning at Sonoma.

"He was the leader of my next generation of drivers." John Force.

JFR will not participate in the O'Reilly Nats, the next after the catastrophic race, in order to recoup from the tire explosion (and study causes of in order to increase future safety improvements) that is a result of "tire blow-out and an extreme vibration beyond anything previously recorded in the sport" , and the first fatality in NHRA funny cars since 1969.

From team news ... The tire blowout started a event chain that caused Eric's car to crash into the guard rail, so violently that Eric had head concussions that couldn't be negated through surgery to reduce swelling and brain tissue hemmorrhaging.

One sweet Dart

This is a beaut of a flame job, photo from
I came across this Dart at which has a nice smoky burnout pic.