Friday, March 23, 2018

the Kurtis Sumar special

I had forgotten all about the Indy 500 racers that Tucker sponsored, but now I understand why his cars were then named Torpedos

Delahaye designs

Not being careful at a worksite involving a sinkhole can get you killed, falling approximately 125 feet, was nearly enough to kill a guy today who landed way down deep in the hole

On Wednesday, 24-year-old Jonathan Wynn was working at the site for a third-party contractor when the accident occurred.

Wynn was backing up the 2008 Ford F-250 on a temporary construction path near the sinkhole, and he somehow slipped off the path and plummeted around 150 feet into the sinkhole. Pictures show the smashed pickup came to rest on a steep slope deep underground, with even further to fall had it not dug in on a pile of rocks and loose dirt.

Somehow, Wynn managed to survive the fall with serious injuries despite not wearing a seatbelt and being ejected from the cab on impact. Rescuers used another construction road to approach the truck's resting place and transported him to the surface on a Kubota UTV outfitted as a miniature, all-terrain ambulance.

looking up from partway down the trail into it

looking down from partway down the trail

and here you can see it's a long steep way down

The massive sinkhole opened up at the golf course in May 2015, and crews have been working at the site for the last three years.

the Shelby Falcon van

Bicycle Models From 1818 to the 1890s

Wow, this is properly kitted out!


you gotta be jinxed to get shanked like this

A mutiny onboard a Greyhound bus bound for Dallas forced a driver out from behind the wheel. She was falling asleep, and the passengers weren't putting up with that life threatening situation (thanks Gary!)

cool trailers for your dogs

Thanks Susan!

the log motorcycle, has eye magnet appeal, but no brakes

that ought to get it done

he's lucky he made it, 8 inches farther from the pool edge and he'd be in the hospital or morgue

his back tire took a hell of a hit from the pool edge 

when the truck costs more than the garage... you know which one is going to be kept, and which is going to get hacked

wow... I'd stand and stare for a couple minutes, and take some photos, and think how I could possibly use stuff off it

It makes sense, but I didn't even know this was a thing. Obviously, I have not been to Sturgis

When your co-driver is a sidecar racer.

Salute of the day to Bruce for sending in this photo of a model railroad set

Thanks Bruce! My hat's off to you!

Manning de Villeneuve Lee was a wonderful painting illustrator and comic book artist

The Beagle Boys Versus Uncle Scrooge

Russ Manning Magnus Robot Fighter

The Quality Companion: Celebrating the forgotten publisher of Plastic Man ... By Mike Kooiman, Jim Amash

His father was a a general in charge of the Virginia Calvary in the Spanish American War, later becoming a newspaper and magazine owner, who in 1903 started his first magazine, The Railroad and Industrial World.

The WW1 attitude against the Germans made many, including the Stoppelbein family, to change their name to something else, and so, the last name was changed to Lee. Villeneuve was his maternal grandmother's last name.

During WW1, Manning de Villeneuve Lee enlisted on July 5, 1916 and served in field artillery at Fort Myer.  Then he served in Mexico during the border war. After that conflict he was released and served overseas as a lieutenant. He was honorably discharged on April 14, 1919.

In 1922 Manning de V. Lee completed his studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. One of his fellow graduates was Henry Weston Taylor (1881-1978), who went on to a successful career as a newspaper cartoonist. Lee and Taylor shared an art studio in Philadelphia

In 1943 Manning de V. Lee taught illustration at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. That fact that he was hired to teach a course in illustration at America's most conservative art academy, reflected his remarkable personality.,MdeV.html

all three were by Rupert Holland, who also wrote Pirate Ships In Yankee Waters, which I coincidentally happened to have a copy of

there is only one piece of evidence online that shows Mr G Evans rode a Triumph Thunderbird from London to Johannesburg, 10,700 miles. And nothing else online about it at all.

no evidence of a book, image, magazine or newspaper article, and no photographs or video clips either.

That's what comes of a journey without a marketing campaign by sponsors to ballyhoo their products being used to carry on past expected ability in the face of danger and extreme conditions.

So, if you want to be famous, get some sponsors who have a lot of advertising.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

philosophy and life lessons from truck salesman... cool stuff. Your coffee and donuts video of the day. ( I think just about everyone would make an interesting of a subject in a 10 minute video by the way)

astonishing to me, NSU made Lambretta scooters under license

the Ambassador Bridge debacle gets closer to a finish, as soon as Mr Maroun is dead and his son takes over.

it's a fascinating story I posted about before, one of the most fascinating true stories I've come across.

Self made billionaire pisses off everyone leading politics in Canada and Michigan and the USA, maybe even England. Over a bridge. They are never going to stop his ambitions in business, and he's never going to change direction.

So, if you'd like the update to this terrific story:

W Schmidt showed me a link to a cool dumptruck with a pivoting bed

Thanks W!

autonomous technology and companies’ responsibility in ensuring the safe deployment of robo cars and collision prevention tech

The Truth About Cars wrote a very good article in response to the recent Uber robo car killing the woman crossing the road in the dark:

The victim, Elaine Herzberg, does indeed cross directly into the path of the oncoming Volvo XC90 and is visible for a fleeting moment before the strike, but the vehicle’s lidar system should have seen her well before that. Any claims to the contrary are irresponsible.

Uber’s autonomous hardware should have seen the woman even in pitch black.

The approach was straight and Herzberg was already in the street, having crossed at least one lane before impact. Lidar is supposed to be the golden goose for autonomous technology, allowing for digital imaging beyond what the human eye is capable of. But it completely failed in this instance

It raises questions about the preparedness of autonomous technology and companies’ responsibility in ensuring their safe deployment. For the most part, it’s been a bonanza for tech firms and automakers wanting to test on the open road.

The government has offered almost no oversight in the hopes that self-driving cars will get here sooner. But critics have suggested this is wildly irresponsible, as it operates almost entirely upon a company’s good faith.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration only mandates a “Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment” of autonomous vehicles. Thus far, only two organizations have bothered produce one — General Motors and Google’s Waymo.

While it would be prudent to hold companies to a higher standard than the federal government seems willing to do, autonomous vehicles may still be the best defense against drunk or utterly inept driving.

 That said, they may also set the stage for a dystopian future where manual driving is illegal, companies endlessly advertise to you in-car, and hackers can assume total control of your vehicle. The point is that practically every subtle aspect of the tech is being ignored while the market attempts to get it ready lickety-split.

 None of these issues are being addressed and safety checks have fallen by the wayside.

here is the location, at the time of the collision, and days later, to show you what a dark video was on the Uber dash cam, vs what you or I would see there in person

thanks Bruce!

interesting aspect of collecting old Jeeps and other miltiary vehicles... they aren't federally tested for safe USA road operation, but, Idaho is looking to exempt them.

What's good enough to defend and protect the USA with, is good enough to drive on the roads in Idaho!

The Idaho House and Senate approved a bill allowing a vehicle built for the United States Armed Forces to be registered and operated on public highways in Idaho, even if such a vehicle does not meet federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Presently, many military surplus vehicles do not meet current standards and cannot be legally registered in the state. The bill has been sent to the Governor to be signed into law.

Now, if they could see their way to letting 18 year old active duty have a damn beer in Idaho. Not the rest of the 18 to 21 year olds, the high school and college kids. They're going to do stupid shit and get the booze anyway.

Make it legal for active duty military to go into any place selling beer and buy it. Old enough to die in a fucking sandbox country on the other side of the damn planet is old enough to drink beer in the land of the free and home of the brave god damn it. 

greedy damn politicians are looking to tax you even more

A bill has been introduced in the Missouri House to require the Department of Revenue to charge and collect a miles-driven fee of up to $200 for a one-year vehicle registration and up to $400 for a two-year vehicle registration. The bill is currently in the House Transportation Committee.

the self driving (autonomous) car was perfected 50 years ago.

If you don't instantly know this car... you're a rare person indeed