Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Baseball sized hail beat up Colorado yesterday, destroying cars, house roofs, fields of crops, and killed 2 vultures and a duck at the zoo


also... you might grab a car for cheap, and use it at the race track, and not give a damn about body damage. You're never going to race track a car very hard of you're more worried about sliding into the grass or gravel. BUT, if it's already hail damaged? Flog it like your mother in law's mule.

remember... hail damage to your car can be avoided by inflating an air bed, putting it on top of your car, and then strapping it down. It will take a couple minutes, but, it might save all your windows.
Cheap airbeds can be bought at Target for around 25 dollars WITH the plug in air pump. Camping type airbeds often come with car accessory jack plugs. At worst, a hand pump, 30 seconds, and a pool floating air mattress will help a lot.



Remember, the windshield is often less than a insurance deductable, but body damage is a guarantee insurance payout / repair. Save that windshield!

If you are going to plan ahead, and do something to make airbeds inflate fast... maybe a fire extinguisher connection to airbeds would be simple to adapt... even if it does require some epoxy glue, old vacuum nozzles, and testing. Consider how impossible it will be to replace your 1968 Hemi whatever, or 1966 Shelby GT 350. OR, a medium sized CO2 fire extinguiser applied to a rolled up airbed kept in the trunk.

Hey, you'd have a CO2 extinguisher with your car at all times, and that is a hell of a good thing.
Then, if you ever needed a hail protection air bed, it would be less than a minute to grab, inflate, and strap over the car. Save a 100,000 dollar rare collectible muscle or sports car for less than 100 dollars in supplies? Seems like a good idea to me. 

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