Thursday, March 21, 2019

it started a long time ago, in LA... artist Ron Cobb was an artist doing in-betweener and break down work at Disney, on Sleeping Beauty! in 1956, right out of high school. unfreaking-believable!

So a couple days ago I posted some album cover art, and the above stood out, to me, as it's not a photo of the musicians and a car... it's real - cool- art. Inventive, and fun. So, I knew there was something to this artist, that whoever it was, was talented, and had a lot more to enjoy.

How talented? Well, he got started at Disney

Then branched out as an editorial cartoonist, and getting published in syndication in around 80 newspapers in the 1960s... was a pretty damn cool start, but it didn't pay much at all

Then was working with GIGER! Holy moly, on Jodorowsky's attempt on a motion picture of Frank Herbert's "Dune".

yeah... well, that didn't work out, but...

How's that for a effing amazing resume credit?!!! Oh, not good enough? Really? Fine. Then take THIS:

Still just some concept art? Damn, you're tough to impress after all these years of cool stuff. Fine. BOOM!

Gotcha!! from Sleeping Beauty, to Raiders of the Lost Arc... man, that's incredible!

What about after that? Oh, just a little time machine, for Spielberg, maybe you've heard of it?

or maybe you're not a movie fan, but like music videos instead? He was the art director of the MTV Music Video Award's, best art direction award winner, ZZ Top, Rough Boy!


from way back when the videos were cooler than the music, and that Eliminator went all space ship - and was cooler than just driving up to dusty tumble weed gas stations... it went galactic, and stopped by a car wash along the way

anyone that's been reading along for a couple years (holy shit, really? For YEARS? You're either a bit of a car nut, or waiting to see just WHAT the hell I find next, to possibly fulfill your life's need for cool stuff (don't laugh, it happened yesterday,  I shit you not! )  you'll recall I've already posted some related ZZ Top, Afterburner cover art, video, etc
never realizing that for other reasons, I'd also post about the award winning music video art director!

and then went onto some designs for a couple movies you might know, District 9, Cats and Dogs, The Rocketeer, and John Carter on Mars.

a cat and a car... getting a hot sunny nap... that's a pretty good thing cat's have going. That nap any time habit.

respect for the hard working man

first thing you'll notice is that he's getting some time on camera for his work effort
2nd thing, he's got no safety anything. No face mask to prevent the asbestos from the clutch dust, no safety glasses to protect his eyes from splash...

he may not live to see old age, he may not get paid well, but damn it, he gets respect.

When's the last time you saw or heard of a Rambler? Been a long time, they certainly faded away into history and were forgotten

1913 Fiat of the White Russian Army commander was pulled out of a barn

Baron Wrangel, an officer in the Imperial Russian army and later commanding general of the anti-Bolshevik White Army, was discovered in Russia.

Wrangel was an engineer who gave up his profession to enter the army during the Russo-Japanese War. His memoir of the Russian Civil War, "Always With Honor," was published in 1957 with a foreword by Herbert Hoover (who was then teaching at Stanford).

The torpedo body with the dual windshield and the leather roof is completely original. Research needs to establish the coachbuilder: given the original French lamps (Blériot) and the French dashboard gauges ‑ including a unique inclinometer ‑ Rothschild in Paris seems a good candidate. Research in the archives in Turin is still in full swing, but it is already confirmed that the FIAT with chassis number 16213 and engine number 163 was first delivered to Fiat-agent Loste in Trieste.

A look behind the scenes, getting emails from people

this morning, just now, I recieved:

Searching around I see you posted
Shovelnose and Handlebar.
That was my dad's aircraft that he flew for all 85 of his missions.
Thanks for keeping history alive.

Peter Kenny

I did a lot of searching online for cool nose art, and one of the things I noticed was that the Bob Hope USO tour popped up now and then, with some plane that had a tribute nose art about Bob, and Jerry Colonna

I posted all the Bob Hope nose art planes, on both my blog, and then I realized that there wasn't a good facebook page of the best nose art from WW2, so Shovelnose and Handlebar is both at

The accompanying stories though, were not transferred to the facebook page, but were are on the blog.

A photo recon P-51 in the 10th PRG, 12-E Squadron, belonged to Lt Ed Kenny

Hope who wrote about it in his 1945 book So This is Peace. In it he wrote: "From Darmstadt we went to Furth, and did an hour or so of stuff for the HQ men of the 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Group, a P-51 Mustang fighter squadron [sic]. The first thing I saw when I landed was a Mustang with me and Shovelsnoot [sic] painted across the nose. My attorneys are still trying to contact the pilot, Lt. E. J. Kenny. I'd have dealt with him myself, but he was a pretty big guy and I wanted to see Berlin with both eyes."

So, I get one HELL of a kick out of hearing from family of the pilots, crew of bombers, etc when they come across these... and I just realized I hadn't mentioned this before. I thought YOU readers might get a kick out of learning that sometimes this added benefit of hearing from family of the WW2 military happens. 

street scene in Guatemala City early 1970s

Chicago mid 1960s

For his newest work photographer Fabian Oefner was able to get his hands on a 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV, for 2 years. He took more than 1,500 photographs of each part

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

the one of a kind AC Cobra Coupe, AC Cars Ltd owner Derek Hurlock and his team built to take on the ‘works’, Shelby Daytona Coupes in the famous 1964 24 Hour classic.

Visibly lower than the Pete Brock designed Daytona coupe (41 inches compared with 48 inches- its height a function of uncertainty over Le Mans windscreen height regs) both designers sat the drivers lower in the car. Turner had also raked the windscreen, created a lower nose section and a longer flowing roof as well as designing the ‘eyebrows’ over the tops of the wheel arches he claimed help clean up airflow.

During Le Mans Sears and Bolton were timed at 180.2mph @ 6300rpm, matching the Daytona Cobras despite giving away 30bhp to the Shelby entries- AC cars chassis #A98 had a 289cid/4.7 litre ‘Windsor’ engine which developed circa 355bhp, the Shelby cars had around 385bhp.

The car qualified conservatively second in class behind the Gurney/Bondurant Shelby entry and ran in that race position, at one point leading the class early in the race averaging 20mph for the first 3.5 hours.

The big coupe began to have fuel feed problems which were found after the race to be caused by newspaper in the fuel tank- sabotage- which blocked the fuel filter. Much time was lost as the filter blockage was diagnosed and remedied.

A tire blew out late in the race, and the wreck of Coupe A98 was brought back to the AC headquarters in Thames Ditton and never rebuilt and or raced further ‘in period’. The very significant car was restored by Barrie Baird who negotiated its purchase in 1972. The work took over 12 years

This might be only the 2nd time I've ever read about sabotage during a race. The other was at Riverside

John Fitch in the super sport Corvette test mule

Probably testing the car prior to Sebring in 1957

Compliment of the day!

Jim wrote in the comments about the flathead Camaro:
I can die now. I've seen everything.

See? I've finally completed a life's work, and now I can retire from posting car stuff and move on! Either that, or start charging for my services. It's not every day you are told that you've completed someone's life amount of anything, and I did it! I finally showed Jim the last thing he needed to be complete! Yay me! I tell ya, it's the bacon on the pizza that did it. Just like I said after posting the Corvette for the dad video, I've earned a pizza, and look what happened after I ate it?!!!! 

nothing to see here, move along

Clarence Everett and his 1968 396SS Camaro, a theft recovery car

he ran G or H/G, he was a flathead legend in Oregon, ran often at Woodburn dragstrip, and Bonneville

rumor has it it was the world's fastest flathead 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds, a 1950 Merc block

Clarence took his one-year old ‘68 Camaro SS, yanked out the V8, and replaced it with a Flathead Ford. Everett apparently raced in a class that only allowed Flathead engines, as well as inline six-and-eight cylinder engines. It is an odd, odd combination, Flathead Ford and Camaro SS, but Everett reportedly saw a lot of success with this car.

Rowe's Heavy haulage needs a flat truck for a mighty big job now and then

but it may be destroyed already due to a crash last Sept

in the above, I see the 3 axle trailer upside down, and in front of the 3 axle trailer, I see another 3 axles upside down. Now look at this in the image below

A 1969 Camaro is still trapped up there because the freight elevator no longer works.

The Campbell Express "Humping to Please" camel " Clarence", and a 70s trucking song (it was a fad in the early 70s)

I didn't know Caterpillar built semis

predecessor to their bigger dump trucks I suppose, this is a 1967 

Just go get the Kleenex before proceeding. Got them? Ok, young woman gifts her "dad" with Corvette nearly like the one he sold when he proposed to her mom, who had 2 kids that weren't his, and proves sacrifice is not without reward

How'd I know you'd need some Kleenex? Well, I did.

I think that is one of the best of the kids gifting parents a car videos I've found to post. ... so I'm treating me to some pizza for lunch, cause I don't have kids, and I recommend that if you don't have kids, treat yourself. If you do have kids, well, I hope they are hooking you up with something wonderful at least a couple times a year, whether or not it's a traditional gift giving day or not.

Found at where a lot of cool stuff has been posted through the years. A tip o the hat to the "Minnesotan" as I think that was his bio, which is no longer on the sidebar of that blog.

I admit, I'm prejudiced. I see a guy on a rock with a skateboad, and long hair? And I know he's a damn imbecile. Then I see his "friend" with a gas can. Nothing good can come of these morons, so, call me prejudiced. I look at these two and know I'm seeing living brain donors

I don't doubt for a minute that they did this to get a youtube video that would go viral.

I'm not even surprised they are too stupid to take off the shoes to make it easy to get off those HUGE pants.

That's just brain damage, or drugs. No way these idiots have an IQ over 80

found on who is taking a 2 week vacation, or more, from the internet. I expect he's about done blogging, and will quit within a year

wow, this was certainly a reaction to the drag race craze

one downside to not wasting money on cable tv is not getting access to Ray Evernham's show, Americarna. Here are a couple clips

Sam Bass, artist of memorable Nascar paint jobs, has went on ahead to get started on race cars to come

Not only did Sam design many Nascar paint schemes, he also did work on other projects, like movie cars, such as these from Talladega Nights, and all the other cars in the movie

and the design for Dale Earnhardt's baseball team, the Intimidators, in Dale's hometown

Bass was NASCAR's first officially licensed artist. His work enlivened some of the racing's top stars and marquee events. His NASCAR Cup Series background included paint scheme designs for drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart and others.

In May 1991, Ray Evernham stopped by Bass’ studio across the street from Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, to purchase a birthday gift for Gordon. The ensuing conversation gave birth to one of the most recognizable brands in sports.

Rather than charging Evernham for the art he had selected, Bass asked the promising young crew chief and engineer for a favor.

“I said I wanted him to do something for me instead,” Bass recalled. “I told him that I knew he had been hired to be Jeff’s crew chief and I knew they would have the DuPont paint company as a sponsor, and I wanted the chance to design the car.

“He told me that he would see what he could do and call me once he found out. And sure enough, a few months later, he called and said, ‘You’ve got your shot.’ "

Bass had spent the last few years looking for a new kidney.

That was a result of a sepsis infection that originated in a blister on his left foot in 2005 and led to a below-the-knee amputation in 2008.  I wanted you to know this, and be aware, that really small things can have, in rare cases, devastating effects.

Bass also had Type 1 diabetes, which he was diagnosed with at the age of 29.