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Nice! It's rare that I come across a cool 71 Charger R/T, sweet choice of big n little Cragars

notice that the license plates do not seem to be American

and check out this Satellite... that's a new stripe design to me
via a very 70s tumblr you might get a kick out of  and

wow, they really went and did a cool job with this bus decorated for the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother), 1937

Scammers car collection of 150 vehicles to be auctioned off in the next 2 weeks

DC Solar was a start up mobile solar power generators that raised $800 million in capital from the likes of Berkshire Hathaway, Sherwin-Williams, and Progressive.

Unfortunately its owners, the Carpoffs, used the purported energy startup's money to live a lavish lifestyle, collecting cars, sponsoring NASCAR teams like Chip Ganassi Racing, and even buying a baseball team, with the startup funds.

 Law enforcement identified DC Solar as a possible Ponzi scheme and raided the Carpoffs' home, confiscating $1.8 million in cash, and 149 vehicles.

3 Superbirds, 1 Daytona, 1 Demon, 8 Road Runners, a Burt Reynolds owned Firebird TA, 1 Viper, 7 Mustangs, a dozen Camaros, 4 Hummers from the early 90s, 4 Chevelles (66, 66, 68, 70), a '59 Chris Craft, 2 1970 Challengers, 1 1971 Challenger, what looks like a 68 Hurst Super Stock Dart, what appear to be 4 Eleanor Mustangs, 2 'AAR Cudas, 440 Shaker hood 1970 Barracuda, a '60 and a 61 Beetle, a Hellcat Challenger

movie trivia, trucker stuntman for Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior, was prepped for surgery before filming the stunt!

The most dangerous stunt in the entire film—the rolling of the tanker in the climactic scene—went off without a hitch.

 Dennis Williams, driver of the truck, was not allowed to eat for 12 hours before the scene was shot, a precaution designed to reduce potential complications if he had to be rushed to emergency surgery.

 A helicopter and ambulance were kept standing by and many members of the production refused to come watch. It was something Williams had never done before and it had to be executed in one take.

Sources: Starburst Magazine, Vol 4, No. 9, “Mad Max 2” by John Baxter
Truckin’ Life Magazine, “Lights, Camera, Action...Roll ‘Em” by Mark Gibson

All I know is that it's called the Ghost Train

It's been too long since I posted a chain race

If you're going to have a chain race team, why not make it memorable and something the crowd will cheer for? Make it a theme!

Looks like guys who've decided that these cars need to get sent to the junkyard after this one last race

if there are rules, I can't tell what those might be... don't use the brakes?

Leno and Damon talk about the movie Ford vs Ferrari

The United Auto Workers and General Motors have reached a tentative contract agreement

A statement from the UAW says the elected national negotiation team voted to recommend the UAW-GM National Council accept the agreement.

The National Council, which includes local union presidents and chairmen from GM facilities across the country, is scheduled to convene in Detroit on Thursday morning. The council has to approve the deal before presenting it to union members for final ratification.

Seems legit. After all, Chicago is the city that thought being a "gun free zone" WOULDN'T result in an average of 30 dead by gunshot a weekend (even California can't believe such idiocy)

and those are just the ones the COPS didn't commit:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has released an inspector general's report that found that 16 officers took part in a massive cover-up after the 2014 police shooting of Laquan McDonald, an unarmed black teenager.

Officer Jason Van Dyke shot 17-year-old McDonald 16 times. Initial reports indicate that Van Dyke said McDonald lunged at him with a knife, but dashcam footage, released in 2015 after a court order, contradicts that narrative.  4 other officers turned off their dashcams to prevent their dashcams from recording the events, as CPD rules stipulate.

The report also recommended the removal of Lt. Anthony Wojcik, who destroyed evidence and reports with officers' notes from witness statements. Sgt. Stephen Franko who supervised officers handling the case, and 2 other supervisors approved Van Dyke's and other officers' description of events after the shooting, despite knowing the accounts were false, the report concludes.

Sometimes life gets out of control... and when people become homeless that happens a lot faster. When they have pet rats? It's exponentially faster. For future reference, try and talk people out of having pet rats. Get them a dog.

Locals were first alerted to the woman's situation outside a Del Mar convenience store, where she works. Carla was recently living in her van with two pet rats after becoming homeless, neighbor Kimberly Jackson told 10News reporter Rachel Bianco.

The two rats had babies and the situation grew out of hand. The rodents eventually totaled more than 300. The animals chewed through the wiring of the van, rendering it inoperable.

the history of the upside down traffic light at Tipperary Hill in Syracuse, New York, at the corner of Milton Avenue and Tompkins Street. The only traffic light with green on top, red on the bottom... Why aren't they all this way? We kicked the English the hell out of this country!

Tipperary Hill, also known as Tipp Hill, is a district in the city of Syracuse, New York, largely settled by immigrants from Ireland, especially from County Tipperary. It makes up half of Syracuse's Far Westside neighborhood.

In the 1820s, when the Erie Canal was built from Albany to Buffalo, the Irish were the chief laborers. Located in the middle of the route, Syracuse was considered the hub of the system. After the canal was finished, many Irish people settled west of Syracuse on a hill overlooking the canal. This area became known as Tipperary Hill.

The story goes that in 1925, exactly 80 years ago, the city put up a new traffic signal with the green light on top, a salute to the Irish.

 John "Huckle" Ryan, then alderman of the Tipperary Hill section, requested that the traffic signal be hung with the green above the red in deference to the Irish residents. This was done, but soon the State of New York stepped in (state law dictates that traffic signals must follow the same sequence to avoid confusing the color-blind), and city officials reversed the colors.

Irish youth were still inflamed from the political tension from the 1921 Irish War of Independence with Britain. They often threw stones to break the "British" red top light above the "Irish" green, to prevent “red over green.” To them, red on top represented Britain having greater importance than Ireland.

Eventually, city leaders wore down. Tipperary Hill received the only traffic light in the nation where the green shines over red.

Bobby Kennedy drew a big crowd when he shook hands at the intersection in 1966.

Dinty Gilmartin, a one-legged Irish immigrant ran a grocery store at that Tipperary Hill intersection, and the stone throwers used to hang around his store. The Post-Standard in 1960 referred to Dinty Gilmartin, then 90, - - as the "guardian of the famous green-over-red traffic signal."

To Pat Ahern, the longtime Syracuse Hibernian, the light represents the Irish spirit of defiance - against the British, against the devastation of the great famine, against the struggles of adjusting to life in a new land.

On March 15, 2005, Irish prime minister Bertie Ahern visited Tipperary Hill, where he had his photo taken by the Green-on-Top traffic light

Congressman Jim Walsh (left) explains the legend of the traffic light at the corner of Milton Avenue and Tompkins Street, just as the statue depicts two parents doing with their children, to Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern.

During parts of his 10 terms in Congress, Walsh chaired the Friends of Ireland caucus and helped broker the Northern Ireland peace process.

In recent years, longtime neighborhood residents of Irish ancestry and local business owners gathered resources and encouraged the city to demolish an old run-down commercial building that was located on the northeast corner of the intersection where the "Green over Red" traffic light incident had occurred.

In 1997 the neighborhood group convinced the city to build a small park called the Tipperary Hill Memorial Park (above left side of the photo)  and erect a statue which is known as the Tipperary Hill Heritage Memorial on the same corner.

 The memorial is dedicated to those who, in the opinion of local residents, were brave sons of Ireland who stood up to City Hall to win the battle of the "Green over Red" traffic light. The statue was created by sculptor Dexter Benedict.

Who can be this nice to a parking asshole?

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

bicycle delivery in 1932 Tokyo... how he balances that stack, mounts the bike, pedals, turns corners, etc... I can't begin to figure out

Virgin Trains’ Las Vegas to LA line on track for 2023 opening (thanks Steve!)

The Las Vegas to Victorville line would be the first step toward linking Las Vegas to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.

The timeline is contingent on Nevada approving tax-exempt, private activity bonds to go toward the project next month.

Before going in front of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry on Nov. 11, Virgin Trains is seeking the backing of the Clark County Commission, which will vote on a resolution of support for the project at its Nov. 5 meeting.

Bob O’Malley, Virgin Trains’ vice president of corporate development, told the Clark County Commission on Tuesday that the Las Vegas to Victorville, California, rail line is on track to break ground in the middle of next year, with operations slated to begin toward the end of 2023.

Finding a location within easy access to the resort corridor, Allegiant Stadium — which will have a parking lot with shuttle service to the stadium in the vicinity — McCarran International Airport and Interstate 15 made the site ideal for Virgin Trains, O’Malley said.

Virgin is seeking $800 million in bonds to issue $2.4 billion in debt, or half the amount the company needs to finance the trains and the 185 miles of dual tracks along Interstate 15. The amount includes $600 million in bonds from California and $200 million from Nevada.

The Nevada Department of Business and Industry will consider two $100 million requests from Virgin next month, with the first $100 million expected to be decided on at that time.

California last month approved $300 million in tax-exempt, private activity bonds to help finance the proposed Virgin Trains project.

California will consider another $300 million and Nevada an additional $100 million request next year. Obtaining the total bond amount sought between the two states would allow Virgin Trains to be eligible for federal grant funding, amounting to a 4-to-1 match.

O’Malley said the much-hyped Las Vegas to Southern California line will generate $1.98 billion in economic impact, create more than 1,000 construction jobs, transport 5.5 million visitors to Las Vegas annually and remove 4.5 million cars from I-15 annually.

So, Harley Davidson hurried into making an electric motorcycle... after all, having zero experience with electric vehicles, what could possibly go wrong? Newsflash: " warned consumers not to charge the bikes at their home"

Harley-Davidson has stopped production and deliveries of its first electric motorcycle after discovering a problem related to the vehicle’s charging equipment, a major setback for a product the company is counting on to rejuvenate sales.

The motorcycle maker said it has suspended production of the LiveWire model as it conducts tests to investigate the problem. The company said Monday that the tests were progressing well but didn’t say when production would resume.

The legendary motorcycle manufacturer is banking on the LiveWire electric motorcycle to jump-start sales in its U.S. market after it recently cut its forecast for motorcycle shipments and reported weaker results in its latest quarter.

So far, LiveWire owners have been able to charge their bikes via standard wall outlets, a process that takes ten hours to complete. But according to the Journal, consumers are now advised not to charge the bikes at home, and only to use dealerships’ official charging system.

Ironically the LimeWire is on this moth's cover of Cycle World magazine

and the issue that just hit the mailboxes ironically has a rave review the same day that news breaks that the assembly line came to a screeching halt.

The supplied Level 1 charging cable that comes with the bike (and can be carried under the seat) plugs into any 120-volt household outlet and is said to require 12.5 hours to fully charge a depleted battery. While that may be fine if you have all night, for those on the go the LiveWire also supports DC Fast Charge which cuts that time to 1 hour. DCFC stations are cropping up at a fast-growing rate and the Harley-Davidson App will guide you to them. LiveWire owners will receive 500 kWh free charging at Electrify America DCFC stations. Better still, every H-D dealership that sells the LiveWire is required to install a DCFC station and provide LiveWire owners two years of unlimited use free of charge.

"Fit, finish, and materials are of premium quality"  and they fell down on the power recharger? Or were stupid enough to outsource those to a company without at least a level quality as high as the bike they just rolled out?

Thanks Steve!

Southern California is going to be in the news again for the next couple of months until it rains, as it's hot and dry, and fires are popping up everywhere... you know, it was a weird fluke last year that Malibu millionaires were in the fire zone

So, if you haven't yet, make plans to check your insurance, prep a bug out bag in case of emergency evacuations (one just happened today IN San Diego) have plenty of stuff for your pets comfort, feeding, and watering,
make sure your friends and family have a dozen ways to stay in touch without phone service, Facebook, text messages, etc. Make sure they know how to get ahold of YOU when they freak out because you've got a dead phone. Yes, this means reverting to the cave man days of the 1990s, and earlier, when we had to plan ahead, and know where to meet, and then have a back up
Make sure you have a spare hundred dollars cash, so when the power and internet is out, you can still pay for stuff.
Have bottles, like gallon bottles, of water in your car or truck. It all tastes the same, don't waste time on the 16 oz bottles. You're all grown up, grab a couple gallons. You'll thank me later.
Make sure you plan ahead.

Never take your eyes off anything pointing the business end your way, with the safetys off. Murphy's Law will get you every time

Either she's a short 14 year old, or that Capri is the size of a Suburban

some days I can't tell if stuff is real, or an attempt at doing something so stupid that it will go viral

some neat tricks here

Belgrade is very proud of the fact that they made the fiat 500 cars, so they made it a part of the luggage claim area in their airport. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

the 2019 Croatia Trophy - Estonian Offroad Team (Thanks Marcin!)

Dragon Winch 2019 (thanks Marcin!)

Koch Ford Lincoln in Edmonton, Alberta, has launched its annual Halloween Poster Contest. Every October, Koch releases four Movie Posters themed around Ford and Horror movies.

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Gloria Vanderbilt driving a pedal car with her dog. Paris, late 1920s.

You probably know her best as the designer blue jeans name tag, or mother of CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper, but, if you were 100 years older, you'd remember her as the poor little rich girl who was stuck in a custody battle because she was a trust fund millionaire and her aunt wanted it. No doubt her mom was far more interested in keeping custody of her, but, she didn't just sign over the money to get her sister to piss off, either. 

During the 1930s, she was the subject of a high-profile child custody trial in which her mother, Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, and her paternal aunt, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, each sought custody of her and control over her trust fund. Called the "trial of the century" by the press, the court proceedings were the subject of wide and sensational press coverage due to the wealth and prominence of the involved parties, and the scandalous evidence presented to support Whitney's claim that Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt was an unfit parent.

Looks to be Joan Cuneo, on the Glidden race, but the photo wasn't labeled with her, it is labeled "1909 - Participant car escorted into Jackson, Michigan, 1909 Glidden Tour."

It doesn't show enough of the hair or face for me to be sure, but, how many women were racing on the Glidden? And Joan Cuneo wore round cake shaped hats like this

HOLY SHIT! After 9 long years of waiting, FINALLY there is news about the Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg mini series about the 8th

I mentioned  in 2015 that there hadn't been news in 4 years,

Originally mentioned to be an HBO series, it is now mentioned as an Apple TV series, and it's based on the 2006 novel by Donald L. Miller "Masters Of The Air" the story of the US Eighth Air Force’s crews, as well as the story from the ground or those being bombed in Britain, Germany and throughout Europe.

The TV series, they say, will avoid using composite characters, focusing instead on the real stories of the actual figures who flew with Eighth Air Force, and in particular the "Bloody Hundredth" bomb group, one of the hardest hitting — and hardest hit.

The facebook page about it, hasn't been added to since 2013

The project is a companion piece to their previous WWII-set miniseries, 2001’s Band of Brothers and 2010’s The Pacific, which aired on HBO. Gary Goetzman, their collaborator on both of those series, will also executive produce

John Orloff, a writer on Band of Brothers, will write the new series, and is on board as a co-executive producer

IMDB has NOTHING on this, and a look at the producer page for both Tom Hanks and Spielberg show they are already incredibly busy, but not yet listed with this project.

Real Steel 2, Hugh Jackman sequel, is listed though... so, cool! I liked that movie

Have you heard of the Rebelle Rally? It's an 8 day women-only off-road rally that started October, 10th in Lake Tahoe, traverses Western Nevada, into Southern California ending at the Imperial Sand Dunes.

Unlike Baja or the Mint 400, this off-road rally is about navigational skill, as the teams must hit checkpoints within a set window of time, using a map, compass, and guide book.

Rebelle Rally is designed for stock vehicles. Roll cages and modified vehicles are not required. Vehicles must be street legal.

 4-wheel drive vehicles that have a two-speed transfer case (low range) Examples: Jeep Wrangler/Rubicon, Pickup trucks with SUVs including Toyota Tacoma 4×4, Chevy Colorado, Land Rover / Range Rover

Unibody construction and two-wheel or all-wheel drive (no low range) Examples: Subaru Forrester/Outback, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota RAV4, etc.

The ladies representing Honda this year are all engineers from Honda's research centers in California and Ohio and will be driving a Honda Ridgeline and a Honda Passport.

Huskies are adorable, and hard to outwit, or outrun, if they get the idea that there is going to be a ride in the car

Have fun with pies... you don't have to wait for pumpkin pie or thanksgiving...

The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles wanted people to pay $15 just to walk in the door for services they could do online... the governor shot them down

If more people would do DMV related business online, or through the mail, the people working at the DMV wouldn't be as busy... true. MAYBE that was the good intention behind the door charge.

It would raise about a million dollars, and that's enough to improve things (maybe) at the DMV...

The Providence Journal reports that the fee is aimed at reducing the number of walk-ins and boosting the number of online transactions. That would cut down customer wait times, which in 2018 averaged more than an hour.

But the people in charge seem to think that the people do not need to be charged $15 per visit to the DMV... maybe the people working there can imagine some other way to speed up the process, and decrease customer wait times.

Dimpling the intake ports has them picking up 8% more flow and and 5% more velocity

That's why golf balls are dimpled, and why Nascar outlawed dimpling the hoods, roofs, and trunks of race cars