Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Nascar CEO Brian France, was arrested in the Hamptons for DUI and criminal possession of oxycodone after he was seen blowing through a stop sign. How about that, rich white old guy on Oxy. Sounds like Rush Limbaugh

France was reportedly driving a 2017 Lexus. He's worth a billion, https://www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/celebrity-business/women/brian-france-net-worth/
but drives a Toyota Lexus. In the Hamptons.... drunk.

Why the hell not have your megayacht anchor out, hire a pilot/bodyguard/baby sitter to fly you around on your private helicopter, and never worry about going to jail for being strung out on pills and booze?

Nascar only comes second to the NFL when it comes to TV ratings and grossing revenue.


Must be all the sitting at desks, golfing, inheriting a billion dollar company, and being worth a billion finally got to him.

Or his divorce a decade ago... that really screwed him.
In the divorce case, Brian had not paid $6 million of a $9 million payment to his ex.
He was paying $510,000 a year for 10 years in alimony and childcare.
Brian filed a lawsuit in September 2008 alleging that Megan broke the terms of their divorce when it came to visitation rights, the hiring of nannies and the confidentiality clause. Because she broke the terms of the divorce, he has withheld the $6 million payment. Yeah, a half mil a year so his ex can hire a nannies to raise his kids.

In 2005, Brian listed assets of $554 million and loans of $26 million, according to documents in the case. He earned $9.05 million in 2004 as NASCAR chairman and CEO.

As part of the divorce, Megan France kept a $3.2 million Charlotte home and a $2 million vacant lot.

Brian kept three California condos (worth $4.4 million), three Daytona condos (worth $1.8 million), a $950,000 home in Charlotte and a $10.6 million Central Park condo with an additional $780,000 maid condo. He also owned five cars worth a total of $234,000, a yacht worth $5.2 million and three planes valued at $54.6 million.


He really doesn't give a shit about cars... but he does like expensive planes, and plenty of them.

Think that's a ridiculous amount of alimony and childcare? Charlie Sheen's exes don't. Charlie was in the news today, and said to pay 77thou, a month. 4 kids, 2 ex wives.

How does it make any sense to pay over 40 thou a month for child care? No idea, but, I bet you the lawyer that gets hired by some trophy wife can detail in perfect Harvard overtones exactly why some kids need about 20 thou a month to cops with life in grade school without a job.


  1. Pompous, self righteous, phony piece of shit! I remember the Jeremy Mayfield incident and decided to google and see how many others there have been in the past. Plenty! And they (the Frances), just like their accessed racing penalties and how they're applied are a fucked up system! Like you said he doesn't care about cars or the drivers. Just the money they line his wallet with!

  2. a

    Assessed racing penalties. Gotta look before I send! Hahaha