Thursday, October 19, 2017

I just learned that the Nurburgring has an abandoned hill climb road, the Steilstrecke. 450 meters long, 27% incline

hear the Demon growl, grab a Demon themed cocktail and hear from Pennzoil and Mopar as they showcase the wickedly powerful Demon at the Shell “Pioneering Performance” experience at SEMA

Jim McCormick of Shell, famed precision driver Rhys Millen and Mopar’s Top Fuel driver Leah Pritchett will be on the Shell “Pioneering Performance” Live Stage from 5:40PM-6:40PM on Tuesday, October 31st

the robot wars video is out now, skip to 7:26, it's all wasting time and meaningless

how to find a car vinyl wrap installation company

Todays total WTF

this is the spare for this truck... and it wasn't discovered, until, you guessed it... they needed to use the spare.

Don't buy cheap crap tools, or you'll have to pay for replacements. Get tools that have a free replacement guarantee, you might need it

I need a time machine, and a hundred bucks

65 for the bike, and the left over 35 for a helmet, leather jacket, gas, oil, lunch, and supper.

Cool garage petroliana piece

the battle for 1st in the last lap at Motegi, the Japanese Moto GP

skip to 1:25

Thanks Steph23555! 

What do dogs look forward to every day? The UPS truck! UPS drivers have even made a facebook page about it

possibly, the UPS truck is also known as the "treat truck"

most know where the treats are

A cute head tilt is automatically good for 4 extra milk bone biscuits

occasionally even a cat gets in the game

300 pound capable, hand operated, fork lift for small loads

Michigan's Upper Penninsula - Lake Superior Rally starts tomorrow

1967 4 speed Hemi Charger with only 1900 miles, and it was exported to Peru when new

Chevron maintains one “Standard” brand station per state so it doesn’t lose the trademark.

Chevron, the descendant of Standard, has strategically maintained one Standard gas station in each of its 16 states of operation, ensuring the storied name remains a legally active trademark to this day.

Standard Oil isn’t a familiar brand to many modern U.S. consumers. John Rockefeller’s petroleum giant was split up by the Supreme Court back in 1911, and by the 1950s each of the 34 regional “Baby Standards” had adopted new brand names and abandoned their claim on the original Standard trademark.

In fact, at the one in Bellevue the Standard name appears only on the signage, and the Chevron name appears everywhere else including on the gas pumps.

Three supermajor companies now own the rights to the Standard name in the United States: ExxonMobil, Chevron Corp., and BP.

cool old railway company posters from the middle east