Friday, May 27, 2016

finally, they added another vehicle to the National Register.

the 7 that preceed it are all covered at and they were the Shelby Daytona, the Meyers Manx, the Boyle Special Maserati, the 1918 Cadillac, the Tucker, the Futurliner, and the Mercedes 300SL

it's very likely the Camaro, Mustang, and Model T will join this list.

Cragar SS

if you're serious about GN turbo 6 power, see Kenny Duttweiler, here's why

It started out that if you could make 600 hp on the dyno, everybody was ecstatic—they couldn’t believe it. Then a year later, it was 1,200 hp and 20 years later or whatever it’s 1,900 hp. I’ve got one on the stand right now that made 1,930 hp.

That’s from a 265ci V6 engine. The evolution is interesting because I started out with a stocker that made 200 hp and then we just kept adding better turbos and better everything.

1994 old news - An unmarked FBI car with an AR-15, a 12-ga shotgun, two 9mm and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition in the trunk was stolen from the home of an FBI agent

A gray 1992 Buick Skylark with those weapons and two FBI raid jackets, a bulletproof vest, a hand-held two-way radio, handcuffs and other equipment was stolen between 10:30 p.m. 7:10 a.m. from the driveway of an FBI agent in Canyon Country.

Sgt Bill Chaffin, LASD, SWAT, drag racer and friend to Big Willie owns a 1987 GN that has 28 NHRA class championships, engine built by Kenny Duttweiler

"Scott’s shop is like an open-faced Bell helmet blast through Adventureland on methanol" ... Car Craft, June 2015. Scott was one of Mickey Thompson's employees from 67-71

After working at various Ford dealerships, Scott eventually landed a job with Mickey Thompson from 1967 to 1971 when Mickey was heavily associated with Ford, who funded most of his racing, including his famous record-setting efforts on the Bonneville salt.

Mickey took three Mustangs to set endurance records, with two cars on a 10-mile oval. Scott was there, helping to refuel the cars and keep the smudge pots burning during the night. Later, Mickey returned to the flats with his Ford-powered Autolite Special streamliner urged by a pair of 427 Cammers and Scott’s bright blue paint job.

 That was a time when pallet loads of engines and parts were delivered to Thompson’s southern California shop, dropped out of the sides of DC 3 cargo planes. How good was it back then? A well-funded shop might have a little 1963 Falcon Ranchero to run parts and get lunch. Scott’s parts chaser was a 1969 428 Cobra Jet Torino.

427 Ford with Mickey Thompson hemi heads... made of pure unobtanium.

Mickey Thompson only built four pairs of these Ford hemi heads, so the term “rare” doesn’t begin to describe them. Scott says one set ran in Mickey Thompson’s Thunderbolt, with another set as backup, a third set went into a supercharged dragster while the final set sat in the window of M/T’s retail store in Long Beach for sale for $3,200. There were only three cross ram intakes ever built.

Lightweight 63.5 Galaxie that ran a best of 9.26 at 149 mph

the Hemi in this T-bird has a turbocharger and three Carter carburetors. The engine has been relocated six inches to the right to accommodate the set-up. The car has a separate methanol tank and pump system to feed the third carburetor. The Hemi made 804hp normally aspirated and 1,100 on alcohol, and was put together by an engineer who worked at Garret AiResearch turbos

In the photo, it appears Big Daddy in the far lane has a comfortable lead, but Voigt power from the supercharged M/T Pontiac hemi was enough to power past the Swamp Rat for the win. As part of the Top Eliminator prize, Craftsman awarded the winning crew chief the aforementioned tool box that Voigt kept (including its original cardboard container) all these years.

Cool trailer design, coffin top on stilts that pivots up out of the way

tell me this is just a coincidence of parking behind the plow... and since I don't see the hydraulics attached to the front of the car, it must just be a clever photo, not a GT 350 with a plow

just go get a kleenex box. Then watch this, inspired by a son who lost his dad too soon

The short tells the story of a young man who logged quality time with his father while playing a game called Rallisport Challenge, released in 2002 for the original Xbox. When the father dies unexpectedly, the console is banished to the garage. Ten years later, now age 16, the boy retrieves the dusty console

Already over a million hits on You tube, this is not exactly a true story, its based on comments on a video about "Can Video Games Be a Spiritual Experience?

The video creator and director/producer got his favorite collaborator actor to star.

Wikstrom, 25, graduated from Florida State University's College of Motion Picture Arts and moved to Los Angeles four years ago. He found some work as a treatment designer for the directors of commercials. But he hadn't made any of his own. I think he's just paved the way for a career with a company that can spot talent and make quick decisions

What about Microsoft? The young director said he's heard from "someone high up" at the software giant, who wrote him personally to praise his work, but nothing official.

Adweek contacted Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's head of Xbox's game marketing, who told us: "This is really inspiring. Connecting players through gaming is one of the best rewards of creating video games, and stories like this are always touching and inspire us to do our best work.

We applaud this fan's courage in sharing his story and the filmmaker's artistry in bringing it to life so vividly."

Wikstrom maintains the project was "a labor of love."

cool little tin toy

Austin Western street sweeper

I don't remember posting a Checker on the rails before, so here it is

Toronto snow plow

logging truck photo I haven't seen before

a very sophisticated pedal car

the official News Hound van

Cool photo of Cobra Mustangs and a GT 40

2 ministers in one morning... that has to be a record for politicians opening doors and causing bicyclists to crash

Belgian Health Minister Maggie De Block and Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo had carelessly swung open their doors on the way to the federal cabinet of Brussels this morning...

Did you know the Nomad design was patented?

A little girl who was allegedly being bullied at school got some help from her local biker club.

The first-grader at Marshall Elementary in Toledo loves to ride her dirt bike, and she proudly rides up and down her block.

So, Reynolds decided to enlist the help of The Punishers -- a motorcycle club comprised of law enforcement, EMS and military personnel, and firefighters. The club surprised little Audrianna with a ride to school -- on a real motorcycle.

"We got her a vest and told her to think of us like her uncles, and she is part of our family now, and if she needs anything let us know," the group's president, Daniel Bushey, told WTVG. "Any chance we get, we help kids out, we do in a heartbeat."

An Avenger, (torpedo bomber) missing since 1944, was recently located in the waters surrounding the Pacific Island nation of Palau

The Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation founder and chairman Dan Friedkin finances ongoing search and discovery of MIA, at the families request, and scattered among and concealed within the dense mangrove forests, lagoon waters and coral reefs of Palau’s island chain are several dozen U.S. aircraft and the remains of as many as 80 U.S. airmen.

"We have identified 100 cases worldwide that are suitable for recovery and over 200 families have reached out asking for help with MIAs," he said. This case took two months of towing side scan sonar.

“The importance of our mission is reinforced with each new discovery of a missing aircraft," said Eric Terrill, an oceanographer from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego, one of Project RECOVER's three founding entities.

Project RECOVER’s goal is finding the final underwater resting places of all Americans missing in action since World War II.

Established in 2012 with initial support from the Office of Naval Research and now private funding, Project RECOVER is a partnership among researchers at the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego, and the BentProp Project.