Monday, March 25, 2019

the Silodrome (exceptionally good site, but it's high quality, low quantity) has a great gallery on this Cheetah GT

lawnmower racing in Australia, 1964

the kid who pushed his mower across Boans store carpark the fastest, won.

Driving in New York City, 1945

archive footage film showing a trip through downtown Manhattan, New York City along 8th Avenue, 5th Avenue, and 50th Street. The first half of the film uses a forward looking camera, the remainder of the film shows the views from a rear facing camera.

Magnetic Hill in Moncton Nova Scotia has been entertaining people by fooling them with an optical illusion for over 60 years

don't toss it if you can find a use for it

for a different look to some common things, these had a face transplant from a Dodge A100

how about the rear fender mounted reverse light, and dual spares? This car owner was ready for roadside trouble

it's a strange reverse light, dual paurpose with something facing forward... I don't think I've ever seen one before

Taxis in Mexico, on side of road outside La Magdalena Atlipac, 1928

back in 2017 they took their Ford Gt to the Texas Mile, and hit 293.6 mph. Now, they broke the 300 mph barrier, and it only took 2500hp

banners today (not bad for a Monday!)

looks nice, but would you go for a road trip with it?

cheaper and easier than buying a bigger truck

Bonhams is hiring! Looking for an experienced, confident motorcycle specialist for their LA office. Contact: or DM their IG!

rail car in Cuba, 1931, Santa Clara coast

foreign intellectual property has won a small victory in China now that Land Rover has won a court case in Beijing against Jiangling for making fake Range Rover Evoques (Thanks Gary!)

there are still a few junkyards, with cool musclecars, left. But can you imagine what a time machine back to 1975 would show you?

I just discovered that there is a new Cars and Coffee event in San Diego county, about 8 years after the Balboa Park event died, and it's in Rancho Santa Fe. Thanks Marc B!

Bring A Trailer says that this was kept to locals knowing about it until recently "a strictly word of mouth, invite-only kind of thing" but now it's an open to all event.

I can tell you a little about RSF, it's the home of some of the richest people in So Cal... ambassadors, bank owners, shiek's sons, etc, and there are some ultra rare and expensive collector cars that are in the garages and collections there.

11 years ago I was there checking out the gas station, which only needs to cater to the locals, and it had the right of grades of gas though it's around $5 for the cheap, 10 for the 100 octane, per gal.

Original owner Cyclone

1970 Cyclone 429 Super Cobra Jet with the Drag Pack option, the Detroit Locker with 4.30 gears, and the four-speed Top Loader transmission at the Mason Dixon Dragway, and I've drag raced there... as crazy as that seems. I drove my Super Bee to visit my sister in Hagerstown Maryland, and then learned they had a dragstrip in the next town over. So, Friday night I went over and had fun

by loosening a wingnut the center nosepiece of the grill swings up out of the way for a cam swap

Slicks vs MT ET Street SS radials..

the slicks weighed 34 pounds, the Mickeys were 43, however, the times at the dragstrip were nearly identical, and the MTs can be driven legally on the street.

Mopar Muscle  Dec 2018 issue

Volvo P1800

were first produced (1st 6000 units) at Jensen motors in England, and designed in Italy by Frua.

When capacity was added at Volvo in Sweden, they moved production there, and added the S to the P1800, so the car became known as the P1800S

interesting cover art, I was wondering why THIS specific plane was chosen for the cover art

The cover of the album features a vintage Lockheed Model 10 Electra aircraft, with similar markings to the one flown by Amelia Earhart in 1937.

This is often mistaken for a Beechcraft Model 18 (a very similar aircraft) and is referred to in the lyrics of "Five Miles Out" ; "lost in static, 18" and "automatic, 18". The aeroplane has registration G-MOVJ, as also referenced in the lyrics (as "Golf Mike Oscar Victor Juliet").

The album had "Family Man" which was immediately covered by Hall and Oates who made it a hit.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

with this being the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, they tried to find the original Light Bus that was driven there, but when that failed, they made a replica

Dr. Bob Hieronimus, the original artist responsible for the creation of the artwork on the iconic van that had graced countless media and news outlets, did the magic again

The original plan was to locate the star bus, a 1963 Standard Microbus, that Hieronimus painted in 1968 and restore it, but after six months of futile search, Hieronimus and Wesley decided to build a replica instead. The duo turned to Kickstarter to help acquire an exact model of the original ‘Light’ bus and begin a painstaking restoration process. The artwork alone took Hieronimus and a team of five artists six weeks to recreate.

i just learned that there is a VW van convention every spring in Long Beach, the Orange Country Transporter Organization (O.C.T.O.) Winter Meet, and a summer event too

but since we missed that, you can hit the Kowabunga Van Klan take over of the entire Huntington Beach Pier

1936 Bentley 4 1/2 Litre Vanden Plas Tourer, 1 of 6 like it made, and the only one left with its original body. Bought in 1952, driven until 1988, parked in a garage since then. Thanks Gary!

Franken beemers in the newest episode of the Grand Tour, somewhere in Georgia, or Azerbaijan

duct tape... fixes all sorts of things

this has been sitting here for a couple years... I don't know what the story is though, but it's on one OLD farmstead house in San Diego

worst Firebird and most interesting?

1985 four-cylinder model was the LQ9 2.5-liter four with only 88 hp.

the 1989 20th Anniversary Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Trans Am used the turbocharged 3.8-liter V-6 used in the Grand National and GNX.

and during the run of the Firebird in the 70s, they had Chevy, Olds, and the already mentioned Buick engine.

Which came first the Lancia Aurelia, or the Karmann Ghia?

1955 Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America has the grill, wrap around windshield, and hoodscoop, but without them?

The 1955 Karmann Ghia. The prototype was a driver in 1953, and was driven to the Paris Motor Show