Wednesday, November 30, 2022

this 1946 Clark Tug was donated to the Sandbar Mitchell museum and recovery team by Larry M.

it's been a while since I've seen a good way to poke fun at Ford people


Car phone holder on a budget…

Fred Simonson ran the Esso station in Fraser Canyon, BC, Canada, and Terry would stop by often to visit, because he was interested in old service stations, and Fred's stories of earlier times. On one visit, he gave Terry the book titled 'I Listened and I Learned',

thanks for sharing Terry!

my post this morning about the contest Rambler resulted in Terry remembering to tell me that he won a 67 fastback Mustang, 390 engine, after buying a 10 dollar raffle ticket!

thanks Terry! Extremely lucky guy! 

why even bother trying to make your tires look like white walls if they are not going to turn out any better than this?

Novembers banners

a one-of-a-kind special bodied racing 1939 Fiat Balilla

NSU built a about 7000 of the licensed version of the Topolino in Germany. The most expensive variant was this Weinsberg roadster model. Fewer than 500 were built