Sunday, March 24, 2019

duct tape... fixes all sorts of things

this has been sitting here for a couple years... I don't know what the story is though, but it's on one OLD farmstead house in San Diego

worst Firebird and most interesting?

1985 four-cylinder model was the LQ9 2.5-liter four with only 88 hp.

the 1989 20th Anniversary Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Trans Am used the turbocharged 3.8-liter V-6 used in the Grand National and GNX.

and during the run of the Firebird in the 70s, they had Chevy, Olds, and the already mentioned Buick engine.

now I know where they got the design for the Karmann Ghia

1955 Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America

change the grill and lose the hoodscoop, and bingo, Karmann Ghia

I get lucky finding stories that involve famous people, cool cars, and a rescue from a junkyard

it was the car used in the Dodge Safety Sheriff Joe Higgins commercials with the new Challenger

Making his first appearance in a Dodge car commercial in the fall of 1969, the first lines, "You in a Heap 'o Trouble, Boy," made actor Joe Higgins a celebrity.

From 1969 to about 1975, Joe Higgins parlayed his excellent acting skills into a wonderful promotional career with Dodge, first as a comical agent pitching various features of cars on television.

Then Dodge gave it to the winner of the 1969 Dallas 500, which was Bobby Issacs. He'd also had the pole position.

When Bobby picked up the car at Dodge City, a now well-known photo was taken of him and Sheriff Joe with the Challenger in-front of the dealership.

The EV2 Hemi Orange 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T was being used in commercials for Dodge City in Charlotte, North Carolina, close to Bobby’s hometown of Hickory.

 Bobby’s new Challenger came equipped from the factory with the standard 383 Magnum engine backed by an A833 Pistol Grip 4-speed transmissions. The car was loaded with options including the light group, black leather bucket seats, rear window louvers, front power disc brakes, seat belt group, 3.91 geared Sure-Grip rear end, air conditioning, tinted glass, pedal dress up, hood pins, locking gas cap, undercoating, hood pad, rear spoiler, bumper guards, power windows, AM/8 track, rear seat speakers, power steering, Rim Blow steering wheel, V21 hood black out, black R/T longitudinal stripes and 14″ Rallye wheels.

Unlike a lot of celebrity figures that receive free cars, Bobby kept the Challenger. His son Randy would drive the car to high school, eventually crashing it into a fence in the early ’70s, wrecking the front end. This would be the end for the Challenger and it was sent to a local junkyard.

The Challenger was eventually rescued from the junkyard and passed around a few times in the Hickory area before ending up getting restored

check out this garage themed bathroom!

A parts washer for a sink? Brilliant!

soap dispenser from an old Chevy oil filter housing

tp holder is an old wrench

the floor is this 7' x 7' mural

and the ceiling is now old corrugated tin from an old warehouse

Thanks to Randy who sent me these photos of his innovations to his bathroom!

album cover art of Fu Manchu, thanks Dale!

Friday, March 22, 2019

1928 Buick, and as odd as it is, I don't think this is photoshopped

60s cars just had more differences in design, maybe because the car makers had guys designing everything new every year or so

now a days the cars keep using the same parts year after year, etc. Some cars go 8 to 10 years without a substantial overhaul. The 2018 Veloster looked the same as the 2011 Veloster for exmple

and the switches, etc etc haven't changed much in decades

All vehicle breakdowns ought to qualify as requiring an emotional support cat be sent post haste

todays banners

in the category of what if

a Photoshop image by an artist named James Laga, and it is sometimes called "Thunderstang".

Sort of has that backsloping look of the 67 Impala;id=238628

It's spring time in Texas, and snakes seem to be more numerous than usual, so, please be safe out there.

the whole car gets set on fire. No questions asked

2019 Mint 400 had one impressive highlight... the rest of this video is crap

loaded for a road trip... which causes me to wonder, when did they invent regular cargo trailers for cars? To carry all this luggage that is stuffed on the rumble seat and running boards

interesting that this is one of the few photos I've come across with a roadster that has the sidecurtains up

ok... this is weird... what were they thinking?

Wife said she don't care what I buy long as I got four tires

Put a form fitting bumper board on it, and use it for pushing dead cars around too!

I think I posted this before, but, better to be sure to point out just exactly what will get your punk ass beat up after the race

when you're rich, but don't have sensible taste in car appearance

however, your placement of decals to use brake lights for eyes is impeccable.

110 miles-per-hour out of Kalamazoo

#265 in the “Advance of Civilization” series compiled by Mr Hart from 1862-69, Boca Crossing Of Little Truckee.

The image above is from Stanford University’s online catalog of the documentary work of photographer Alfred A. Hart (1816-1908) on the original route of the Central Pacific Railroad, at the time of the railroad’s construction in the 1860s.

Hart’s photos are amazing images considering the drawbacks of the bulky photographic equipment in the era, such as a box camera with tripod with enough weighty 8’ x 10″ glass plates to take as many photos as he wanted.

the original roadbed of the Central Pacific