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Something I've never seen or heard of before, the Saleen Ranger

In 1988 they introduced the Sport Truck (Ranger). They produced produced 27 Rangers in 1988. Three were Race Trucks and 24 were sport trucks. All sport trucks were white with blue trim except one that was blue. They came with a 2.9L and were all 5-speed’s. They were all long bed’s.


Because in 1987 Steve Saleen went racing in the SCCA Coors Race Truck Challenge and captured two wins.

In 1991, Saleen won the SCCA Race Truck championship with five victories in six races which moved Steve into a tie for the most victories in the series, and provided Ford with the manufacturer’s championship.

Coolest thing I've seen all month! Damn it, I love true fundamental mechanics and design comparisons to show how and why things work, and whether after market "improved" designs are better or worse.

Though I haven't posted much about Gale Banks, as he's primarily diesel engine and diesel land speed, believe me, I've got tons of respect for his engineering and accomplishments.

now, for a regular diff cover shape:

a redline a day keeps the carbon at bay

street racing clearly has reached levels of power (over a 1000hp) that need far more professional traction control... considering that the cars don't have roll cages, fire systems, helmets HANS devides

thanks Allen!

A 64 yr old bicyclist is suing a San Diego police officer who roughly arrested him for bicycling through a stop sign (a T intersection, with a crosswalk) resulting in a sprained forearm and a neck contusion

Goodsell alleges the officer choked him while handcuffing him. “I thought he was going to rip both of my arms off, and he put the handcuffs on tight enough to injure both of my wrists,” Goodsell said.

The police report is a polar opposite take on the event, for this handcuffing and arrest for ignoring a stop sign, and not having a drivers license... keep that in mind. Those are the offenses the cop was handcuffing this guy for... while driving a cop car that states on the fender "to protect and serve" in "America's Finest City". The police report says that the bicyclist was enraged, throwing his bike across a road, and acting "5150" aka crazy or drug influenced.

So, someone is lying their ass off, and since the old bicyclist isn't a roid rager, and cops are... and SDPD has already been found to have cops on the beat that rape the homeless and roid rage on ambulance crew in a 7-11  it's pretty easy to see that without video, or witness statements, the police lose the confidence vote because they aren't honestly decent.

The bicyclist "filed a claim" which the police "denied" and now has filed a lawsuit so a judge can decide on the matter of false arrest and excessive force.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Finally a new to me old car that wears woodlites! The Coleman, made in 1933 Littleton Colorado

1922 Railroad Inspection Car. A Cleveland motorcycle powerplant that has a gearshift operated by a lever instead of the pedal.

the Mopar family tree up to 1961

Conoco "Car of Cars" (thanks Steve!)

and that's all the info that came with it.

No reverse image search results, no results for (Conoco "Car of Cars") either

Steve found that it's from 1971

It's been a long time since a car maker had a showroom as nice as this... I guess that's what happened when they decided car makers couldn't sell car, only a contracted dealership can. I need to look into why all that happened

Seriously one of the nicest showrooms I've seen a photo of. The Nethercutt has one that's all marble, and possibly not outclassed by any car show room anywhere on the planet, but it's a museum, not a factory/manufacturer's show room.

Anyway, have you ever seen an airplane shown in a car dealership's showroom? This one is a Stinson SM 8A

The attractive window display shown above is that of the Auburn-Chicago Company and is one of many similar window displays set up by Auburn-Cord distributors and dealers in various sections of the country.

What was highest prize ever awarded to a standard American car?

in the 1920s, it was winning the Grand Prix plus the Cup of Honor at Monte Carlo.

So says Cord, and I'll take their word for it.

This prize was won in competition with more than 50 of the world’s finest custom built automobiles as well as other standard cars. The Cord was strictly a production car and was bought from a New York dealer by a resident of New York who shipped the car to Monte Carlo and entered it there.

What is the highest prize awarded to a car now, 100 years later? The Motor Trend Car of the Year? I don't know what else it could be.

Who was the first to fly across the Atlantic, non stop? It wasn't Charles Lindberg. 8 years earlier 2 English pilots did. Newfoundland to Ireland

unfortunately when landing in bad weather they set down on a bog... and nosed in

Why is the first always thought to be Lindberg, even though his flight was 8 years later... ?

Solo. It's all about how the question is asked, and Lindberg had the world's largest publicity outfit, so the question always refers to the first solo flight, and not the more historically significant "first nonstop aircraft"

Even the phrase non stop is needed, as there was a Navy plane that made the trip across the Atlantic earlier, though it had a 10 day layover in the Azores. So, in 2019, there may be a lot of publicity marking the 100th year of flight over the Atlantic. I bet it all depends on advertising and marketing budgets.

when Lawrence of Arabia was asked if there was anything in life he couldn’t afford, but would like to have, he replied:

 “I should like to have a Rolls-Royce car with enough tires and petrol to last me all my life.”

What is the connection with Ice Cube and the Goodyear Blimp? Publicity for a charity campaign to commemorate Ice Cube’s 1992 hit song “It Was A Good Day” and raise funds for and education based youth charity A Place Called Home.

Goodyear was challenged to fly their iconic Goodyear Blimp by a group calling themselves “The Good Day Blimp,” who started a charity campaign to commemorate Ice Cube’s 1992 hit song “It Was A Good Day” by crowdsourcing $25,000 for the Los Angeles-based youth charity A Place Called Home.

The crowdsourcing campaign gained national attention when Ice Cube and Jimmy Fallon called Goodyear out to fulfill their end of the deal by flying the blimp while displaying lyrics from the song.
Coyne PR and Goodyear mobilized its blimp staff to activate a social media proclamation and media event with the charity.

Goodyear not only offered to fly the blimp and provide rides for a group of kids from A Place Called Home, but also extended an invitation to Ice Cube via social media and said it would run “Ice Cube Says Today Is A Good Day” on the side of the blimp.

Why Goodyear?  Because in 1992 Ice Cube made the hit song “It Was A Good Day”

The song is a slice-of-life picture of what it’s like to have a good day for a South L.A. gangster. In it, he rhymes about eating a good breakfast, avoiding conflict with his enemies, having sex, playing dominoes, and name dropped the Goodyear blimp: “Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp/And it read: ‘Ice Cube’s a pimp.’ ”

Four friends in New York City started the “Good Day Blimp” online campaign earlier this month, seeking $25,000 in donations on Crowdhoster to donate to the charity. Their plan was to convince Goodyear to finally honor Ice Cube’s wish if, in exchange, they donated the money raised to A Place Called Home. The organization provides a variety of educational programs, mentorship and counseling for at-risk children and teens in South Los Angeles.

The plan worked.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. uses its three airships primarily for marketing purposes and charity. Over the past two decades, the company has been repeatedly approached to fulfill Ice Cube’s song lyric.

“We’ve been telling people for years that it’s an urban legend (that the lyric was used on the blimp),” said Elizabeth Flynn, a Goodyear spokeswoman. “We took a look at the Good Day Blimp campaign and saw that it would benefit a great charity. We said: ‘We’re going to do this but we reserve the right to write the message.’ We came up with: ‘It was a good day.’ We don’t feel (the original lyric) is appropriate for our ships.”

Jonathan Zeichner, executive director of A Place Called Home, said the $25,000 donation would be well used.  Apch is a 4 star charity rated by Charity Navigator

“A Place Called Home is in the business of creating good days every day for 1,000 kids a year,” Zeichner said. “We’ve worked with 18,000 young people in South-Central Los Angeles over the past 20 years. Just this year, we sent our 263rd young person to college. These opportunities would not exist were it not for people like Ice Cube and people who got up and made a donation online.”

A Place Called Home provides South Central children and teens 8 years old – 21 years old with love, safety, enrichment, training, and opportunities through educational programs, counseling, and mentorship. After-school, weekend, and all-day summer programs and services include tutoring and homework support, as well as a full spectrum of instruction in the arts, athletics, dance and music. Our high school dropout recovery partnership with LAUSD is open in the mornings and we provide year-round support for college preparation, SAT tutoring, and college counseling and scholarships. In 2012 we provided support for 68 first-generation college students in local schools and across the country.  It was all inspired by the movie Stand and Deliver, about the true story of the high school teacher Jaime Escalante, and similarly, the high school teacher Roland Ganges.

Reminder to anyone wondering why I post about blimps and dirigibles, there is that great big tire under it.

videos are getting tricky out there... when it says skating, but the guy looks WAY too serious, there's a gag in the works

how to catch a train early enough to get a seat, in Mumbai,

it turns out Reddit has a "what is this thing" page... and you can post photos of things you are curious about. So a guy wanted to know what these things in his dad's tool box were.

It wasn't Robert Peary's expedition that got to the North Pole first... they lied to you in history class from ignorance. The guys who actually did get there 1st, were snowmobilers from Minnesota!

History books are full of bullshit, such as Columbus reaching America - he never touched foot on any of the United States lands. Vikings landed on Canada hundreds of years earlier.

And the old story about Peary being first to the North Pole, as he claimed to have reached the Pole on April 6, 1909, is easily understood as flawed as it included no one who was trained in navigation and could independently confirm his own navigational work.

Peary was long anointed the discoverer of the North Pole—until 1988, when a re-examination of his records commissioned by the National Geographic Society, a major sponsor of his expeditions, concluded that Peary’s evidence never proved his claim and revealed that he knew he might have fallen short.

No, set aside all the grandstanding megalomaniac wanna be "Admirals of the Sea" and such nonsense that Peary, Columbus, and other names made famous in history books. It's bullshit.  You can't trust many writers to get it correct either, even a 2016 article in Popular Mechanics doesn't have the facts, and Guinness is also ignorant.

The real first confirmed surface conquest of the North Pole was that of Ralph Plaisted, Walt Pederson, Gerry Pitzl and Jean Luc Bombardier (nephew of the founder), who traveled over the ice by snowmobile after fundraising 200k for the expedition, and arrived on April 19, 1968. The United States Air Force independently confirmed their position.

Plaisted was an insurance salesman, Pitzl was a Marine veteran, geography teacher and pilot with navigation experience.

With four 16 horsepower 300cc Super Olympic Ski-Doo motor, with improved traction thanks to the insertion of iron crampons inside the tracks rubber to ensure better traction on the ice, they left Ward Hunt Island, the jump off point, in March of 1968, a year after a failed attempt which had Charles Kuralt of CBS along, and these Ski Doos were 6 hp more than the previous years models.

 It is 472 straight miles on a map... but, using a snowmobile means being subject to the conditions on the ice pack, and that results in a lot of wasted travel getting around challenges. Instead of 30 days travel, it took 40

While making their way, they tested food for NASA and the Apollo missions!

Something they don't mention in most coverage of artic expeditions, there are no showers or baths for a couple of months. The temps are too cold, and no one is going to lug enough heating fuel to heat enough ice to temps for a bath... as the outdoor temp is -25 to -70

They stayed two days at the north pole, and were air lifted back instead of wasting time traveling back over ice.

Why was the unlikely triumph of the Plai­sted expedition lost to history?

The answer is a combination egos and polar politics.

When the expedition returned to Montreal, a writer from National Geographic was waiting, hoping to acquire rights to the story. Rights.... see, that is a powerful word, rights are something you do not "give" away.

Plaisted flatly refused, despite the pleading of his comrades. Since Peary’s day, the magazine had been the official arbiter of exploration claims like theirs; with his refusal, Plaisted denied his team the legitimacy only the society could bestow.

And without "rights" to the story, the Nat Geo Society won't give free publicity to honest people that earn respect by accomplishing a feat they wrongly and without evidence handed to their chosen guy, and promoted for decades. That's the world we live in, when they can profit from it, they hand out accolades, when they can't profit, they ignore their mandate.

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What ever happened to the bike from the Wizard of Oz? And what was it?

Ladies Safety Model 1900 Orient bicycle, made by Waltham

What happened to the bike? I only found one rumor that a collector here in San Diego has it and this is an amazing article to read  a wizard of Oz themed bike built to be displayed in  the US Embassy in the Netherlands from Holland Michigan 

The 2018 Ford Mustang has Quiet Exhaust mode as well as the Quiet Start, which is known as Good Neighbour Mode among Mustang engineers.

The idea for this came to be when the former head of vehicle engineering for Ford, Steve von Foerster, backed his Shelby GT350 Mustang out of his driveway one morning in suburban Detroit and had the police called on him due to loud noise coming from the V8 engine.

This led to the development of the Quiet Start which will be featured on the 2018 Mustang GT and allows drivers to keep engine sounds to a minimum if they wish.

The feature allows for the scheduling of when it is activated: for example, users can set the Quiet Start to be activated between 8pm and 7am to ensure no neighbours are disturbed, by using steering wheel-mounted controls to toggle through the menu in the instrument cluster to select when owners want to start their Mustang without the typical V8 rumble.

In addition to Quiet Start and Quiet Exhaust mode, the 2018 Mustang will be equipped with an Active Valve performance exhaust which provides different exhaust volumes for Normal, Sport and Track modes.

Did you know... that in 1963, the Thunderbird used a hydraulic variable speed windshield wiper motor, powered by the power steering pump?

The one downside is you can't turn them on to clear the screen when you parked up and the motor isn't running.

that's probably why the power steering reservoir looks like it holds a couple quarts, vs a cup or two for most other power steering pump reservoirs I'm used to on old Mopars

coming to auction, the Death Race Mustang, and the I Am Legend Mustang, on Nov 3rd

worlds fastest heater core change... lets give the designers of the 1965 Ford Galaxie some praise for keeping it simple, and functional!

and that friends and readers, is one reason I dig old cars, and am a car guy.

You could remove, replace, and sometimes rebuild most everything on cool old cars built before the electronic crap they started doing in the 70s. No emissions, no fuel injection, no catalytic converters.

Hell, do you remember seeing the videos I've posted of how fast a model t, WW2 jeep, of 2CV can be completely taken apart and put back together?  That's beauty of design. 

Last Friday on Belgium’s Florennes Air Force Base, a maintenance tech accidentally fired the Vulcan 20mm gun on the F-16 jet he was working, destroying another F-16

The F-16 that was struck by the large bullets quickly caught fire and exploded, since it was loaded with fuel and being readied for an afternoon flight

The accident is quite weird: it’s not clear why the technician was working on an armed aircraft that close to the flight line. Not even the type of inspection or work has been unveiled. For sure it must have been a check that activated the gun even though the aircraft was on the ground: the use of the onboard weapons (including the gun) is usually blocked by a fail-safe switch when the aircraft has the gear down with the purpose of preventing similar accidents.

at 6600 rounds per minute... it's a good bet to say a hundred or more were fired. 110 per second.
This isn't the gun in the A10 Thunderbolt/Warthog, that one is an Avenger 30 mm 3900 rpm gun

1961 Oldsmobile Starfire

cars named star something

Olds Starfire                     Pontiac Star Chief           
Ford Starliner                   Toyota Starlet (JDM?)
Olds Jet Star                     Ford Wind Star
1927 Durant Star              Mitsu Starion

State Route 175 between Hopland and Lakeport is limited to vehicles UNDER 39 feet...

this video is far clearer on facebook video... but that format doesn't embed on this site's computer code

I'm going to guess the insurance company does NOT pay out as the driver was told to turn around and take a detour... and insisted at continuing down the road and around this certain to fail turn.  Why should they pay for stupid morons who insist on wrecking?

thanks Allen!

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), recently tracked down a 1957 Chev pickup that ended up in a Mexican junkyard after being stolen from near Pismo Beach

The unlocked truck was lifted from a grocery store parking lot in Grover Beach, Calif., around Christmas 2015, while its owner, car collector Bob Brown, was inside shopping for just 15 minutes or so. The theft made the local news, given the unique vehicle involved, and a suspect was soon found when he posted a photo of the truck to his Facebook page. But by the time police got to him the truck had apparently been sold, and there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him with any related crimes. He was, however, arrested and convicted on an unrelated drug violation.

Police tried, but couldn’t track down the truck, and since Brown didn’t have theft insurance on it, he was out of luck. At least he thought he was.

A local NICB investigator, Roger Hogan, who had owned a similar vehicle, heard about the story and empathetically entered a report on the theft into the bureau’s database, even though the organization wasn’t formally involved.

Such was the case when Bob Brown, a car collector from Arroyo Grande, Calif., left his classic 1957 Chevy pickup unlocked at a grocery store parking lot and came back to find it gone. That was just before Christmas three years ago and he figured he'd never see that set of wheels again.

Grover Beach Police and an auto theft task force in San Diego actually made an arrest in the theft, after the suspect bragged on social media about his new Christmas present and posted a picture of himself next to the shiny red pickup. But the truck had already been sold and taken to Mexico where it disappeared.

NICB Special Agent Roger Hogan noted the police report at the time of the theft, and even though the pickup didn't have theft insurance coverage at the time, he made a record of the vehicle identification number (VIN) and description in NICB's database.

Sure enough, that VIN popped up this summer when an NICB foreign operations vendor saw the truck in a Mexican salvage yard. Hogan contacted Bob Brown to give him the news that his truck had been found.

NICB worked to have the truck returned to the states and back to its owner who was happy to pay the costs of bringing it back through Customs.

Now, he's spending about $20,000 to have the truck restored to its classic condition and he's also changing the color from red to white to make it easier to keep shiny.

Brown is grateful to the police and NICB for their efforts in getting his beloved truck back. He says he will ensure it is locked next time and his insurance coverage is in place. He also reported a $20,000 write-off on his taxes when the truck was stolen and says he will make sure he takes care of that on this year's return.

Makes me wish every stolen car would get a minimum amount of attention from the people with the connections to find them. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

I dig what this is doing... not many crazy customs like this around

what's the connection between So Cal surfer music and supercharged 4 bangers?

when accepting a double dog dare, you may be in for more than you bargained for if dealing with a maniac. He may just dare you to follow the leader, and you've got to repeat everything he does

speed brought to you through the power of vacuum tube amps!

sure is nice to see people getting their colorful cars out for some fall photography

Don went above and beyond... and sent me photos of an old wagon trail in Oregon! Thanks a bunch!

It's been a couple years, but I did post some wagon rut trails, Oregon trail, Roman roads, etc. I dig old roads.

Thanks Don!

I want to move in here.... when was the last time you loved an auto parts store? Probably the last time you walked on wood floorboards. Rippey Auto Parts, Columbia Tennessee (Thanks David!)