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the only twin engine, all wheel drive car ever made. The Citroen 2CV made in 1961

Ghetto Blaster — by Karl Stehn, one of a select group of 10 hoods painted by a varietry of Australian artists

HOODS opened in Melbourne on the eve of Friday 22nd July

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reasons the Monroney Sticker estimated mpg numbers are off

The EPA doesn’t require distinct certifications of every vehicle variant.

So a model variant such as the Camaro SS, with its numerically higher gearing and sticky tires, flies under the radar and wears the same window sticker as its more common — and surely more efficient — linemates.

The driver in the car can get as much as 5% better numbers by softly and slowly accelerating though the test procedure, the smoother the driving, the better the MPG readings.

David Friedman, senior engineer and deputy director of vehicles program for the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests getting the accurate info from the cars data collection computer, across the country, and posting that real world data on the Monroney, and ditch the fuel economy tests completely.

But, Honda’s Bienenfeld, pointed out that such data might disadvantage automakers (like Honda) that sell lots of cars to younger, more aggressive drivers.

Rock musician Jay Geils, also is a gearhead and car collector. 35 cars, 10 motorbikes

He went to Northeastern University and Worchester Poly Tech to study engineering, but met his future bandmates and dropped out of school

A trailer on a Murcielago? Why?

Thanks Steve!

behind the camera during the chase scene of the new Bourne movie

new California law will result in temp plates and get rid of the slip of paper in the window for new car purchases

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday requiring that newly purchased vehicles display temporary license plates.

The bill aimed to stop toll-road cheats and ensure law enforcement officers can identify vehicles on the road. California currently requires only a small notice of sale, which can't be read or photographed from a distance, to be displayed on a vehicle while the owner is waiting for permanent plates.

Drivers were cheating at toll plazas by driving through with no license plates or Fastrak units, so there was no way to make the drivers pay. Using data obtained from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the reports showed that uncollected tolls were resulting in more than ten million dollars in lost annual revenue for the state.

The old method of temp registration paperwork taped to the inside of the windshield also posed a public safety hazard according to police frustrated by cases where criminals were able to commit crimes and then get away from law enforcement officers with no license plate to track.

Anyone who buys a car from a new or used dealer in California will get their vehicle with a temporary paper license plate already put in place and linked to that specific vehicle. Each year, about 2 million new vehicles are purchased in California.

The new law is expected to take effect January 1, 2019.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

1968 Firebird vs 1968 GTO

In 1968, a Pontiac Firebird equipped with a Ram-Air 400 V8 made a claimed 325 horsepower,
while the same exact engine in a GTO made 360.

Why? GM had a rule in the 1960s that its cars couldn't make more than 1 horsepower for every 10 pounds of car (the only common exception being the Corvette, the other secret exception were 427 SS Chevelles sold on Indian reservations). The Firebird weighed around 3300 lb, while the GTO weighed 3600, hence the discrepancy.

the latest from Clarkson, Hammond and May - the Grand Tour will be the name of their new show, but they are still rough as hell on rental cars

A Cobra R, with less than 85 miles on the clock and an interior still covered in factory plastic slip covers, is up for sale on Ebay

2000 Ford Mustang Cobra "R"
 This was #135 of 300 Red Cobra "R" Mustangs built in 2000. This car comes with original window sticker, decals and plastic from factory still in place on original seats and interior.

This car is outifitted with 6 Speed manual Transmission, Hi Performance Side Exit Exhaust, 18 x 9.5 Cast Aluminum Wheels, p265/40ZR-18 BF Goodrich Tires, HD Monotube Racing Front Struts, and Rear Struts, POwer Steering Cooler, 21 Gallon Fuel Cell, Recaro Seats with Manual Tracks, Air Condirtioning Delete, Audio System and Speakers Delete, Speed Control Delete.

When Acura got a GT3 Porsche back from the dealership while using it to help develop the NSX’s steering, they found a note under the hood... "Good luck Honda"

Per common practice, when Acura bought a 911 GT3 for its test fleet, it did so anonymously, but Porsche saw who it belonged to when the service center accessed the car’s data, according to Automotive News.

 It was at this point that Porsche decided to have a little bit of fun with its counterparts at Acura. “Good luck Honda from Porsche. See you on the other side,” read a note left under the 911 GT3’s engine cover, according to the NSX’s dynamics project leader Nick Robinson.

The NSX team also benchmarked a McLaren 12C, and although McLaren never figured out that Acura owned the particular car, the dealer in charge of servicing raised an eyebrow. “[The McLaren dealer] wanted to know ‘Where did you go 205 mph? What track?’,”

a high top 1971 Caddy ambulance

This example was purchased new from S&S by the Fanwood, N.J., Rescue Squad and delivered in GM's Casablanca yellow. Used until the late 1970s, it was sold to Palm Harbor Fire Rescue in Palm Harbor, Fla., where it resided for a year before being sold to SAS Ambulance Service in Belleair Beach, and was used until the firm went under in 1989. A private owner bought it before selling it to Dauer for use at his Florida Medical Center.

The hospital was eventually sold, but Medic I had a place in the doctor's heart. He sent it for a full restoration in 1999.

Passenger car-based ambulances were short-lived after the early 1970s. The 1973 EMS Systems Act standardized requirements to a new federal ambulance specification that required the use of small trucks, vans and van chassis with modular compartment construction. Passenger car-based ambulances were specifically excluded from 1979 onward.

40 Ford coupe bodies, licensed by Ford, built by Dennis Carpenter

he once won the Daytona 500, driving a Prius

Found on the back page of Autoweek, Sept 17, 2012

nice table

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Episodes of Norman Reedus' side project are now available on You Tube

The thumbnail view is irritating... but, hey, free right? Just click on it to get full screen and ignore the rest of the dead space.

Here are the rest of the episodes:

The Underdog Maverick project is getting underway, here is their first video

Big wheels in contrast and comparison

a 61... and friend

Monday, July 25, 2016

the Megabots giant chainsword attachment has arrived!

maybe next year they'll have this bot assembled! I hope so, last year they challenged the Japanese big robot company, and it was arranged for the bots to be built and fight by this July

Meet Graham, what a person would look like if they were designed to survive car crashes

As much as we like to think we’re invincible, we’re not. But what if we were to change? What if our bodies were built to survive a low impact crash? What might we look like? The result of these questions is Graham, a reminder of just how vulnerable our bodies really are.  via

Clayton Paddison's Model T, road capable and upgraded for max durability and cruising cross country comfortably

the version of Ghostrider in the next season of Agents of Shield will be driving a 1969 Charger

So, another 1969 Charger R/T... let's see... how many black chargers in action packed Hollywood is that? Blade, Bullitt, Fast and Furious, now Ghost Rider... Dukes of Hazard too of course, though orange and then Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry as long as we forget about the color. They sure hit the design right when they made the 1969 Charger!

cool vintage gourmet food trucks at the LeMans Classic

cool transporter

one interesting ol BMW