Monday, January 20, 2020

Looks like high school in the 80s... good times, good times

What to do with worn out flip flops... we have a winner

close.... but Helmets need more side to side durability than pressure from on top to save my brain case.... pressure on top would simple snap the spine and kill the wearer, am I right?

Keeping his cool, regardless of crashing

pretty damn close to the edge

The last generation IH Scout, 1971-80

had a two-foot-tighter turning radius than a CJ-7 from the same year
Was a foot shorter than a Bronco.

That's got to be the worst thing they could do to their BMW voluntarily... they put out the engine fire with the contents of a septic tank collection truck. They aren't the only people desperate enough to use sewage

I never would have bet that there were so many car fires, and that in the area, was a sewage truck, ready and available to put out the fire. I wonder, does the guy with the hose think before that sewage starts flowing, start up close, so you don't have to step in it, then back away as necessary

1969 Charger rescued

the "hero car" from Gone in 60 Seconds and driven by Nicolas Cage was just sold at Mecum's Kissimmee Florida auction for $852,500.

Originally penned by famed hot rod designer Steve Stanford, the car is arguably one of the most recognizable movie cars of the last twenty tears.

One of the original 11 cars built for use in Touchstone Pictures' 2000 film "Gone in 60 Seconds" by Cinema Vehicle Services, the car was a "hero car" used in various interior and exterior film scenes and was recently fully restored by Cinema Vehicle Services with approximately 90 miles since completion.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

probably the coolest thing I've seen all week, Moon Mullins Scaole Modeling, of the 1988 Petty crash

when it's cold as hell in Chicago, this video shows that the Elevated metro train puts on one hell of a show of sparks

but see the video, it's worth the effort. I couldn't find a decent video that I could embed, so, instead, you must click through to see it. Sorry about that. Reddit doesn't make this easy

hell yeah, go have fun!

Ford's Big Red, the super truck

that's either a stream, or a road that happens to drain a lot of water from uphill

it turns out that Mopar took the gas tank from a 67 Coronet, and put it in the 68 station wagon.... but those very very few people that ever look to replace their 68 wagon tank aren't going to have any luck trying to buy a new tank. Unless someone lets them know to order the one stocked for a 67 coupe or sedan

some lucky guy scored a nice Bee

Friday, January 17, 2020

look at the 51k miles 68 Satellite 318 creampuff Rocky pulled out of a dusty garage.

and now, it looks a lot better just with a good stance and cool rims

proof that only Daytonas and Super Birds look good with a wing

weird guy doing a push up on google street view

reasons late 60s muscle cars at the recent Barrett Jackson auction are not getting better prices? They aren't getting inspected for shit, and the accepted level of garbage has been lowered as the number of people interested in blowing a fortune are shrinking

Might not weigh as much as a load of granite, but it sure has bulk

Compliment of the day, from Daniel, son of the Ford Rally Team driver, organizer, and rallyist - Ed Crockett

Wow, I don't even know where to begin. I'm Ed Crockett's son - Daniel.

My sister sent me this link. I drove dad's '70 428 cobra jet while on his lap at age 11. I did 150 at Tom's River, NJ on a long backroad.

 Love this page-Thank you, Daniel Crockett

(it makes my day to get a comment from someone who is linked to something I've posted, and then find out they didn't just comment because of their connection, but that they also love what I'm doing here everyday for free. That seriously helps the motivation factor!  Jesse  )

Wow, 1971 promotional items from Chrysler for dealerships, and what they hoped a dealership showroom would look like

1973 accessory and option flyer for Dodge Challengers

the other M16 A2... was a 1943 White half track in the US Army who used it in WW2, then used in Korea, then given to the French Army for use in Nam, but instead, the French sent it to the FFL in Djibouti Africa, (between Ethiopia and Yemen) and abandonded it in WW2 defensive positions the Italians had created in '39, guarding some useless airfield

As found above, even with its M45 Maxson Quad Mount Gun Turret in 2005 - to the post restoration in Wisconsin below

a 33 year vet of the Army was out running around the airfield, as Army types seem to find some thing useful about running in circles for exercise (instead of something useful like tactics, strategy, combat wound and surgery training (you can win a war simply by injuring soldiers so the other soldiers are left to help the wounded, it's been proven throughout human history)) and spotted this M16A2 beached like a whale, stripped of anything that would unbolt, but with it's powertrain still intact due to stripped headbolts, having laid in the desert for 45 years.

Who ever thought that a cool old WW2 beast like this would keep the power train because scrappers wouldn't have a drill and a bolt extractor? Huh! I read somewhere the engine was good for 150ish hp, and 40 mph

So, the Army Lt Col gets permission from the local French Army hmfic to take it, and then gets some fellow soldiers to help him drag it back to base, then puts in into an out of the way motor pool for safe keeping until he can figure out how to get it back to the states.

Immediately the rumor mill is in full swing, and word gets out of the WW2 half track that belongs to no one in particular (the vague Property of the French Army is de facto out the window now that it's on an Army base, and because Army desk pirates are often out to snatch and grab anything they can pull rank over (see the B 25 story I posted or the Lyon Museum possibly (USAF General "collected" aircraft)) quite fast some JAGoff  was trying to claim it.

A fast 100 dollars for a receipt of purchase from the French hmfic and the half track was now private property (no pun intended, there just is no other way to say it) and bound for the states in a shipping container for restoration after retirement to Korean War era configuration, including original working radios, the turret generator, the gun site, new tracks, spare .50-caliber barrels, original tombstone ammo cans, tools, field gear, and more.

Put a snowplow on that as needed in the Wisconsin winters, and you truly would be happy.

someone finally found that pair of wire cutters that they lost when they were a kid

The poem of the Gridley Automatic

If you have wanted a Gerstner, or know someone who has (you know, besides me!) then time to jump on this unused one from the 1980s

yup, it's not often I come across great things that are for sale and I hope one of you out there can appreciate and buy, but now and then... you're welcome!