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barn find bull on blocks since 1988 until 2015. 1967 P400 still in the family, but finally out of storage


the reall background story is at

but in a nutshell "The family bought the car in 1970 from its second owner in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn in Wisconsin. The first owner was actually General Motors, who purchased it new in '67 and reverse-engineered the drivetrain. When the bill of sale (for $5,500) was passed onto the Neilsen's, the Miura had under 900 miles on the odometer. Today, it's got 18,000 and change." 

unrestored one-owner 10,945-mile matching-numbers Hemi Cuda 4-speed was just at auction... just how few original owners still are holding onto their hemi cudas?

Renowned Mopar and Hemi expert, Roger Gibson noted that this 1970 Hemi Cuda is one of the best unrestored examples in the world.

There are two factory broadcast sheets, original title, original fender tag, factory warranty book and owner’s manual.


advertised to sell as the final-ever Superbird sold as a ‘new car,’ as it was titled for the first time ever in 1985. Only has 14, 350 miles on it. Damn shame no one really drove and appreciated it.

Pssst, hey, Mopar SCCA race fans of Gurney and Swede, read this (Don't tell the Ford guys)

Goldfield Nevada fire house museum


Some classic old surf car photos

Cool little surf loving car

100 years of luxury cars (mostly Ford products, as this is a clever Lincoln paid for ad) with music. Pretty cool

Pearl For Pennies

Around 1967 Joe Andersen began promoting and selling custom pearlescent paint kit's.

 Promoted as "Pearl for Pennies", custom enthusiasts could now have a real custom pearlescent paint jobs for little work or cost.

The kit included ten "out of sight" standard custom colors to choose from.

 According to Joe's brochure "Colors by Joe Andersen", Joe had formulated a pearlescent enamel paint that allowed show quality finish.
Dan Woods' Milk Truck, and Bob Reisner's The Invader, that won the World's Most Beatiful Roadster Award at the 1967 Oakland Roadster Show was painted with Joe's pearlescent paint kit, so Joe used the Invader on the cover of his brochure.


Eddie Rickenbacker had 2 "Hat in the Ring" airplanes in WW2

In Jan of '43 Captain Eddie Rickenbacker was making a fast inspection tour of American War Plants for the Secretary of War, (as president of Eastern Airlines, he was very qualified to assess airplane production) and when due to look over Ford Willow Run Plant at Detroit, it was arranged for the publicity photo (top 2) moment to occur and a bit of nostalgia for the old Hat in the Ring emblem.

Not long after Rickenbacker finished the stateside tour, Secretary of War Stimson asked him to do the same thing in the Soviet Union - that is, undertake a three-month inspection tour of the aircraft factories and air defense system to see how the Lend-Lease equipment was being used.

artist Elizabeth Black delayed a promising career to volunteer as a Red Cross girl, and while in a RC Clubmobile, sketched US military through Europe, sending those to their families

Above is the advertisement for it, so you can see if you'll be interested enough to watch the 30 minute documentary, below

Finding Elizabeth's Soldiers from Pierina Morelli on Vimeo.

or a full hour biography that goes more in depth on her life before the WW2 Red Cross volunteer work she did

Leaving a promising art career behind, Pittsburgh native Elizabeth Black volunteered with the American Red Cross during World War II. During this time, she sketched more than 1,000 portraits of soldiers, sailors, and airmen in England, France, Luxemburg, Holland, Germany, and Belgium. Miss Black sketched her way across Europe, completing as many as a dozen portraits a day. Every soldier signed their sketches, often including endearments to loved ones back home.

In 2010, John Black received an unexpected surprise: a trunk, which had been stored for decades in a family member’s garage in California. Inside they found his mother’s footlocker filled with a 100 images of her sketches, photographs, and scrapbooks.

He then worked with WQED to create a documentary and locate the families of the soldiers, whose lives Elizabeth Black touched.

The documentary explores Miss Black’s lost art career, features interviews with elderly veterans who encountered the artist on the battlefield, and captures memorable scenes of amazed and appreciative families finally receiving portraits that never arrived. Through social media, a separate interactive component of the project, Finding Elizabeth’s Soldiers is working to make sure the 100 portraits in the Black collection reach the families that might not have them.

http://wqed.org/ww2portraits/content/portraits-home-front to see if you can help identify any of the sketched military

just the 1st of 9 pages of her sketches and you can see by the green word "Found" how successful this has been in reuniting the art with the soldier or family of the soldier.


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Gary Briggs came to the Concorso Italiano with a converted American LaFrance hauler... and its called the Superhauler, made by Jack Dick Customs




the incredible American LaFrance custom car hauler has a 1962 Ferrari 250 GT 2+2 nestled in back.

The truck's owner, Gary Briggs, of Danville, California, said he had searched for a unique hauler to cart around vintage cars from his collection, but none of them seemed cool enough.

 He got together with master car builder Ben McClay, and they designed the huge hauler from the bones of a 1971 American LaFrance fire truck. “He built it, fabricating everything from the cab back,” Briggs said, noting that the Art Deco look of the past was “exactly what I was going for.”

Power is a 8-71 supercharged Detroit Diesel 568cu in V8, 385hp, 1116 ft/lbs



Petrolicious did a fine job of covering Pebble Beach, the Concorso Italiano especially

the many things Ford was building in WW2

Thanks Steve!

Developed in the early 1920s, the Best Logging Wheeler’s sheer size made it a giant, with 8-foot wheels mounted on adjustable tapered roller bearings and 12-inch tires

MineExpo 2016 happens a month from now in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Convention Center

an interview with Andy Wilman, the guy behind the camera for 18 seasons of Top Gear, and now, The Grand Tour. Must see info for Top Gear fans

Around the 15 minute mark Andy talks about how the BBC lawyers are hanging up some really stupid things from being said or did, because the BBC considers those phrases owned by the BBC. Very informative - behind the scenes stuff. Not funny, just intriguing

what else are you going to do with an abandoned bucket?

remember the mid 70s? Scoring muscle cars for less than a thou - knowing they hadn't lost any fun factor

this poor bastard, he really honked off his kharma something fierce... WHO gets run over twice in the same minute?

looks to be a type 35 Bugatti with a triple carbed Dodge flat six taken in South Australia 1950

thanks to Paul!

C 47 mission markers

Combat paratrooper missions
3 combat glider missions  ( a soldier is lower to the left pulling a glider behind and above his back foot)
5 combat resupply missions
over 40 freight hauls (freight train with wagons)


Other C 47 mission symbols are
 red-cross flags  for the number of evacuation misions flown.
 donkey’s stand for supply missions in the Medeteranian,
 Camels indicate supply missions in Northern Africa.

A simple scoreboard, said to be a Ford publicity photo

First and only time I've seen anyone write out the score


used car lot during WW2

The warbirds that used unusual or special symbols to represent bombing missions

The Witch  (witches)

Three Feathers  (feathers)

Hells Bells  (bells)

Set Em Up  (Beer mugs)

Little Lulu  (lollipops)

Sultan  (Women)

Pistol Packin Mama  (pistols)

the Great Artist  (fat man) - all the B 29s that participated in the nuke bombings of Japan displayed "fat men" symbols, whether they did recon photos, observation missions, etc

one of the best, Thumper has a small version of the big nose art character, but each mission has the name of the target on the small bomb, and a Japanese flag for shooting down a fighter plane

Ramp Rooster  (lightning bolt through cloud)

Times A' Wastin  (little brown jugs)

Jersey Jackass  (jackass) -  Donkeys are commonly referred to as an ass, and a male donkey is known as a jackass.