Wednesday, May 25, 2022

This image has me thinking how damn nice it must be to ride a train through the upper midwest, the woodsy Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and southern Canada

Starlink launches satellite internet for RVs that costs $25 more than home installed Starlink internet access

While applying for a regular Starlink dish and service will put customers in a waitlist until 2023, Starlink for RVs is immediately available and will ship out to buyers right now. The downside? Network resources are always de-prioritized for it, and the service costs $135, which is $25 more than a regular Starlink connection.

the reborn GMC Jimmy from Flat Out Autos plans on debuting at the 2022 SEMA Show, here is a rendering from Oscar @wb.artist20

National City low rider cruises hit a roadblock, and will not proceed due to the city slapping down a $20k pricetag, per cruise night, for a permit, 40% of which is the police demanding 8k per night

In addition to police services, city officials told the Coalition Monday that they might also need to pay an uncalculated amount in fees for other city services, such as traffic control.

City officials said they had to consider the fees now because the organizers indicated in their event permit that the cruise would probably attract around 200 vehicles when in actuality it brought out significantly more.

U.S. Coast Guard couple in Mobile turns a helicopter into a camper

Maggie Morgan and Morris are both helicopter pilots in the U.S. Coast Guard in Mobile. They decided why not, why not buy the main body of a helicopter from Facebook Marketplace

"I wanted to be able to come out and sit and drink my coffee and look out of the windows of the helicopter while we camped," Morgan said.

They created an Instagram page documenting the progress, even sharing some photos of the 'helicamper' back in it's German police days. They were able to locate the photos thanks to the serial number on the airframe. They also had some help from Airbus.

"It went to the German military police first, then it got bought from there and used in Afghanistan with U.S. Troops for a few years then in came here in about 2011 back in the states," Morris said.

used a deck plate to create a foldout countertop extension for the kitchen. After stripping the paint, we added some of our patches & sealed it all in epoxy to create the countertop.

part of the exhibition "Le Chat déambule" As a homage to the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo assassinated in Paris.

 thank you Pieter! 

Twenty statues representing the famous cat character, created by the Belgian cartoonist Philippe Geluck, struck a pose with humor and philosophy on the Quai Wilson from February 19 to April 24 in Geneve, Switzerland

 Some of his felines which peak at 2 meters in height and each weigh 2.5 tonnes are militant, such as the "Cat-Atlas" who painfully carries a sphere full of plastic bottles or "the martyrdom of the Cat", with the cat crushing.

great Peashooter photo

interesting Mopar trivia, I've never heard of until now, in a Hagerty article

In 1969, both the Road Runner and Super Bee came standard with the 335 horsepower 383. It was painted orange. 
The non-performance 383 4-barrel was rated at 330 horsepower and was painted turquoise. 
The main difference between the two engines was the camshaft. 

However, if you ordered a Road Runner or Super Bee with air conditioning, Chrysler installed the milder 383, meaning AC-equipped Road Runners and Super Bees received the turquoise 383.

 Chrysler handled this dynamic differently in 1968 and 1970

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

My guess is that this is where they store the extra inventory from their old Mercedes sales lot

Model A in the garage!


It's like I can smell them or something, huh!

someone liked nice cars, the luxury type, but, likes them to sit, and never move. That Lincoln in the driveway is the epitome of a decade of dead in place. The back bumper is on the pavement

 the Mercury has not moved since 2019. The tags are still current, but, why? And why rusty ugly cheap lousy rims on that Merc? It's a frickin Grand Marquis! 

Seen on tonight's walk, far more Rancheros and Mustangs than I would expect in just a one hour walk.

most days on a walk I find one car that makes the entire hour walking worth the effort. This Olds Vista Cruiser was the one for today. Sure, that is a 50s Buick under the car cover. So? Means less than nothing next to this Oldsmobile wagon! I just dig it. 

he was doing a lot of body work to it. Been right there since before 2009

this Mustang used to have a cool van for company, from before 2009 to 2019

Both of these 70 Mustangs have ugly damn rims and hub caps. The above are hub caps, and a sin against cars. 

This one stumps me... but it qualifies as today's "what's under the car cover"

this Elk has been there a couple years, here's what it looked like before the car cover:

and here's what the Ranchero looks like without the car cover:

I ask, not knowing the answer... why is this on blocks, with flat tires, that are aged until dry rotted? 

I can only guess that it's to prevent the car from being stolen. But, if there is this much concern about it getting stolen, why not store it in the garage they will never open and use, as, they certainly prevent the use of the garage by having a car in front of it. 

there used to be a time when Honda made small cars, that were fun. The CRX and Del Sol, and the 2000. I don't think (and I am possibly wrong as I don't pay much attention to new cars) they make small cars for sale in the USA anymore, unless maybe the 170,000 dollar NSX. 

Fenced off lot with 4 or 5 old trucks, old Chevy trucks. 

This has been there about a dozen years and the shrubs have grown to shoulder height. 

Is this one unusual license plate? Seems very weird to have JKLMN on it, and it's a strange design. I can't recall seeing one like this in forever... Olympic? I think I need to go back and take a closer look

Mining yard art! 

Been in the driveway blocking the garage door a LONG time, plates expired 18 years ago

I do not recall when I last saw a Jeep truck of this era. It's a Commanche, right? 

Sidewalk art! Love it! 

Pac Man AND dinosaurs? ! Sweet! 

Well, I guess this ain't the strangest thing I've seen in a parked car

there are so many abandoned cars in this neighborhood... look at the water stains on this flat tire.