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Board track racer Gaston Chevrolet

Gaston Chevrolet, at one of the many board tracks of the late 1910's and '20's in one of his Frontenacs with the distinctive flower petal nose. Notice that the boards in the pits were laid broad side up, while on the track, for added strength, the boards were laid on edge.

found on https://www.facebook.com/indianaracingmemorialassociation?fref=photo

1914 Indian-powered board track racer that ran at Chicago Speedway, Des Moines Speedway and in Elgin, Ill., from 1914-1918.

how did this get explained to the boss? And how int he world did they get that unstuck?

Henry Ford enjoyed model railroading, but in 1:1 scale. The Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton Railroad.

On his railroad, Ford had these towers built for supporting the electrical wire system

The DT and I had one asset with great potential for Ford: a line that ran north to south from Detroit all the way to Ironton on the Ohio River near Huntington, West Virginia.

Basically,  a connection with every major rail line crossing the Midwest, allowing Ford to negotiate more economical through-rates for his own cargo.

It started out as a multiple bankrupt line, that was mis-managed and a mess, but typuical of early Ford organizing genius, soon he had the little railroad in top shape and in 1929 he sold the company to the Pennsylvania Railroad for a bundle.

Before he sold it, he experimented with electric trains, due to the expected excess electrical production from his big powerhouse at Highland Park to run a heavy freight road, and he had two giant electric locomotives built using Westinghouse motor-generators.

Under the management of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the DT and I ran conventional steam engines until after WWII, then switched to GM Electro-Motive diesel-electrics with distinctive colors and graphics until it went out of business.


not the prettiest face around, but pretty damn tall, the IH Binder 405

the Ardbeg Whiskey tractor "TracTOUR" , a 1959 Massey Ferguson 35 with a dual quad supercharged BBC

But the videos are really cooler...

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https://youtu.be/aYDAHfay2CU  and


Made by Paul Burnham from this peat bog monster


an early form of a bus, the San Diego to Sacramento... Motor Transit Company, part of the El Dorado System

1936, Jackknife Chassis, allowed easy access to its motor.

Eddie Rickenbacker and the Maxwell he raced in the 1915 San Francisco Gran Prix

early postal delivery car, tiller steering

Found on http://digitalcollections.detroitpubliclibrary.org/

there is a street washer in the background