Tuesday, February 07, 2023

The million dollar Harley Davidson, a strap tank 1908, was found in 1941by a collector, who then kept it for 66 years.... it's been restored, but has 115 year old original It has the original tank, wheels, engine belt pulley, seat cover and muffler sleeve.


Made in Japan, exported to the Persian Gulf area, and now for sale at auction in Palm Springs


from an auction company I've never heard of before, McCormick's of Palm Springs.

Their site has a nice feature, and a lousy one. The photos are pinhead size. But, you can organize the list of "all" and then "by year" so you can quickly see if something you want is listed. 

Since there is only one car from 1970 and only 3 from 1969, you can easily see that they don't have a whatever you wanted, for example

Or you can arrange by manufacturer, and see quickly that there are only 2 Mustangs. So, if you wanted a BOSS 302, for example, you'd know instantly that they don't have one


Monday, February 06, 2023

always carry a spare key

Direct some traffic ya goon! Fucking useless waste of oxygen, Obviously all that traffic needs to get AROUND some problem on the road, and this asshole is just making another problem

Since the cop didn't take the keys from anyone in a car or truck, he's obviously prejudiced, and that's just another reason cops are assholes. Fuck the police -  until they go solve a real crime, bullshit like this is all they can do to earn a paycheck? 

once you see it, your brain will never look at new scooters without trying to see Donkey every time


12 years ago Coby Gewertz stunned everyone with Van Go, and though this isn't as radically designed, but damn, it sure turns heads with the paint design. I wonder what inspired it

eye catching T bucket

I think this is the last of Ed Roth's creations for me to see in person, and photograph... sort of like accomplishing the collection of an entire set

something unusual in customs, retro headlights on a fendered car, and on top of that, the headlights are inspired by Woodlites

I love the headlight cover's similarity to the grill, and how it brings the whole car's looks all together

labor intense flamejob

unreal amount of engraving

must be a real Tiger, Shelby autographed it

an early Harley collection is coming to auction late next month, lots of vintage petroliana, vintage parts, etc, and 11 bikes, one of them is a Nimbus!





yikes! that was as close as a shave


42 seconds to change a car engine... not a simple one like a Manx, or something else that's easily accessible, one that is a front engine bay location, with front wheel drive.

I never thought that things worked like this... interesting machinery!


Here's the result of non car people working on things they do not understand, a Daytona in the box, and the word FORD on the box. Morons.


Sunday, February 05, 2023