Wednesday, August 15, 2018

For hunting in Morocco and Algeria. 1920 5th wheel travel trailer

5 TONS, 30 HP, 10.5 m long, 2 m wide, equipped with: 4 Convertible Beds, 1 bed for driver Electric Kitchen, and toilet

News from the salt... it's silly fast out there this year... 4 vehicles over 400, and this Stude went 326. Serious.

Challenger 2 over 470
Carbiliner went over 400,
Speed Demon over 400,
and Turbinator went 470

McLaughlin Buicks, 1st I've heard of them

When Samuel McLaughlin was a young man, he worked for a short time in a local hardware store, then became an apprentice in the upholstery shop of his father's company, McLaughlin Carriage Works in 1887. It had opened in 1867 and at one time was the largest manufacturer of horse-drawn buggies and sleighs in the British Empire, producing 140 models.

The demand for his complete carriages spread across Canada and before the end of the century there was a McLaughlin sales office in London, England. In 1898 McLaughlin produced more than 25,000 carriages, and in 1901 produced 15,000 units, this time in 140 different models.

A few years later he moved onto an upholstery job in Watertown, New York. A couple years after that he and his brother George become junior partners in their father's company in 1892, just as motors were being fitted to buggies and carriages.

With engines from W C Durant of Buick, he produced the McLaughlin-Buick Model F, establishing The McLaughlin Motor Car Company in Nov 1907.  Durant was a partner in Durant-Dort and like Sam McLaughlin had been the largest carriage manufacturer in his country, the USA, then ran Chevy so well it bought GM.

William Durant is credited with having brought about the outstanding success of such automobiles as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Oakland, and other important enterprises, among them Frigidaire. The Durant company bought up well respected competition like Star, Chandler, and Hupmobile

The following year Buick, controlled by Durant and partner McLaughlin, formed General Motors Company with Mott. Durant borrowed heavily and bought other automotive businesses for his General Motors but vehicle sales collapsed, factories were closed and in 1910 Durant lost his control of GMC to his bankers. Meanwhile General Motors retained the former Buick shareholding in McLaughlin.

With McLaughlin's financial help Durant started a new business in partnership with racing driver Louis Chevrolet. Durant took control of Chevrolet and sold stock in a new business, Chevrolet Canada, so successfully he was able to regain control of General Motors and in 1916 General Motors Corporation was formed with Sam McLaughlin Director and Vice President. McLaughlin began manufacturing Chevrolet automobiles for Durant and General Motors

That's how in 1910, McLaughlin became a director of General Motors. He became president of General Motors of Canada  in 1918, continuing to sell cars under the McLaughlin-Buick brand until 1942. He retired in 1945, but remained chairman of the board until his death.

Why was there a GMC of Canada, just across the river from GMC of America? Well, taxes and tariffs. The other countries in the British Empire hadn't yet fought for their independance from England, and so the countries of the British Empire – England, India, South Africa, Australia and others – charged much lower import taxes on goods from another member of the empire, such as Canada.

Taxes were adjusted to the proportion of Canadian content, so Canada made and supplied General Motors vehicles to those countries. But then WW1 came along, and things got financially difficult all around, for example, Canada went to the dollar, and didn't go with the British Empire Sterling Pound.

Since the British were struggling to repay US War Loans and unwilling to allow their businesses unrestricted access to Canada's currency to buy Canadian cars, this just after Britain erected high tariff barriers during WW1 to protect their own industry from America's low-priced mass-produced but high-quality cars, resulting in Canada creating the world's second-largest automotive industry for a short while, until the stock market crash.

How lucrative was running GMC Canada? Well, in n 1951, he established the McLaughlin Foundation which, from 1953 to 2003, donated nearly $200 million to the University of Toronto and other causes. You might say being the head of GM is a very profitable career choice

His older brother founded the Canada Dry company

In 1936 a McLaughlin-Buick was purchased by the Prince of Wales.

In 1936 the Dunsmuirs, a coal magnate family in Victoria, British Columbia, ordered 3 special order 1936 Buick-McLaughlin Phaetons , and a year later, one of those 3 was used to drive US president Franklin Roosevelt around Victoria, BC during his state visit.

Two McLaughlin-Buick Phaetons were built for the 1939 Royal tour. One of these later carried Prince Charles and Princess Diana during their 1986 visit to Canada

On 18 April 1924 the Pescara model 2F set a world helicopter record flight and flew 736m at 8 mph

Argentinian engineer Pescara started helicopter development in 1916. Alberto Santos-Dumont helped fund experimentation on designs in France.

If the name Santos-Dumont sounds familiar, maybe it's from the post in '16

Multiple examples were built, demonstrated, crashed, improved and rebuilt owing to conflicting and different names for the various versions. Anticipating success with the counter-rotating mechanism, Pescara patented a design with a streamlined fuselage with one set of rotors above, and one below the fuselage.

The model three was the first example to use control mechanisms as modern helicopters. The helicopter is based around a central shaft with counter-rotating rotors. Each rotor was doubled into a biplane arrangement with cable supports. It used a cyclic stick for forward and lateral control with rotor warping, and wheel for yaw anti-torque control. The main rotor shaft was able to tilt slightly for forward control. The rotors were also capable of autorotation in case of engine failure.

Operational history In September 1923, a 1 km flight attempt was nearly completed, before the vehicle crashed. On 24 May 1924 Étienne Oehmichen set a world helicopter record flight of 358m. On 18 April 1924 the model 2F bested the record and flew 736m at 8 mph to set a record in sustained vertical flight.

A very rare armored Rolls Royce

It's been over a year since underage LAPD cadets went joyriding in a police cruiser or two... a lot of dirt was uncovered when the facts were flushed into the light by the LA Times

Seems like just one officer, a 10 year vet, and son of a carreer LAPD, was investigated... and he was found guilty of raping the 15 year old, at an amusement park, then they found illegal guns at his home while investigating him.

He only got 2 years in prison.

Tell me that the law enforcement system isn't corrupt, and the courts rigged to get cops the lightest possible sentence, no matter what, if they even make it as far as a trial.

It's been 3 years with NOTHING on the internet to follow up on, but now, that 150 ton Case Steam Road Locomotive I posted about in '15 is getting a public unveiling Sept 7th!

all made from scratch, with a foundry and machine shop, the old fashioned way!

I recommend taking the video speed up to 2x

They were 25 feet long, 10 wide, and had 8 feet tall rear wheels
Each wheel weighs 6,500 lbs and the flywheel weighs 1,500 lbs.  for the post when I leaned that Kory Anderson was going to build one, replicating the originals, of which none exist.

For info on the unveiling:
Come join us at the James Valley Threshing Show, Andover, South Dakota, for the unveiling of the 150 Case Road Locomotive! The event will be the first public display of the engine and will include presentations and a ceremony recognizing all the people that brought this engine back to life.

a simpler, cheaper version of the Hemi, in 400 and 444 cu in, that would replace the 426 hemi in 1972, and delete the variety in big block Mopars by consolidating all the company’s big-block V8s—the 383/400, 426 hemi and the 440, into a single, all-purpose engine family: The Ball-Stud V8

it was significantly cheaper and lighter than the 426 hemi’s rocker-shaft system. The Ball-Stud engine was 6.5 inches narrower and over 100 lbs lighter.

1938 Ihle Schottenring micro car, basically a fair or carnival ride – these little cars ran on a wooden track and had bumpers (thanks Gary!)

Ihle Brothers in Bruchsal Germany produced some amazing vintage micro cars which were used at fairs in autodromes. The Brothers Rudolf and Fritz Ihle started their company in 1930 in Bruchsal and soon realized that in 1933 the body of the BMW Dixis were out of style, mostly because it was based on the shape of a 1922 Austin seven. So they introduced a more sporty shaped body the Ihle 600, which could be mounted on any Dixi frame. Customers could change there old body for these modern shaped cars on their old frames. These models were only available in Signal Red.

Dozens of vehicles washed off a Jeep dealership in Little Falls NJ during a flood, then jammed up under a bridge, and the resulting lack of a culvert to drain the river, caused houses to flood. Those homeowners blame the dealership!

The area of Caldwell, in the Passaic Valley of New Jersey, received about 5 inches of rain on Saturday before 8 p.m. the National Weather Service reported, on top of already saturated grounds,  resulting in severe flash flooding of the Peckman River,  on Saturday afternoon, Aug. 11.

Peckman River, which runs through Little Falls and Woodland Park, overflowed its banks causing flash flooding throughout both towns.

Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark said that the situation was exacerbated in the area by a pile up of multiple vehicles at the Route 46 Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership. About eight vehicles were swept with the current into the river and, ultimately, into the highway bridge.

Video of the vehicles from the dealership being swept away by the flash floods and piling up against a bridge in the Peckman River quickly went viral after the storms Saturday. Forty-two cars in all washed away and stacked atop one another, and officials said that created a makeshift dam that diverted water to the streets and flooded homes around the river.

The owner of the New Jersey car dealership (Rt  46 Dodge/Jeep) where dozens of vehicles were swept away by flash floods over the weekend is now blamed by neighbors who feel the dealership car are the cause of diverting floodwater into their streets and homes.

but here is what that river looks like without a storm caused flash flood

shelve storage of pedal cars in the garage of SL Gurl, in Phoenix

right place, right time, to record a plane emergency landing on a highway

banners that are a bit more cool, unusual, and historic than usual

all found in an enormous gallery of old photos Isabelle posted on Facebook

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Disney collectibles are getting auctioned ! (thanks Case!)

 "That's from Disneyland" incredible two day auction featuring the collection of Richard Kraft, mega collector and Disneyland enthusiast.

Featuring original pre-1955 concept art, ride vehicles, props, attraction posters, paper goods, toys and more.

This auction represents one of the largest collections of its kind in the world. Housed at an abandoned sporting goods store in Sherman Oaks, this is a free pop-up Exhibition from August 1st through the 24th, with our live auction scheduled for the 25th and 26th of August!

The original ‘D’ from the Disneyland Hotel

An old ticket booth

Dumbo ride car

Rocket Jets car

Space Mountain car