Wednesday, March 22, 2017

look how packed tight the parked cars are... must have been a lot of dented fenders and bumpers!

The Teepee ice cream stand, located on 2nd St. and Covina Ave, Long Beach - 1931

yeah, before the Nazi's hijacked that swasticka symbol, it was a good luck thing, Coca Cola used it, and so did a lot of other companies and cultures. Then Adolph pretty much made it the complete opposite.

1921 Citroen 5CV

Registered in Madrid in November 1924, this 5CV was one of the many Citroen in Spain in the early 1920s, when Citroen was competing with Chevrolet and Fiat for 2nd place in sales, but always behind Ford.

early 1920's taxis in Barcelona, Citroën model B-10s

The long-empty Pontiac Silverdome is now facing an unlikely problem: A parking lot filled with Volkswagens.

The City of Pontiac has taken legal action against the owner of the derelict stadium, citing it for city code violations for storing hundreds of Volkswagen cars and crossovers outside the Silverdome since January, without the necessary permits.

The Volkswagens are the vehicles the German automaker has been forced to buy back from customers following its diesel emissions scandal.

The Silverdome lost its main tenant when the Lions moved to Ford Field in 2002

the family of Canadian developer Andreas Apostolopoulos, bought the Silverdome in 2009 at auction from the City of Pontiac for $583,000.

A Volkswagen spokesman said Wednesday that the automaker is storing its repurchased diesels at sites across the country including the Silverdome. The plan is to keep the cars at those sites until a vehicle modification is available that could allow them to be resold. If such a modification isn't possible, the cars would then be sent out and recycled.

Thanks Bjorn!

weird advertising, to sell pistachios, they are giving away a Wrangler Rubicon, and using an animated elephant

Ernie the Elephant is offering $100K in prizes including his Jeep® Wrangler to find and destroy what is being described as a “scandalous personal video,”

the Demon made an appearance at the Gatornats

Go go Goodyear motorcycle tires

Okay, not sure what to call this, a 3 wheeler Harley for the military?

looks like the cops were trying to get a simpler way of chalk marking tires... I bet it didn't catch on because they hit too many cars and car side mirrors

A new thing for me to see on the back of a Harley, a big ol trailer chassis. So, a Servi-car with the working storage removed for a trailer hitch. Hmm.

Nicholas Maggio, photographer

He seems to have a thing for moderately cool old cars, not flashy Ferrari, Maserati, etc... just cool stuff you might see around the neighborhood.

He also seems to be a model photographer, primarily, and some celeb and advertising

Jaguar spare parts at 2016 Retromobile

360 view inside a Russian museum of Spanish cars

The museum is called "Retro Cars Museum" and is located in the town of Chelyabinsk, near the Ural Mountains - closer to Astana than Moscow - and with a population that exceeds one million inhabitants, which places it as the ninth City of the whole country.

Of the 23 cars, 15 are from Spain, 9 still carry their original Spanish license plates.

 The rest are French models like Peugeot, Renault, Citroën, Chenard Walker of 1929, a Michel Irat of 1927, and a 1929 Lorraine Dietrich, which is the only luxury vehicle of the entire collection and was auctioned a couple of years ago by the French house Osenat.

nice tool tip for cotter pin removal from Street Rodder magazine

someday, NOT today, but someday when I shut this blog down and give up... I will post this image

I just ran across it, and I doubt anything will be a better way to say to all readers that I've hung up my keyboard, and tossed in the towel. 

how they stay in the sidecar when a cat runs by is anyone's guess

Well, it appears the police dept is ready to play a game, and has elected to give the fire dept the ball

from the beginnings of the building of a fire engine, to the completion

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Venice California 1939

How one Ford dealership in LA made it through WW2s lack of civilian car manufacturing

SW corner of Wilshire Blvd and S Elm Dr, Beverly Hills.

 With no new cars to sell they were pushing coffee pots.

1948 Los Angeles and the smog obscuring the distant background

cool photo showing traffic, taxis, trucking, and parked buses

after the Battle of Dunkirk

The British Army left enough equipment behind to equip about 9 divisions.

Discarded in France were field guns, anti-aircraft guns, about anti-tank guns, machine guns, nearly 700 tanks, 20,000 motorcycles, and 45,000 motor cars and lorries.

 Army equipment available at home was only just sufficient to equip 2 divisions.

 The British Army needed months to re-supply properly and some planned introductions of new equipment were halted while industrial resources concentrated on making good the losses.

Officers told troops falling back from Dunkirk to burn or otherwise disable their trucks so as not to let them benefit the advancing German forces.

The shortage of army vehicles after Dunkirk was so severe that the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) was reduced to retrieving and refurbishing numbers of obsolete buses and coaches from British scrapyards to press them into use as troop transports.

Model T school bus built in Slovenia, from a regular 2 seat T, and was also built with a wood gasifier

Bruce Willis would never drive this

Thanks Dan!

I applaud, and present, Augie Karnes, who is too young for a drivers license, but putting together a vintage Harley anyway! Right on!

Somewhere in southern Illinois, this 9th or 10th grade guy is making a cool old Harley from parts he has scrounged up from here and there. Building it one part at a time from what I can see. 

way back in the golden days of goofy show car creations, the Barris XPAC 400

Tomm Studios, Monster Shirts, is what is written on the hearse (Tom Davison)

That hearse hauled around his car show monster shirt airbrushing booth.
This was in Kansas City pulling the XPAC 400 for Ray Farhner, who had leased it from Barris to use as a feature in the car show circuit that he produced.

It was loaded on in Detroit where they discovered it was too wide to fit between the trailer tires, so they rigged a 2 X 4 platform.