Saturday, January 24, 2015

A quick look at the 2015 Grand National Roadster Show, 2015... get there early, it's about 5 or 6 hours to cover completely. (gates open at 10am)

the biggest surprise and coolest vehicle was Ron Berry's Surf Seeker

this is the dual grilled Lincoln Zephyr from the Lee Roy Hartung collection, you probably recognize it from the auction news

the Suede Palace just as they opened the doors, 1st time I've ever been in there without a crowd around every car.

a recreation of the Grasshopper

a couple of cars in the contention for the AMBR award

and great news, James Hetfield has Rick Dore working on another masterpiece above... based on the design of the Figoni and Falashi 1938 Delahaye 165 cabriolet

and I think that the above is the only dual rear window I've ever seen

plus recreations of Norm Grabowski's Lightning Bug, and below, the original Moonshiner of Mickey Himsl

and I was also happy to see this for the first time, Tommy Ivo's trailer! I wish more of the trailers and transporters were brought to car shows.... they get as much attention (as Don Prudhomme proved) as the show cars

Flying Legends Air Show 2014, Duxford England

thanks Mike!

Nice new improvement in jack stands!

Cool car names, if they were parked together

Kia Soul, Dodge Demon, Dodge Free Spirit, Dodge Warlock, Dodge Hellcat,

and if Kia and Dodge both had a recall on the Soul and Demon? The headline might read, Demons and Souls recalled by car companies for defects

Friday, January 23, 2015

yeah, this level of awesome happnes

this guy was having a great day!

What took us so long to find this Nissan?

17,000 posts so far... that's a good start and warm up. Hang around, or check back....

It's only getting better

The New York Central "Mercury"

Wow, that is beautiful... and notice the "white wall" wheels

Found on

David emailed me the following:
In the 1930s, the railroads introduced Streamlined Passenger trains to bring excitement and to lure passengers to back the rails, as the recent lowering of the prices of cars (Model T etc) had discouraged spending money on riding trains when a used car was quite affordable.

Other railroad companies (like the Burlington Route did with its Zephyrs,
 the Union Pacific did with its "City" streamliner trains,
 the Illinios Central's did with its Green Diamond trains,
and the Baltimore  and Ohio did with its Royal Blue/Abraham Lincoln trains )
spent "big money" purchasing a new diesel locomotive and streamlined train sets during the depression, the frugal New York Central turned to Henry Dreyfuss, an industrial designer, for its “clean lined” design.

( His contemporaries were John Fredrick Harbeson of GM's Electro-Motive Diesel division, Otto Kuhler, Raymond Loewy and Brooks Stevens - the last two designed for Studebaker)
Loewy train design:
Stevens designed the Olympain Hiawatha observation cars:
the GM Electro motive Aerotrain:

The locomotive shops in Albany, NY upgraded the spoke-type driving wheels with disc-type driving wheels (for better balance for higher rotational speed), roller bearings, and were given "White walls" and centers to contrast with the I-beam connecting rods.

 The wheels and rods were illuminated at night to "add visual excitement" for the introduction of the new 1936 trains. Passenger cars were rebuilt from 1920s commuter coaches and upgraded to beautiful matched Streamlined passenger cars by the railroad's Indianapolis Car shops.

 Running between (appropriately) Detroit, MI and Cleveland, OH, via Toledo, OH, the train was scheduled at 165 miles in 165 minutes westbound for Detroit and 170 minutes Eastbound, (including stops).

 More details are available in the book The Art of the Streamliner,  by Bob Johnson and Joe Welsh, with Mike Schafer

Sometimes things go wrong... like putting out a car on fire