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Bangshift just did an article on the greatest cheating methods in racing

Some that impressed me,

Wimpy springs that would put the car on the bumpstops for the race and change the cars rake affecting the air dams position relative to the air flow over the car

someone in the stangs with a garage door opener remote that activated a mobile weight in the car that would move from one side to the other to increase traction in the inside of the turns

Smashing the race vehicle into the wall to make it narrower

Filling in a radio with lead to get the car up to weight

filling the frame with Mercury and having a transfer system so the car was level weight during tech, but all left bias during the race

James wrote in with a very vague "How bout the ole’ “nitrous system in the hood” trick. Leave the entire system mounted to the inside of the hood and use the hood pins to supply power and ground. Or a certain big name NASCAR team using seven cylinders of an eight cylinder engine on the restrictor plate tracks. They’d use the “unused” cylinder as an airpump to supply air to the remaining seven cylinders."

Tim Richmond’s team using a helmet filled with lead to go through tech and “forgetting it” in the hauler just before a race when a crew member would run back to get a real, lighter one was pretty clever.

Mopar super stock teams in the sixties would weigh the car with water filled tires and change tires before and after the race.

One NHRA drag racer was caught red handed with a small bottle of Nitrous Oxide in 1997

How many of the guys on top of this van knew they had seconds to prepare for the van to tip over

عندما يكون السائق بهذا الغباء تكون هذه هي النتيجه للاسف
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Speed and big damn engines... the focus of the Hydroplane and Raceboats Museum

From the days of $300 Allison engines, river races, and buddies who could field a competitive enterprise for weekend fun without going broke

You can check out the post at or if you want to dive into more about the boats, see and click on the upper left link twice to get to the individual boats.

Or watch the movie "Madison" which was really good and starred Jim Caviezel and Bruce Dern. Story of a Indiana town that owned a hydroplane, and once was a significant part of Hydroplane racing history.

1971 Challenger

there were only 250 with a 440 6 pack, no 440 4 barrels were installed in 1971 Challengers

Challenger Deputy was the base model, and came with engines from the 198 to the 383

 The low priced Challenger Deputy (Option Code A93) was a mid-year introduction (March 1970) and continued until the end of 1971 model production.

 This version of the Challenger was unique in several ways.
 The car was similar to the base Challenger hardtop with the following exceptions ;
 The rear quarter windows were fixed in place by leaving out the regulator and bolting the track.
The rear window winder was deleted and the hole plugged with a chrome button.
The standard engine was the 198 6 cyl. with the 225, 318 and 383 (2v and 4v) optional.
The seats were the cheaper standard Plymouth Barracuda seats in black or white only.
The steering wheel is coachman grain like the Barracuda.
Things like dual horns, cigar lighter and night/day rear mirror were optional.
There are only six Deputys known to have been built with the 383 4bbl engine.
Three with automatics and three with 4-speeds

funniest thing I saw all day. Talking smack is an art

the Flying Fish of WW1

Marilyn, Jane, and Bridgette at Sebring

Betty Grable & Lucille Ball - 1930's

In 1962 Ball became the first woman to run a major television studio, Desilu, which produced many successful and popular television series such as Mission: Impossible and Star Trek.

Photo from

NYPD. Do they have a hiring policy that you have to be an unprofessional asshole? This jackass power tripped when he was at fault for parking without using his turn signal to let the traffic behind him know his intentions

For those of you that back the blue regardless, swell. Me? I believe cops are just assholes that sought out the best possible job for their pathological bully tendencies. Once in, they are immune from public criticism and ignorant of professional behavior.

Except for Maine State Trooper Stephan Murray. The only great cop I've ever admired for his professionalism

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

best damn car story you'll read for a while, the GTO Judge that Brad's brother in law had, and Brad has been infatuated with, for about 40 years

Russ bought the GTO, a Judge with a RA-III 400 and a four-speed transmission, brand new and put on 72 thousand miles until the clutch blew. Into the barn it went, and Russ visited it every year when he spent the summer helping out with the wheat harvest. Haven't we all been crazy over a car, and just went to look at it? Just staring and hoping.

20 years went by as mice and cats took over the interior.

Brad tried to buy, offered to restore it, and his brother in law steadfastly refused to let him do anything with it.

Brad didn't give up, but it was clear his brother in law couldn't bear to part with the Ram Air III Judge. Then, their family connection, his sister died.

You'd figure that would be the end of Brad's tenuous thread to the goat, but it was his sister's dying wish that her husband give up the car to her brother who has been patient and passionate about it for 20 years while it deteriorated.

So Russ finally gave up. But Brad wouldn't take the car. He would only buy it, restore it, leave it with Russ for the summer, and then - take over care of it after Russ had a full summer of car shows and cruises that he's been wanting to do for 2 decades while his goat slumbered in the barn.

Ain't that the coolest? I wanna buy both of them a beer.