Monday, March 27, 2023

extra fancy Boyce Motometer

there will be racing

a chef with a motokitchen, on a Moto Guzzi Ercole (thank you Kim!)

He became a chef, worked in five-star restaurants in Venice and Dubai, then as a personal chef in villas and luxury yachts before returning home to a small town in the Veneto region.

This is why airbags are a great invention, because every now and then, Murphy's law jacks the truck next to you that you shouldn't have to worry about, and Murphy yells "SEND IT!"

you can skip the first 10 seconds at most

Kentucky's Big Dig brings construction equipment out for kids to get familiar with at the Boone County Fairgrounds under the supervision of trained operators from local construction companies

Operable machinery included mid-size and mini-excavators, Morooka crawler-carrier, D6 bulldozer, cement mixers and skid steers. 

Stationary equipment included huge hauling trucks, bulldozers, track hoes, drags, large-size excavators, bulldozers

Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo bought a Countach in the 80s, but by 2000, sent it to a storage in Van Nuys, where it was forgotten until the storage owner died of old age in 2021, then it popped up and is getting flipped

Tag Hauer is celebrating their 60th anniversary with a comedy action featuring Ryan Gosling, and a Porsche Carrera

the movie preview is going to be released in April 20th, in London.

and they will have 12 of these terrific 3D billboards around the world... but so far, I can't find a video of one online, and the press release dept of Tag Hauer is jammed up, I can't access it

this is gorgeous, thank you Terry! Richard Lawrence, retired Canadian boat builder, and former Vancouver shop teacher, spent a year and a half building this luxurious recreation of an 1890s Pullman Palace railway car

It features a private bedroom and living room, decked out with $10,000 worth of mahogany, 43 metres of velvet, 152 feet of tassels and all sorts of antique furniture.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

I just got a comment from someone that talked to Jimi Hendrix

which reminded me, that over on facebook I asked the very few people on my facebook friends list;
"have you ever witnessed a historic event"

But, I think you guys are far more likely to be able to answer that. 

When I just got that comment from Spirit, who talked to Jimi for a couple minutes, it made me realize, that meeting legends, that too is in the same category as witnessing a historic event. 

So, if you'd like to light up my day, drop a note in the comments about either the legend you've met, or historic event you witnessed. 

I can't think of but one that I've witnessed, the 50th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, when I was sitting at S12 (Sub Base Pearl Harbor pier #12) over by Beemans, getting off duty the morning of Dec 7th, 1991, and President Bush drove by, and headed over to surface side of the base to see the Mighty Mo, then over to the Arizona Memorial. After he got off the base we were allowed to go on about our day, as when a president is around, no one gets to show their face anywhere it might make the secret service nervous, I suppose. OR, the Navy didn't want us filthy enlisted bubbleheads to let the superior race of world leaders get a glimpse of our stupid damn bell bottom dungarees, and dirty white dixie cup idiotic sailor toppers. To call that moronic thing a hat is a disservice to head coverings with a single purpose of keeping the sun out of your eyes. 

As I was saying, once the Pres got out of the way, we were allowed the freedom to move about our military base again, and I had decided to get a bit of looking around on that historic morning, so I went back to the barracks, changed into civies, hopped in my truck, and drove over to see the Mo. While I was about, I saw two really old guys with VFW hats on, and offered them my chauffer services.... yeah, they were both survivors of the Japanese bombing, and not many people ever survived a dedicated attack like that was. We talked a bit while heading over to the Mo, and none of us could get a fucking tour. Them guys who were being celebrated that very day, on that historic anniversary, and me, a active duty sailor, crewing on the sub across the bay. Stupid to even consider that us 3 were turned away without a tour, seriously. I've given hundred of people a tour when my sub pulled into other ports. It's what you do when visiting other places, well, it was before 9-11 anyway. 

I guess that's the only moment of history I've witnessed that I can remember. As for legends, I don't recall ever talking to one. I've seen a lot of legends, but none of them had any reason to spend time getting entertained by me. Carroll Shelby, Billy Gibbons, Barris, Linda Vaughn, Stan Lee, Robert Downey Jr, and every other A list star that has been in Hall H during Comic Con in the past 12 years. Oh, I have talked to Gene Winfield a couple times. Great guy! 

I was watching tv when the Challenger blew up, and had the news on the morning of 9-11 before going to work. I don't think that watching a historic moment live on tv counts at all. So, don't mention those. 

Oh, by the way, one of my co-workers in that last job had a very very cool experience that impressed me, he pointed to his right hand, and said, "that hand shook John Wayne's hand" and that stuck with me. He was a little kid in an airport when John Wayne walked by, and his mom, knowing how amazing that it would be for the rest of his life, stopped John Wayne, and said, "please, will you shake his hand?' And made it happen. That's one great mom. 

a desk ink set adaptation of a sculpture of German sculptor Wilhelm Fruick, loosely patterned after an a chain-drive Mercedes being driven in an early Gordon Bennett Cup race, but the hood and trunk open for inkwells


The Roosevelt Bears, Their Travels and Adventures

Donald was one patriotic duck!

one of the most important pieces of information is distance, always has been

artists and advertisers, they both do amazing work

ever heard of the model T Sandbo Starter? There was a pull handle under the dash, connected to the reduced diameter curved starter handle, that get most engines to start, while the driver stayed in the car

cool looking tail panel design

lesson 1

Saturday, March 25, 2023

skip the first 14 minutes while natural selection thins the herd of those who don't know how to race, and carts that couldn't (half the entries). Only 5 carts even made it to the last lap of the 20 that started

great trojan horse in this commercial

coffee and donut video! A Tonka VW restoration

the most impressive company at Conexpo 23 was a tie between Caterpillar and Bobcat, they bot had extensive commitment to attendees, but Bobcat had more fun interactive things for attendees

the video screen was playing interesting marketing interviews with customers and how their businesses benefitted from using Bobcat products, but that wasn't as impressive as the commitment to get attendees involved in communicating with Bobcat:

photo op wall, with the display boards to the right

corresponding to this brilliant marketing idea of getting attendees to self identify as one of these categories, and when pushing the button, the display had a definition for each term, they were making me laugh

I think you'll agree, their marketing PR people are damn clever

if you've been to a convention you're familiar with the badge holders and how it's common for clever companies to give or sell you silk or satin ribbons that have adhesive on them so the colored ribbon hangs below your badge... and once you've selected your category/tribe/identity as an Innovator, Ground Breaker, Maker, Game Changer, Rule Breaker, Dreamer, or Doer... you could have one of the ribbons for your badge holder - and of course, choose the right sign to hold for your photo op wall picture

Hollywood actor/celeb Josh Duhamel 

the Bobcat booth was enormous, and had free coffee

and the had the Bobcat video game Groundbreaker that awards points for accomplishing construction work with a forklift, skidsteer, or loader

move stuff, avoid obstacles, etc

Bobcat originated with a request by a turkey farmer to the Keller Bothers, to make a piece of loader equipment for him that would be light enough to operate on his 2nd story floor in his barn, what they made, was the original skidsteer loader