Friday, August 17, 2018

Looks like someone insulted their hometown, or their brand of motorcycle... these two guys look pissed!

I wonder, is this the look they give to their competitors at races? Maybe they have a lot of practice giving other racers the stink eye

Found in a Texas field, an experimental Mustang that Ford loaned to Carroll Shelby to use as a test bed, named Little Redone of only 2 Shelby GT 500 EXP vinyl roof notchback coupes

Little Red instead of going to a junkyard as Ford had intended, was sent to Courtesy Ford in Littleton, Colo., where a wounded Vietnam vet decided to treat himself, not knowing the car he was about to buy was any more special than the other Shelbys on the lot.

After driving it for a couple of years he then sold to a man who lived in Wyoming at the time.

The second owner later moved to Texas and had it put away in a storage container that got broken into, the thief taking a few parts from the car, which was no longer in running condition.

After that, he brought it to his cousin’s house, and left it in his yard among a bunch of other old cars

and that's where is sat and has been rusting for decades.

But Craig Jackson who found and restored the "Green Hornet" Shelby Mustang, went looking for it's brother, this car, and found it by looking for the Ford VIN, not the Shelby VIN, and no one else had tried that.... so, it worked!

Little Red is the only GT500 coupe (hardtop) built by Shelby American
It is the only GT coupe ordered with and factory-equipped with dual-quads
Little Red is the second GT500 to be serialized and completed

Shell and Pennzoil are helping support, in part, the documentation of Little Red’s restoration journey. “As brands that have been part of American and worldwide automotive history for more than 100 years, we understand the importance of heritage. So, with that in mind, we’re thrilled to join Craig Jackson and his team on this historic journey to return Little Red to its original glory,” said Mark Henry, brand and communications manager, Shell Lubricants. “This will be one of the greatest stories of automotive history ever told, and we look forward to having a role in making it come alive for generations to come.”

Case went to the Barris garage sale... and took photos to share! Thanks Case!


the Grand Tour, season 3, will be on Amazon this November 3rd

Finally, someone woke up at SEMA, and realized the roll out to the Link parking lot by the strip is too much hassle, now the SEMA Ignited will be nearer to the convention center back lot, in what was a SEMA parking lot for the past couple of years

Now they call it the "platinum lot" and whatever it took to get them to give up on trying to get car across Paradise Road ought to get some applause.

Road Runner owners have long deplored the double tap action needed to replicate the cartoon characters "beep beep!" So, Year One has finally solved the problem, 1 hit on the steering wheel, 2 beeps from the "Voice of the Road Runner" horn under the hood

The licensing agreement was a marketing windfall for the auto manufacturer in 1968, and the desert bird that could never be caught was the perfect fit for Plymouth’s youth-targeted muscle car. From iconic decals of the cartoon character to the iconic “Beep! Beep” purple horn, the Plymouth Road Runner was a hit.

But something has nagged Plymouth owners and fans for years: the horn, albeit repitched to sound similar to the character’s own sound, required two blips of the horn button to give off the “Beep! Beep!” of the cartoon bird.

Even famous blues guitarist and self-proclaimed “Mopar man” Kenny Wayne Shepherd vocalized concern, and YearOne Muscle Cars has come to the rescue with its new electric horn module kit that will make the double-tap horn action for you!

So no more two taps

the accurate cartoon sound:

an air horn is a very startling tool... for good or evil. Just don't piss off a good girlfriend, they are hard to find

Is anyone hearing music when they open this webpage?

Eddie emailed me to say that he's hearing spanish music, and so I tried to find out what's going on.

He sent me the URL he was using for this blog.

When I replied, that URL he sent me did NOT represent the Just A Car Guy blog... nope, it was for some cleaning site.

it shows up in HTML as

id="yiv7925083624yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1534524582660_6004" style="color: #0b5394; font-family: "times new roman", "new york", times, serif;">

Now, all that might mean something to a person that can read code... but, it's not my site, it's
What ever the hell this cleaning website is.

Notice, that link
is not the same as

it's not secure, it has no "S" after the http.

SO, I think something is up.

But, someone is going to need to tell me if they are hearing music when they are looking at the site, and if they are looking at the unsecured, or the secured, version

Santos Dumont, 1908, and notice, pulleys and engine parts are drilled to reduce weight

on a shoe string budget, but has a good radio... in a 100 years not much has changed about cars and radios

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Steam Tricycle - Albert De Dion (controllers) and Georges Bouton 1887

more new banners from Isabelle's incredible vintage French collection

Ned Jarrett won the 1965 Southern 500 at Darlington by a NASCAR-record 14 laps, ahead of only 14 cars that finished the race, of 44 starters

In fact, the last 100 miles Jarrett's car was overheating so badly that every time it would accelerate going down the straightaway, the gauge would peg at 240 degrees. That meant the engine was actually running even hotter, so Jarrett decided to try something he had never done before.

"When I got ready to decelerate going into the turn, I didn't take my foot off the gas, but just turned the ignition switch off and let the raw gasoline run in," said Jarrett. "Sure enough, it would cool off 20-25 degrees. It was fun to be able to see that idea come to fruition, and it was also good for the fans because every time I cut the switch back on the car would backfire, so it would keep them awake. When you're 12-14 laps ahead of the field it's a pretty boring race, but that helped me nurse the car to the end and make it."

just because something happened 53 years ago, and I never heard about it now, doesn't reduce my amazement to learn about it... sure beats doing new car reviews! (BOring!)

a 75-year-old woman who was "confused" was picking up her granddaughter, accelerated to approx 75mph, in a school parking lot, crashed through a fence, and struck 2 students and a parent on the grounds of a middle school

Just before 2 p.m. today, the 2nd day of school, a grandmother was picking up her granddaughter from the school on Reed Road when she accidentally accelerated instead of hitting the brake, the car crashed through a fence, hitting a mother and her 11-year-old child.

A girl inside the car, who had yet to buckle her seatbelt, was treated at the scene for minor injuries to her face.

The 11 yr old was airlifted to Rady Children’s Hospital to be treated for a possible broken arm and her 42-year-old mother was taken to Palomar Hospital.

The crash happened on campus around 1:52 p.m., according to the police Lt. Kearney who added,  the driver was a 75-year-old woman at the school to pick up students, became "confused" and accelerated at a high rate of speed through the parking lot. 

Principal Trent Smith sent an email to the school community saying that a driver plowed through a fence and hit two students and a parent shortly after dismissal.

"Because many of our students witnesses this event, we will be sharing information with them first thing tomorrow morning during our Raider Time," the email said. just posted a gallery of color photos of travel and camper trailers

1969 Camaro RS/SS was found sitting untouched since 1984 in an Anchorage, Alaska backyard, was originally a big block 4 speed

Do you know what happens to new ZL1 Camaros? They get stolen from Chevy dealerships. How long has this been going on? Since 1969. You'd THINK dealerships would have learned, and increased security. Nope

That's what is left of a new Camaro, the $80,000 kind, after thieves pull it out of a dealership, strip it of everything, and leave the frame in the ghetto.

Stealing from a dealership is not a new or original concept, it happens all the time, and has been happening for decades. Especially from Chevy dealerships

Back in 1969 5 ZL1s were stolen from ONE dealership.

What's crazy about that? One was found, the insurance company paid to have a 327 put in it, and when Super Chevy Magazine published the VINs of all 69 ZL1s in the 80s, a buddy said to his Camaro owning friends, hey, that looks like your VIN.

He was right. A ZL1 was in his friends garage, and with that 327 replacement the insurance company had installed so they could sell it and recoup some of the payout on the claim.

That Camaro is getting a feature in upcoming Muscle Car Review magazines as it gets restored

Another of the 5 stolen ZL1s was bought as a shell (all the goodies stripped out and installed in a race car no doubt) and sat in a collection for 23 years, until the VIN was checked, and found to be a ZL1 VIN, and then it was restored (with replacement parts) and sold at auction for $171,000

Why hadn't it been noticed that it was a ZL1 before that? The DMV made a mistake in the paperwork. They botched the typing, and goofed up the paperwork.

Don't be fooled... and don't leave your vehicle running while you are outside of it

California is finally getting some heretofore unclaimed fines... dealership marketing license plate blanks are no longer going to be legal on the street... dealerships will as of Jan 1st 2019 issue temp paper plates. Anything on the road without a temp paper plate? Instant ticket.

Every "I bought mine at Hine!" and "Courtesy Chevrolet" plastic marketing license plate on the highway, freeway, and in the parking lots will be an instantaneous reason for police to pull over everything that moves.

You don't see them often on blue collar workers vehicles, but every Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and Harely that's rented, leased, or loaned seems to have a plate advertising the dealership that it came from, here in California... and they were legal, as long as there was a temp registration paper taped to the front or rear window.

That ends this New Years, and parking enforcement will be running out of paper and envelopes by Valentines. The state will be pulling in a hell of a lot of money in fines that until now, they couldn't.
And you know what the govt hates, it's not getting more money from the residents.

PLUS the amount of tickets and fines for expired TEMPORARY plates will double or triple. Ditto the fines for toll road violations, stop light cameras, and I expect, speed limit cameras which will likely get installed on California freeways and back roads. You have any idea how much money the state can make by speed limit cameras in So Cal? There's about 25 million people, and most are speeding when not stuck in traffic.

If you wonder what the motivation is to get more tickets written, and increase the revenue from fines? Look at this weeks news about the DMV wanting nearly 30 million dollars for upgrades, more employees, etc

1) the DMV Director Jean Shiomoto is blaming unreasonable wait times at its offices on the new ID applications. Last week, Shiomoto asked for $26 million on top of $226 million the DMV asked for and received last year.millions the California DMV already received to hire more staff.

To help with the crush, the DMV is in the process of hiring hundreds more workers, expanding Saturday hours and opening some offices earlier during the week.

2)California lawmakers are seeking answers from the Department of Motor Vehicles about hours long wait times that have prompted public outcry. When Assemblyman Phil Ting visited a San Francisco DMV office in his district last month, he said the line snaking around the block looked more like a queue for rock concert tickets than for people trying to renew their licenses.

Lawmakers have given the department millions of dollars in additional funding to accommodate higher demand as Californians update their licenses to comply with federally mandated security upgrades known as "Real ID". The federal law was enacted in 2005 and requires new ID cards to carry special markings, and why do people need these NEW IDs?  After Oct. 1, 2020, airport security checkpoints won’t accept non-"Real ID" cards. Californians must apply for new cards in person at DMV offices.

You can be an illegal alien and vote without a drivers license, but you CAN NOT use an AIRPORT

The California DMV expects to spend almost $70 million and hire more workers in the next two years to process the millions of people who need "Real ID" cards.

At the Tuesday hearing, Assemblyman Ting says he plans to ask DMV officials whether the money allotted to the system is enough and whether the DMV is making technical improvements to ensure the Real ID transition runs smoothly.

“The DMV is bringing employees from various state agencies and departments to strengthen our hiring surge and help triage the longer lines at our offices,” DMV Director Jean Shiomoto said in a written statement. “This year we have already hired 500 new employees, added Saturday service at 60 offices and opened offices an hour earlier in the most impacted areas. We expect the additional surge of employees will help further combat these wait times.”

How to cut costs on a subway tunnel... step one, don't let the govt manage the project. Step 2... make bricks of the dirt and rock you dig through, and sell them.

the number of people trying to dance alongside their cars, and instead, failing... is astonishing. But there are some REALLY good renditions of it too

roller skates, or skate boards... a very early version of one of them, 1898

There is one Avro Lancaster flying in England that you can pay for a ride on.... and another getting restored (thanks Steve!)

more banners have came my way

warning, be careful, do not park where it aggravates people with fork lifts...

Thanks Mike!

When the AI gets nervous...

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

For hunting in Morocco and Algeria. 1920 5th wheel travel trailer

5 TONS, 30 HP, 10.5 m long, 2 m wide, equipped with: 4 Convertible Beds, 1 bed for driver Electric Kitchen, and toilet

News from the salt... it's silly fast out there this year... 4 vehicles over 400, and this Stude went 326. Serious.

Challenger 2 over 470
Carbiliner went over 400,
Speed Demon went 452.255
and Turbinator went 463.038

McLaughlin Buicks, 1st I've heard of them

When Samuel McLaughlin was a young man, he worked for a short time in a local hardware store, then became an apprentice in the upholstery shop of his father's company, McLaughlin Carriage Works in 1887. It had opened in 1867 and at one time was the largest manufacturer of horse-drawn buggies and sleighs in the British Empire, producing 140 models.

The demand for his complete carriages spread across Canada and before the end of the century there was a McLaughlin sales office in London, England. In 1898 McLaughlin produced more than 25,000 carriages, and in 1901 produced 15,000 units, this time in 140 different models.

A few years later he moved onto an upholstery job in Watertown, New York. A couple years after that he and his brother George become junior partners in their father's company in 1892, just as motors were being fitted to buggies and carriages.

With engines from W C Durant of Buick, he produced the McLaughlin-Buick Model F, establishing The McLaughlin Motor Car Company in Nov 1907.  Durant was a partner in Durant-Dort and like Sam McLaughlin had been the largest carriage manufacturer in his country, the USA, then ran Chevy so well it bought GM.

William Durant is credited with having brought about the outstanding success of such automobiles as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Oakland, and other important enterprises, among them Frigidaire. The Durant company bought up well respected competition like Star, Chandler, and Hupmobile

The following year Buick, controlled by Durant and partner McLaughlin, formed General Motors Company with Mott. Durant borrowed heavily and bought other automotive businesses for his General Motors but vehicle sales collapsed, factories were closed and in 1910 Durant lost his control of GMC to his bankers. Meanwhile General Motors retained the former Buick shareholding in McLaughlin.

With McLaughlin's financial help Durant started a new business in partnership with racing driver Louis Chevrolet. Durant took control of Chevrolet and sold stock in a new business, Chevrolet Canada, so successfully he was able to regain control of General Motors and in 1916 General Motors Corporation was formed with Sam McLaughlin Director and Vice President. McLaughlin began manufacturing Chevrolet automobiles for Durant and General Motors

That's how in 1910, McLaughlin became a director of General Motors. He became president of General Motors of Canada  in 1918, continuing to sell cars under the McLaughlin-Buick brand until 1942. He retired in 1945, but remained chairman of the board until his death.

Why was there a GMC of Canada, just across the river from GMC of America? Well, taxes and tariffs. The other countries in the British Empire hadn't yet fought for their independance from England, and so the countries of the British Empire – England, India, South Africa, Australia and others – charged much lower import taxes on goods from another member of the empire, such as Canada.

Taxes were adjusted to the proportion of Canadian content, so Canada made and supplied General Motors vehicles to those countries. But then WW1 came along, and things got financially difficult all around, for example, Canada went to the dollar, and didn't go with the British Empire Sterling Pound.

Since the British were struggling to repay US War Loans and unwilling to allow their businesses unrestricted access to Canada's currency to buy Canadian cars, this just after Britain erected high tariff barriers during WW1 to protect their own industry from America's low-priced mass-produced but high-quality cars, resulting in Canada creating the world's second-largest automotive industry for a short while, until the stock market crash.

How lucrative was running GMC Canada? Well, in n 1951, he established the McLaughlin Foundation which, from 1953 to 2003, donated nearly $200 million to the University of Toronto and other causes. You might say being the head of GM is a very profitable career choice

His older brother founded the Canada Dry company

In 1936 a McLaughlin-Buick was purchased by the Prince of Wales.

In 1936 the Dunsmuirs, a coal magnate family in Victoria, British Columbia, ordered 3 special order 1936 Buick-McLaughlin Phaetons , and a year later, one of those 3 was used to drive US president Franklin Roosevelt around Victoria, BC during his state visit.

Two McLaughlin-Buick Phaetons were built for the 1939 Royal tour. One of these later carried Prince Charles and Princess Diana during their 1986 visit to Canada

On 18 April 1924 the Pescara model 2F set a world helicopter record flight and flew 736m at 8 mph

Argentinian engineer Pescara started helicopter development in 1916. Alberto Santos-Dumont helped fund experimentation on designs in France.

If the name Santos-Dumont sounds familiar, maybe it's from the post in '16

Multiple examples were built, demonstrated, crashed, improved and rebuilt owing to conflicting and different names for the various versions. Anticipating success with the counter-rotating mechanism, Pescara patented a design with a streamlined fuselage with one set of rotors above, and one below the fuselage.

The model three was the first example to use control mechanisms as modern helicopters. The helicopter is based around a central shaft with counter-rotating rotors. Each rotor was doubled into a biplane arrangement with cable supports. It used a cyclic stick for forward and lateral control with rotor warping, and wheel for yaw anti-torque control. The main rotor shaft was able to tilt slightly for forward control. The rotors were also capable of autorotation in case of engine failure.

Operational history In September 1923, a 1 km flight attempt was nearly completed, before the vehicle crashed. On 24 May 1924 Étienne Oehmichen set a world helicopter record flight of 358m. On 18 April 1924 the model 2F bested the record and flew 736m at 8 mph to set a record in sustained vertical flight.