Monday, May 25, 2020

Red Bull vs the D915. First the behind the scenes making of, to understand whats going on, then, the race video

great xylophone made of wrenches!

Universal Studios show. Who knew big wrenches could be used musically?

new to me, a double u joint connection on the front of the driveshaft... comments said it was from a C body, but the car is a B Body. Someone in the past 50 years probably did a junkyard replacement with whatever was available

A WM21 D32 Bee, the rarest breed of the A12 family, has finally been pulled out of the field and into a new home

an A12 Bee that was raced but never registered by the 2nd owner, has only 34.5k miles, and finally is going to get some TLC

looks pretty good after a power wash

the entire long story is at

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Cooper from Georgia sent Tony Hawk a skateboard, with help from Mikhail a great FedEx driver from Suwanee, Georgia!

another terrific dad parenting right

crash and smash figure 8 trailer race

Wow, that in an impressive collection and organized storage

they never mentioned that to be a car mechanic, sometimes you'd need to be a wood worker, for steering wheels, dashboard trim, rim spokes, woodies bodies, model T cabs, and Morgans

The Phantom Hunter was never found! (Thank you Paul!)

It was round 6 of the Australian touring car championship in 1973, and Allan Moffat was in poll position in an XY GT-HO Phase 3.

However, awaking race day morning he was confronted with the news that his race car had been stolen overnight from the Ford dealership where it was stored.

Many parties went into a panic and even delayed the start of the race hoping it may be found.

A few days later the GT was found ditched in some bush land after being joy ridden around the streets of Adelaide. Two flat front tires, a broken headlight and bogged to the axles, it was still in pretty good condition.

Only a spare race carb placed on the back seat was missing.

In its place was a handwritten note.....

"My apologies to Allen,
Sorry we inconvenienced you, but what a beaut car it was.
I hope you go on and beat the Toranas.
Sorry about the spare carby, but we had to hock it for fuel.
What a thirsty beast it is."

Signed, "The Phantom Hunter."

Quick good news bulletin, if you have, there is a free 2 day access to Fold3... these are military newspapers, draft registration, etc from WW1, WW2, Korean, and Vietnam. I've wanted to look through this for years for Jack Kelloggs "Ink Squirts" (the artist of Tarawa B25s) (Here's to Memorial Day, and WW2 vets)

ever since I discovered the nose art that Sea Bee Jack Kellogg did on B25s on Tarawa, was derived from his cartoon characters he drew in the base news paper for the Seabees newspaper, called 98th C.B.'s Seabreeze, I wanted to see the cartoons in the news paper.

Because not only was I also in the Navy, the the Pacific, I dig artists and art - and bomber nose art! So after learning of Jack Kellogg's art, I wanted to share his talented cartoons with you too, and also be able to put this on my Comic Con press pass application the next time I apply, as it's a culmination of my focus on cartoonists, military, bomber nose art, and newspaper cartoon strip art, like Calvin and Hobbes and other comic strips like Zits. Being the only blogger to GET these cartoons online, that's a coup in my opinion. That's EARNING my way to a press pass for Comic Con

And hopefully, respect for going above and beyond to bring you readers an amazing unique WW2 military post on Memorial day

I've wanted to post these comics for 3 years! Finally, Jack Kellogg's Ink Squirts get some online publicity and easy access for everyone