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must have happened on a Monday


A parking enforcer documented his encounter with a particularly aggressive Karen at an apartment complex yesterday

The woman is apparently furious because she received a warning and a boot on her car for failing to display a parking permit for her apartment building. After insisting that she has “always put that damn fucking tag” in her car window, she tells the parking enforcer that she forgot this one time

“And I am really mad, when I have a warning,” she says. “I’m giving you guys a warning. I know this is your job, but you better know my car, and you better know who I am. Because I’ll make your life hell. I promise you that. I am so furious about this.”

The parking enforcer tries to walk her and her husband through the process the enforcement company has of looking into cars for any visible permits. As he explains that they can appeal the decision, the woman gets randomly irritated that he is wearing sunglasses, interrupting him to insist he take them off.

“It’s bright out here, ma’am,” he says.

She scoffs as he continues, but eventually interrupts again to insist they’re in the shade and it isn’t actually bright.

“Whether I wear sunglasses or not is not a concern,” he says, and again tries to return to explaining how she can get the boot off her car.

“I wish I could see your eyes,” she interrupts again. “Because that’s kind of chickenshit, to talk to me and not take your damn glasses off. Disrespect.”

“I don’t know why my glasses are a problem for you, ma’am,” he calmly replies.

“I don’t know why it’s a problem for you,” she fires back



"Life is a combination of magic and pasta" .. what a great name for a gourmet food truck! But that only starts the story of this food van.... it's owner and entrepreneur, is the actual exiled royalty of Italy

Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia is the grandson of Umberto II, the last king of Italy. In other words, Filiberto is literally the Prince of Venice.

Italy’s royal family was not exactly exiled on a high note. For aiding and abetting Mussolini in the years leading up to World War II, Italians voted in a 1946 referendum to abolish the 900-year old house of Savoy. As Italy pivoted to a Republic, the deposed royal family relocated to Switzerland, where Filiberto was born an only child, in exile.

The prince had his work cut out for him. Not only was the American food-truck market saturated, but cooking dry pasta takes more than 10 minutes–far too long for the average food-truck customer. Fresh pasta, on the other hand, cooks in just over a minute. A simple solution would have been to produce the pasta in a commissary kitchen and boil it to order. Instead, Filiberto installed a 100-pound pasta machine and extruder right in the truck.

In princely fashion, Filiberto turned a late-night craving into a luxurious, streetside culinary experience at the intersection of fast food and fine dining.

In a field of one, Filiberto’s Prince of Venice is the leader in what can only be categorized as fast-fine dining with a view. It is “far better than what you’ll find at most restaurants,” wrote LA Times food critic Jen Harris, “likely the most impressive and elaborate food truck operation in the city.” Thrillist and Time Out: LA rank Prince of Venice among the best food trucks in all of Los Angeles—a competitive market, to be sure.


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the Son Of Killdozer!


lol, shots fired at Harley guys


cool photo



Eric Massiet du Biest, of France, spent 30 years on six world tours and 35 trans-continental expeditions across more than 90 countries on motorbikes and in classic cars


WW2 parade in Warwick, RI with a sweet '41 Pontiac woody from the Red Cross


Oddly, I think this is the 3rd Red Cross woody I've posted

Ok, so, here's my advice and whatnot about small claims

 before you leave your car with any shop.... if you want to avoid problems that only MIGHT happen, take a lot of photos of you car, inside and out, under the hood, etc

Why? Because you, the plaintiff, will be much better off when trying to win over the judge when you can show photos of your cool rare parts that had not been hacked on when you dropped it off. 

Little known fact, the defendant will lie, under oath, and claim the part was already hacked on when you dropped your car off.   That's experience in action, the lying defendant has already used this tactic, and hasn't yet found that plaintiffs suing him in court have prepared to win in court. To win, you need to prove that your car wasn't damaged before you dropped it off. 

Oh, and it costs about 35 to file for a small claims course, 115 to get a process server to serve, and file, 15 for a subpeona to get the Bureau of Auto Repair to send their investigation to the court, then when you win, it's another 120 to file papers to get the legal stuff done to put a lien on the losers business property. 

Oh, and having a Bureau of Auto Repair investigation that agrees with you that the shop didn't operate professionally, wins your case. 

So, whatever the work you're asking them to do better be in writing, whatever they might damage better be photographed before they take possession, and pay attention to when they slip up when they tell the judge that they didn't hack on your parts, then mention how the part was so close to the new distributor that it wouldn't fit. 

Of course, that the loser defendant claims that the part was already hacked on, and then claimed that it needed more space to fit next to the distributor, means that they hacked on it to fit.... as that wouldn't be necessary if it were hacked on before they got it (it wasn't) 

So if you're not going to win over 300, it's not financially going to be worth your time. Oh, yeah, time. .. you have to get things done right after you create the court case, because you've got two weeks to get all the evidence and stuff in front of the judge. Nothing pisses off these small claims judges like being told that you had stuff done in the 10 days before the court date. Serious. 

PLUS, you DO need to send a copy of everything to the defendant before the court date that you want to use as evidence in court. The judge will ask repeatedly if they've seen the stuff you want to show the judge. 

12 hours, and what a day it's been.

 read on if you want to learn what a weird day it's been. If yin and yang were in a boxing, and the winner took on a schizophrenic kharma, it could not be more weird.

It started out with my going to small claims to get through with the bad work done on my 1969 R/T last November. I won. That POS lied his ass off under oath, when he wasn't talking circles around irrelevant answers to questions the judge didn't ask.
I didn't expect that, but, the judge agreed with the California Bureau of Auto Repair investigation.
I did expect that.
So I go back to the court's room for small claims filing of everything, and though the judge was done with the case, I can't file the papers that cost 120 dollars of fees, to get the defendant's property liened on to motivate him to pay up. 

So, to treat myself, to my favorite pasta at my favorite Italian restaurant in Little Italy, I invited a couple retired friends who have the day off work.... as I think everyone else I know was at work.
My apology to all of you in San Diego who could have made it.
But, the 12 cold pastas for lunch that Mimmos used to have on special for lunch on work days? Now doesn't exist, and only one of my favorite 4 pastas was there, the feta and tomato.
So, keeping score, won the court case, couldn't yet file to get paid, lost the pasta special, 1:2

Then I thought I'd try and see if the line at the DMV was short, nope, and it's outside the building, at 90 degrees.
Pass on that, I'm not really bugged by not having the thing on my drivers license so I can fly on an airline. I haven't been on an airline in a dozen years, and that was not my idea anyway, my girlfriend at the time paid for us to vacation for a week in Jamaica.
Anyway getting back to the weird day today:

So then I went to the VA to see what the process is for getting a dr, as that's step one before you do anything, 1st, you get a dr assigned, then they decide if whatever else you need requires a specialist. So, 7 weeks from now I'll see a dr. Good thing I'm not in need of one, I'm just using a day off work to get some progress on stuff that only happens when I'm at work.
Then I went to see my old co-workers at the car dealership where I worked for 6 years before the covid quarantine resulted in half the employees getting laid off. Caught up with old friends for a couple minutes, that was cool.
Score, 3:2

Then I dropped by Big Lots, as they are the only place I know of with Boylands, my favorite rootbeer, and in the top 3 of the 72 different root beers I've tried.
They had 43, for 80 cents a piece, I bought them all. Then the cashier gave me 5 bucks off to join the club, well, I'm certain he didn't charge me for all of them, and I asked him, and said to him, I think you made a mistake, but he insisted he had charged me for all 43. He didn't, now that I look at the receipt, I see he charged me for 29.
You can only be honest, and leave it up to the cashier to figure it out.
Anyway, now, loaded with root beer, I head to the post office, and I get a check from the govt, for 1268.00. I don't know why, and who the hell can you ask anyway?
So, 5:2 is the score.
Then I open one of two books I'd ordered from Amazon. One is a replacement for a marked up book with kids signatures on the front, back, and edges, which looks like hell, and not like the book they showed on Amazon.

Then I open the other book, because I ordered "Poems In Praise of Practically Nothing" but, they sent A Million Ways to Die in the West. I didn't order that.

I deposit the check, and get the receipt. Everything cool, right?
Nope. I get an email saying that 235 was deposited.

I have the receipt, it says 1268.00. I also have the receipt. It still says 235 was deposited.
Then I get home, and then the idiot neighbor loses his shit.
What a day, and it's only been 12 hours, 4 or 5 more to go

okay, some of you are a lot more familiar with a Monza than I am.....

 and good heavens tole me two and even three times each. 

Ok, my bad, but is a Monza just a better Vega? Or was there a visibly distinguishing difference in looks ?

the was someone's pride and joy. They had a very unusual taste in car design than most people


I'm not sure what manufacturer started the process by selling whatever this used to be... maybe a Marcos? Skoda?

I've seen some Jurassic Park jeeps before, but none that were fully committed like this



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well, how has this never been mentioned before?


that Ferrari looks a lot like it's been copied, or at the least was the inspiration for the Vega

what the hell? Electric scooter kid is riding it in traffic!

this is a new bumper sticker to me

still in use, because it was built to last

some people have no clue how to wait at a stop light, like the rest of us that wait behind the limit line, and know that stopping over the sensor array will trigger the stop light to flip FOR you so you don't wait forever for a green light


this is what an idiot in the cross walk looks like that's been waiting for a green light for 2 turns or more because the sensor was never aware they existed

it's weird to see a Lincoln with a weird wing


It's 90 degress out, and this guy figured it was a great time and temp to take his 109 year old Premiere


evolution of the cargo carrier, C 47 to C 5



let sleeping lions be.... your upholstery will survive longer.



The remains of the front wheels of JetBlue flight 292, the one that the pilot miraculously landed without crashing.

skip the first 2.5 minutes... wasted time watching an airliner fly

a cool way to change the looks, hell - improve on the looks, of a classic wagon. Bob Garacochea's '58 Safari wagon

there's no reason for a car alarm you can't hear, and respond to... it's just going to aggravate people who will destroy it, and that's not why you paid for a car alarm, it's opposite the purpose of that damn noise making car alarm


a cable system for moving bananas, powered by a small motorcycle


via https://tywkiwdbi.blogspot.com/

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a new way to show a truck drivers skill... make tea


Glenfiddich previously sold the residue from its whisky production process to farmers for cattle feed, now recycles its waste products as fuel for its fleet of 3 modified delivery trucks, which are tasked with transporting whisky from the company's distillery

Glenfiddich stated that it has built fueling stations at its Dufftown distillery in north-eastern Scotland, specially designed to convert whisky production waste and residues into Ultra-Low Carbon Fuel (ULCF). The distiller claims that the biogas reduces the C02 emissions of its trucks by over 95 percent, as well as curbing other harmful particulates and greenhouse emissions by 99 percent when compared to its diesel delivery vehicles. Glenfiddich believes that each of its biogas-fueled trucks will have the capacity to displace close to 250 tons of CO2 in a year. The trucks used by the distiller are modified versions of Italian truck manufacturer Iveco's Stralis NP, which typically run on liquified gas.


A WW2 pilot had a scooter he used for rides around the countryside he liked so much, he smuggled it back to the states, a vintage Salsbury Model 72—one of three known to exist, and the only one remaining with military markings.


 Charles H. Harbaugh enlisted to fight in World War II at the age of 18. He was part of the D-Day invasion and fought at the Battle of the Bulge and became a C-47 pilot in the 27th Air Transport Group, and took part in the Berlin airlift after the war.

His grandsons found that scooter in pieces in boxes on his farm


someone collected 1934 Fords until about 50 years ago. Never did anything with the half dozen cars and trucks, until recently - he decided to sell them. That IS an investment plan for retirement



the Malle service station in Pittsburg Kansas was in business for almost 100 years, and yesterday, the 4th generation retired and closed up shop after 42 years on the job. Thanks Bob L !

Since 1924 the Malle family has been running the country’s oldest running full service filling station, but on July 30th, it will be closing its doors.

“I’m closing the business, I’m retiring, my family’s been here for 97 years.” Says Malle.

“We’ve survived a lot of things, from the depression to the pandemic, the worst recession this country’s had, we’re survivors.” Says Ed Malle, Malle’s Service and Tire Owner.

the mid 90s mini truck madness



my mind was just blown. I wrote a story on Facebook, and a classmate of mine from 31 years ago, "liked" it, I recognized his name, and BOOM! I found a classmate from our Navy days in Orlando, in 1990. But, get this, on his block, is a woman who has in her garage, this restored 69 Road Runner, with a cool story

She was a bigwig at NASA, making the big bucks, her husband was a stay at home guy. She bought the car for him before she retired. 

He divorced her because he was having a long-term affair, and he tried to keep the car. It is an early roadrunner from the first six months of production with a color that was a rare option only available in those first couple of months. 

She doesn't drive it often because it is a 4spd car w a heavy clutch and 4 wheel manual drum brakes

How crazy is that?