Saturday, October 20, 2018

Gentlemen! There's no point in going in there, turn it around and head back to the last place we went through, I bet it has a good bar!

1925 Maratuech 300cc

The Shop magazine did a sneak peak of SEMA project cars, here's a couple col looking ones

Hoonigan is bringing its iconic Donut Garage yard to SEMA

Red Bull Road Trip USA

street repair... a bit of info

San Diego has 3000 miles of road.

It contracts out pothole repair.

That company uses a Prius with a laser measuring system to scan the roads for problems.

23 million dollars is what the gas tax means to San Diego, and if Measure 6 passes then the gas tax gets repealed, and that goes away. Just FYI. I'm all for getting the damn roads to be as sooth as those in Las Vegas

Think this kid, now 47 or 48 years old, had a Shelby or a Mustang like his ol man?

Moving out to deliver Fordson Tractors

Herman got help from Lily with the chopper engine!

Ha!  Well, it turns out it's photoshopped, but, I still dig it!

here's the original, and it sure makes me believe that this image is just begging for some cool carbs, intakes, blowers, hemi heads, etc to be photoshopped in

from those wonderfull goofballs at Stiffspeed

at this weekend's Big Sandy Machine Gun Weekend, there is all kids of cool WW2 stuff with guns, even a ball turret with twin 50s!

50m cal is 4 dollars a round. Other ammo is 35 dollars a magazine  in Northwestern Arizona

banners for October, as I will be at SEMA for the end of the month. Might as well post these now, as it's been bugging me not to