Thursday, November 30, 2023

just outside Boston, Casey’s Diner has been going strong since 1890, when it was a mere four-stool operation in a horse-drawn wagon that Fred Casey purchased. The current diner was built in 1922 by the Worcester Lunch Car Company and it has passed from father to son for four generations.

It was originally a lunch cart wagon, and was located in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Then Fred Casey bought the current tiny Worcester Lunch Car Company building in 1927 and moved it to Washington Street across from Natick Common.
 It was relocated to South Avenue in 1977 to make way for a bank parking lot. 

The tiny establishment has only ten stools, all of which are frequently occupied by locals

things that are difficult, often get cursed with Murphys Law.. and become a real pain in the ass... like helping a damn hiker with a twisted ankle get down off a mountain (Hint, telling them it's their damn problem to solve wasn't what happened)

The downed Navy search-and-rescue helicopter from Naval Air Station Lemoore, California, had been attempting to recover a civilian hiker with a broken ankle on Sept. 30 when it experienced the hard landing

Members of the four-person Seahawk crew reported minor injuries, but they and the hiker were off the mountain within 12 hours

Marines from Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 461 were in Yuma, Arizona, supporting the Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course in mid-October when they officially got tasked with retrieving the Navy helicopter

Before the Marines could remove the Seahawk from the mountain, they had to do a site survey

Complicating these efforts was the remote location of the mishap site, which could be reached on foot only by hiking uphill for five miles

The road to get to the trailhead was under construction, so the team had access to it for only 20 minutes each morning and evening.

The Forest Service contributed pack mules to haul heavier equipment up the mountain

The King Stallion, which can externally carry up to 27,000 pounds for 110 nautical miles, is part of the Marine Corps’ plan for hauling Marines, heavy equipment and supplies from ship to shore. It’s the most powerful helicopter in the U.S. military, according to Naval Air Systems Command.

Back when the King Stallion was still in the test and evaluation phase, in September 2021, it executed a remarkably similar mission to the one in October: After a Navy Seahawk experienced a hard landing in the California mountains while attempting to rescue a lost hiker, a King Stallion transported the downed Navy helo to a nearby airport.

Solution, make a law that hikers are to post a billion dollar bond in escrow for their mishaps and rescues, becuase the military budget was not padded to cover helicopter rescues of broke loners on remote mountains with weak ankles

Surfing on top of cars, an 80s movie fad that disappeared

According to the Naval Safety Center, car surfing became widespread after two popular 1980s movies – “Footloose” and “Teen Wolf” – demonstrated it. “A rash of mishaps followed

The Teen Wolf movie had a lot to answer for with this craze, after showing Michael J. Fox‘s character surfing on the roof of his friend’s van 

At least 99 people have died or been seriously injured while “car surfing” since 1990, according to data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“A rash of mishaps followed, and the activity disappeared for a while,” according to the safety center. 

 According to the CDC research, 70 percent of those who were injured or killed were males, and the average age was 17 years. Three out of four deaths were caused by head injuries.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Tough enough for Chuck Norris!

the stripped down 1902 6hp special racer built by George Cannon, who was a student at Harvard University

another iteration of probably the same vehicle

Cannon entered his car at a race meet at the Brighton Beach Race Track on Long Island, N.Y., in August 1902, but was not allowed to compete because of an obscure rule which required the driver to have exclusive control of the car (Cannon's car was steered by the helmsman in front, while the mechanic in the rear controlled the boiler, engine, throttle, brakes, etc.). 

Cannon was allowed (after a crowd protest) to make two exhibition trials, setting a new speed record for the mile in 1:07 3/5. Cannon's racer had a tubular frame and a 24 inch boiler with 1,050 tubes heated by a Forg burner. The stack provided a draft that could be controlled by the rear operator. More than 400 pounds steam pressure were carried. 

A two cylinder 3 1/2 x 4 inch Mason engine was geared one-to-one to a differential beneath the rear seat. The car's weight was 1,000 pounds.

the obscure Camaro option

drawing of an Indian that shows just how photorealistic a technique using pencils can be

I just learned that the Motorcycle Cannonball Run took place in Sept, was for 90 year old and older motorcycles, and went from Virginia to Oceanside (north San Diego)

Miss Ava

the Hawthorne Diner in the movie Pulp Fiction, is now an Auto Zone

By the time it closed in 1990, it had been renamed the Hawthorne Grill. The success of “Pulp Fiction” inspired a reopening of the restaurant for a brief time, but it closed for good in 1996. It was razed in 1999 — and an Auto Zone store took its place

Chuck and Josh did an episode about diners on the Stuff You Should Know podcast

Moran Sq Diner Fitchburg Massachusetts
1939  Wochester Lunch Car #765
was restored after 8 consecutive decades of operation

Local to Fitchburg, the couple frequented the diner for years before it shuttered. When it closed, the restaurant veterans, who share more than 25 years in the service industry, saw a once-in-a-lifetime chance to put their own stamp not only on a historic restaurant, but one they also had a personal connection to.

The two announced their purchase of the property via their Kickstarter in July 2020. Willoughby said their ultimate goal from the outset was to maintain the restaurant’s historic atmosphere and put their own, fine dining spin on the menu.

“It’s all a part of the experience, people eat with their eyes first,” he said. “Part of coming here, part of the reason people love diners, is that feeling that you’re in another time.”

“With the food, there are endless possibilities, whether it’s the staples of Americana, whether we want to experiment or explore different takes on things,” he said. “We want everyone to feel like Grandma just cooked them breakfast, but elevate it.”

While the only change of significance to the interior was the kitchen, which was modernized and moved to the back of the restaurant in order to preserve the front end’s ambiance, the couple spent over a year cleaning and renovating the space.

“We wanted to give everything a fresh start and spent months cleaning the tile floor, scrubbing the woodwork,” Willoughby said. “We tore up and repaved the parking lot, built planters and laid down a deck for an outdoor dining section.”

I hadn't realized that diners are not derivative of the word "dinner" but are from the dining car on the railroads of that early era 100 years ago

a wave of Greek immigrants in the early 50s, resulted in 90% of the diners being owned by Greeks. 
A 1996 New York Times article states that about two-thirds of New York City's diners are Greek-owned. 
New Jersey has more diners than any other state, most of which are Greek

there is still lots of time to go out to the garage and make a christmas tree

the Series 681 Military Payment Certificate featured Vietnam War Fighter Pilot and Jets

Because using U.S. currency at military establishments was out of the question thanks to the threat of black market trading and counterfeiting being far too great, U.S. troops were issued a variety of Military Payment Certificates (MPC) in several wars, from WW2 through Vietnam. Unlike standard U.S. currency, these notes were issued only to soldiers serving overseas, and were created to be tightly controlled and demonetized at a moment’s notice.

on the back of a 1914 10 and 20 dollar bill

this ought to get a lot of kids excited if they're into monster trucks... what a hoot! I love the innovative way some custom stuff integrates non-automotive things onto a vehicle to create a theme