Monday, November 18, 2019

spotted on the way into work today

I don't remember seeing one with the side decal before

a Hellcat powered Road Runner from Eu Clair Wisconsin... something you don't hear everyday

Why it has Montana plates, I realize now I forgot to ask 

the Bracketeer, simply a superb simple design for installing a fire extinguisher in most vehicles

This was a booth I was walking by... but the guy in the booth was ON his game! He was determined to make some sales, get some media attention, and push the product.

I can tell you true, in mere moments this little bracket proved it self, and he didn't need to do more than spend a couple seconds showing me that it's designed so damn well, that it's going to install super easy in nearly all car seats made for the past 50 or so years.

All it does is clamp onto the seat rails. Boom. That's it. What else can anyone ask for?

I've posted before that not only is it a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in your car, for your emergency or someone else's, but it's a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in case (as I've posted) you have a bull, an elk, or other furious beast on hoofs deciding to beat your car into submission.

Why? Because you pull the fire extinguisher out in 2 seconds, aim at the dingbat beast, and pull the trigger to let loose a cloud of what ever the hell they put in your extinguisher. Water, CO2, or that powder stuff.

Raging beasts DO NOT want to get a could of stuff on their face and will leave your car the hell alone. Giraffes, elephants, Rhinos, alligators, dogs, deer... we've seen everything but koala attack vehicles.... and we've seen too many fires. Get a bracket such as this, mount a couple fire extinguishers, and be a god damn hero.

Hey, whaddya know! I met the guy!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Chip Foose did some stuff to this 1974 E type Jaguar, but since his website is perpetually 6 months behind, we may have to wait until magazines get printed 6 months from now to learn the details.

compared to what it looked like 

we can see a lot of improvements like the bumpers, fenders, wheel wells, and elimination of the side reflectors, installation of the hood scoop

Interior upgrades to Jaguar's busy-looking dashboard topped with a padded cap and peppered with a galaxy of buttons, knobs, and switches. Foose's build adopts a cleaner, simpler design with gauges arranged in a cluster behind the steering wheel, and a chrome strip that runs across the entire dashboard.

Exterior modifications include extended rocker panels, new hood scoop, revised rear-end, new lower front fascia, new windshield design, revised headlights and taillights, new grille, trimmed doors and resectioned bumpers.

The spoke wheels are not spoked. Those are one piece rims. it of course does not have an old Jag engine, no one in California installs old Jag engines, it has to be a new Chevy LS engine to get approved. Maybe for smog reasons, maybe for speed of install and long term reliability. Maybe just to make parts replacement in the future a sure thing.

Maybe its the 575hp vs a Jaguar 270hp engine.

the new Optima Wall of Power

I wonder, why did they bring this Simca to SEMA? Oh, Cool It Thermo Tec, and Cool Hand Customs... so, insulation

the build photos of the Simca getting it's exterior cut away to cover over the damaged chassis of a Cadillac CTS are at

fixing up a 1960 F100 panel delivery, and using it as your advertising and marketing billboard is pretty cool. Using it to drive your supplies across country to SEMA and carry all the stuff for your booth? Is very cool

the Spanesi booth at SEMA is an impressive demonstration of how the paint and panels will not be able to hide an flaws, misalignments, etc... also, what a nice truck Glasurit brought

impressive flag for the floor of the bed