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I'm not fact checking this

the Kenworth SuperTruck 2

a fun mobility scooter revenge caper? I bet this is going to be hoot!

“Thelma”, an unlikely action-comedy starring June Squibb as a widow grandmother who becomes a phone scam victim

Thelma, a widow being looked after and checked in on by her slacker grandson, who is depressed at not being able to get anything like a proper job. 

When she is scammed out of $10,000 by a fraudster on the phone, tough Thelma sets out to track the bad guy down, riding a mobility scooter borrowed from her gentleman admirer – an excellent performance from the late Richard Roundtree(Shaft). Clark Gregg and Parker Posey are in it too! 

“Thelma” is already Magnolia’s highest-grossing narrative feature in the company’s 23-year history. Magnolia’s had no film gross more than $1 million since “Shoplifters” (2018/$3.3 million).

1928 Brough Superior 1,134cc SS100 Alpine Grand Sport ( I just like the way it looks! )

Steve Ramsey from Maryland took these two Falcons, and created a combo of vintage looks and potent performance for the coolest different uses, gasser and trans am racer


Here's a new one, putting a cheap Amazon turbo on a 225 slant 6, and cutting the 0-60 in half... those only had 145 horsepower and 215 lb-ft of torque stock... for about a 1000 dollars of new parts

Sunday, July 14, 2024

ever heard of the Thomas Rocket Car from the late 1930s?

Charles Thomas, who graduated from the GM Institute of Technology in 1935, had a vehicle in his mind that did not exist before and which he was convinced would set new standards in the industry. Charles Thomas found a job at Pontiac after his studies, and yet the desire was greater to build his own car than to work for the US car company. In the middle of 1936 he quit his job. He teamed up with fellow student Norm Richardson and they both started building their Rocket Car in a garage in Batavia.

The design for this car was the thesis of Charles Thomas for his graduation from the GM Institute in 1935. The engine was a '36 Ford flathead with Ford 3 speed. The front suspension is custom independent swing arm using coil springs, the ends of a '36 Ford axle, some sort of pieced together hydraulics and '36 drums. The rearend is also independent created from a '36 banjo, custom half shafts, and swing arms with coil springs.

He similarly improved on the rear-view mirror by turning it into a sort of reverse periscope that, according to the patent he obtained for it, was to incorporate a cabin ventilator and radio antenna

The vehicle, with innovations such as a rearview periscope and independent suspension, is officially called the Thomas Rocket Car. It was designed by Thomas and put together by a friend and welder, Norman Richardson, in a rented garage

Publicity at the time touted that the car had no fenders, no running board, no separation in the center of the floor, no visible door hinges and practically invisible wheels.

“It had a periscope, because back then if anybody remembers the older cars they were torpedo shaped in the back – you couldn’t see anything backing up – so a slow periscope went up and you looked in a mirror and you could see where you were backing up,” he said.

Thomas went on to a successful career as chief designer in Buffalo with the Amphibian Car Corporation then finishing his career with the maker of the Playboy automobile, but kept the Thomas car and drove it for some time. Reportedly, Mrs. Thomas demanded they get rid of the family’s daily driver after a stalling incident on a set of railroad tracks. By 1977, Gary Alt of Lockport found the vehicle rusting away in a field in Batavia, NY, and decided to store it in his barn until a group of Batavians spearheaded a restoration project in 2015.

Now this unusual – and fully restored – classic automobile, once promoted as “The Car of Tomorrow,” and “the floating ride,” will be unveiled at The Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum

to see the condition it was in prior to the restoration, and the build photos of it through the restoration, see:

something new in aircraft: a University of Maryland spinoff firm has created a simpler, more affordable jet propulsion system for drones.

The digitally controlled modern-day pulsejet engine features no moving parts and claims to offer major improvements in the cost reduction and rapid production of future jet-powered aircraft.

the company announced the delivery of its first J-1 engines to an aerospace prime contractor on contract with the US government. It also revealed that additional customers are working to integrate the J-1 engines into their UAV designs.

This process results in a mechanically simple device that generates thrust for high-speed flight with fuel efficiency comparable to jet engines. It also offers advantages such as affordability, mid-air restart capability, and the ability to burn various fuels, including sustainable options like bioethanol-based E85.

Passengers on an American Airlines flight out of Tampa got an unwelcome surprise when the wheel of their passenger jet burst into flames just before takeoff

For the second time in four months, a wheel fell off a United flight during takeoff from California, it landed in the airports employee parking lot, on a 22 year olds car who works at the airport

getting made with two different seats, makes this 2024 Corvette both unique, and proof the quality assurance is overpaid, and under-supervised

The car was ordered with two-tone Sky Cool Gray GT2 seats and while the passenger seat was correct, the driver’s seat is a Jet Black GT2 seat.

ever heard of a wheelie machine?


Learn with this gadget or one just like it, without dumping your bike, hitting the ground with your body, and generally using a gadget like this that you make or buy, will get you or your kids, all the practice doing wheelies, that they will need to get good at it

This is news to me, but, racist times that they lived in... it's not unexpected that the racist police arrested anyone dark skinned. 1937. Oakland


45 years ago, Valerio Boni, Vespa tester was 20 years old, set an unofficial 24 distance record. Now, he took the same Vespa around the same track, and get an official Guinness World Record, 300 km farther

Certified by the Guinness World Records organization, the record distance now is 766.19 miles.

To make the event worth a few more lines is that not only is the scooter a 45-year-old Vespa 50cc, but that the same Vespa, with the same rider, in 1979 accomplished a similar feat, though not officially acknowledged, running a distance of 584 miles on the Pirelli test track.

Congratulations to 65-year-old Valerio Boni who, surprisingly, inscribed Piaggio Vespa on the Book of Guinness for the first time in the 78-year life of the most iconic scooter ever.

Aaron Boss, one of the trick fabricators over at Roland Sands Designs, has built a single-seat race car powered by a 200hp supercharged 2023 HD engine

showcasing an advanced suspension, sprint car-influenced rear suspension, a Winters Performance quick change rear end with a titanium outboard brake setup, custom suspension setup that's adjustable to be streetable, trackable, and hit the flats-able, power steering, a Baker six-speed transmission all in order to break speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Peter Gabriel, Solsbury Hill

The Ford Falcon was a scaled-down version of the Ford Galaxie, and the best-selling compact car at that time (1960s)

The first compact car marketed by the American Big Three automobile manufacturers (though antedated by the Rambler American), the Falcon was the third car line introduced by Ford, following the full-sized Ford and the Ford Thunderbird.

In contrast to its competitors, the Falcon was developed as a scaled-down version of the full-size Ford Galaxie sedan. Through its production, the Falcon was offered in the same body styles as its full-sized Galaxie counterpart, including two-door and four-door sedans, two-door hardtops and convertibles, two-door and four-door station wagons (the former, serving as a basis of the final Ford sedan delivery), and coupe utility pickups (serving as the basis of the Ford Ranchero).

in 1968, Scotty did a TV commercial for the Toyota Corona

Imagine getting a notice in the mail saying you had an unpaid $154 parking ticket from a city where your car has never been. And no one in govt will answer your call, text, email, or meet with you

The ticket was made out to the same license plate number assigned to Barr’s 2018 Toyota Prius.

This ticket was entered on November 16th, 2023, at 6:37 pm for obstructing traffic or hazardous parking. “

Barr’s calendar shows she went to a doctor’s appointment that day, helped a friend recovering from a stroke and drove to another friend’s house for dinner.

“I’m in St. Petersburg and I have quite a few people who can say I was,” Barr said.

She says her car’s transponder even shows her Prius passed over the Pinellas Bayway toll bridge moments before the ticket was issued more than 250 miles away.

Records from the parking department also show the citation was entered to a while-four-door Ford, not to Barr’s Toyota Prius.

Though the govt is OBVIOUSLY in the wrong, and NOT working for society the govt SENT HER CASE TO COLLECTIONS! 

SO, since this went from nonsense to collections, to affecting her credit score, drivers license suspension, etc... 

She contacted the ABC Action I Team, who contacted a Miami-Dade court spokesperson last week who got the case dismissed but refused to give any explanation of what went wrong. The spokesperson says the credit agency will be notified that the case is no longer in collections.

"I'm not trying to get out of something I did. I’m trying to solve a problem of something I didn’t do,” Barr said. The Miami-Dade parking office offers people an opportunity to request a court hearing to dispute citations, but Barr said that would have cost her even more time and money.

What's the take away on this? 

The govt even at it's lowest most useless clock punching bored DMV bureaucrat traffic court level, does NOT give a fuck about right and wrong, won't lift a damn finger to help you and is only afraid of bad publicity getting in the way of their career advancement to a lucrative pension. 

a 1953 Grumman Curbside brad delivery truck was abandoned for 50 years, before it finally found a guy who realized it would make a unique and cool camper

a guy with a lot of cool old cars, but only a gravel driveway, decided to trade a 59 Impala for a concrete driveway getting made for him

a group of Harley-Davidson dealerships in Utah is getting sued by "Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment" an environmental nonprofit for installing aftermarket exhausts without catalytic converters, allowing the modified motorcycles to spew more pollution and noise. .

the judge decided that the EPA violations portion of the case would proceed, with the nonprofit having enough evidence to make a compelling case. The group's request for a preliminary injunction against those dealerships, as well as the noise violation, however, were struck down.

The original lawsuit is from 2022 and targeted four dealerships around the Salt Lake area all owned by the same LLC. According to the original complaint, "Physicians seek to enforce Defendants’ significant, repeated, and ongoing violations of the Clean Air Act and Noise Control Act, which have been and continue to be at the expense of the health and well-being of Physicians’ members and the public at large. Defendants’ violations include: 
the removal of air and noise emission control devices in motorcycles; 
the sale and installation of aftermarket parts that defeat air and noise emission control devices in motorcycles; 
and the ownership, operation, and sale of new and used motorcycles without all of their required air emission and noise controls present and functioning as designed."

a personal library of 450 automotive books, and 200 issues of Automobile Quarterly is selling on BAT, and it's likely that someone will buy it, only as an investment, and go into business to sell the books individually with their own newly minted amazon or ebay store. Thank you John!

The seller is moving her dad's lifetime collection onto it's next owner, who unfortunately isn't likely to read all these.

If I could afford it, I'd buy them all, and shelving, and a couch, and make a new blog doing book reviews of all these, plus gleaning all the cool stuff in the Automobile Quarterly issues, in addition to this blog continuing on as usual. 

Currently to buy them will only take a bid over 2000 dollars, so roughly 3 dollars per book. That's a crazy inexpensive way to gift someone a library of car knowledge! 

28 hours left in the auction, it ends at 2pm California time, tomorrow

DeTomaso's symbol is the family cattle brand


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here's a sentence I've never heard before, but it's real "daughter searched for mom's 71 Barracuda for 12 years, found it while her mom could appreciate it, then took two years to restore it, and now goes to car shows with it!"

One of her brothers got the 71 383 'Cuda from her mom, and sold it without telling anyone in the family, and a decade later, it was on craigslist ready to get the restoration complete. 

the Arizona sun cooks cars and destroys plastic

She got to use her mom's 'Cuda for Prom and high school graduation! 

Her mom was still alive when she got the car, but passed away before the restoration was complete

Her mom had bought the car at age 38, to stick it to her ex husband right after the divorce. 

cool photo composition, with the primary colors in contrast

nice to see it in a museum

cool photo


the propeller powered car (which is surprisingly rear steered) was at Goodwood!