Thursday, September 24, 2020

The London Underground mapped out from above

Salt water sprinklers at a ski resort in Japan to prevent the roads from freezing up

If you remember, I posted a couple weeks ago a black smith using a VW... well, here is a mobile blacksmith with more sense, using a truck

all the failed presidential candidates bumperstickers, is quite an odd collection, and a strange statement

California Governor Newsom has just signed a ban on the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035. This means he wants some governor a dozen years from now to figure out how the hell to reverse this idiocy

 Unlike small states such as Delaware and Rhode Island, California can't be crossed with an electric car, so what imbecile conceived that they should ban gas and diesel powered cars?

Governor Gavin Newsom

And probably Elon Musk. You don't think Tesla had any input on this? I doubt they needed to, but they are going to suddenly be very popular in stock buying and car dealerships, and all that 

Check back in a dozen years to see how they realize what a moron this guy is at trying to influence the future of car sales

Regardless, all this means is the plan in in for the long term removal of exhaust making vehicles, and this isn't even debateable. No doubt the few refineries will close in 10 years, and after that, don't even think of bringing gas over the border. Just move out and leave the coast so the rich people can get on living on the golden coast without you, or your stinking 80s gas guzzlers. 

If you didn't know, even the poor neighborhoods do not have houses for sale under 400,000 in San Dieg

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

seems the bucket said fuck it, and broke

I keep telling the new operators that you can only do 23 spins to the left before you come unscrewed. Nobody listens...

New York Airways helicopter at JFK airport in 1967 after flying from the top of the Pan-Am building in downtown New York City. The helicopter is a Boeing-Vertol 107-II built in 1964

this is why people should not adventure alone, bad decision making... and no help in getting out of predicaments, like 4x4ing on mountain bike trails (thanks Mike!)


Ha! In 1987, a reviewer for Cars Illustrated showed his disdain for the IROC by photographing it in front of a row of porta-potties. He hasn't been seen at a Chevy long-lead press preview since

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Margaret Monehan-Hansen and husband John Hansen Senior. Sometimes John would get hammered and would want to go to town to continue the party. Margaret would get mad and tip this rail car off the track (I'm not making this up)

 John would be too tipsy to right it.

The Holy Grail of "send the Nub to get BS stuff" has been found: the adjustable hammer

1979 - Philippines, a mix of old and new worlds sharing the same street!/page402

Just learned of a great hack! Parking lot style

UserBrono commented

years ago before printers and the internet, my brother used to take a Polaroid of parking stickers in the employee lots, at the college he attended, cut the picture to the correct size and glue it on his back bumper so he could park in the teachers lot.

This 2020 curse keeps on damaging everything... when was the last time someone planned out a route for a train that included a bridge so low it peeled off the top of the rail cars? This caused a couple million dollars of damage to new cars getting transported Thanks Barry!,-Just%20now%20by&text=Brand%20new%20Fords%20and%20Lincolns,train%20car%20scraping%20a%20bridge


the synchronized shopping cart drill team must be a lot of fun to practice for

It's been a long time since I've see a Mustang 2+2 ... what the hell does that even mean compared to a regular Mustang fastback model of the same year?

I know that the idea of a 2+2 for Pontiac, who also used the badge, was "seating for 4" which seems stupidly redundant to me, as only Corvettes and AMXs were American 2 seat sports cars (ignoring the Crosley on purpose in this category of 1960s American Sports cars)

too much weight, not enough bridge

or maybe too many termites

so very 80s

Who even remembers Scions?

Minnie Mos

good things from VW

today's banners

this WWII era machine's tag notifying that corners were cut in the interest of national defense

Ringling Brothers circus clown Lou Jacobs, Chicago, 1949

if you'd asked me yesterday what a Beauville was, I wouldn't have known

Monday, September 21, 2020