Monday, July 28, 2014

The Muppet Movie vehicles

Fozzies Studebaker after the Electric Mayhem Band spray painted it... later we learn it was for camouflage so they could hide in front of the billboard below to escape from Doc Hopper 

they had to trade in the Stude for this woody, and it only cost 11.95. James Coburn was the mean used car lot owner

I dig the telephone booth motif on the doors

Aquatic red neck rat rod that John found in North Carolina

Wow... thanks John!

intriguing drive system on this worn out 56 yr old still operating locomotive engine

First time I've seen one with the pipes laid over.. interesting

it's going to take a mighty big Phillips screw driver to get the deck replaced

Just kidding... the photo has incredibly good composition Found on

also known as launching

Whoa... cool old Mack firetruck!

Found on via source of many cool old truck photos

big Cat

Hot rod style BBQ

Bradley tractor and matching cool trailer