Wednesday, June 20, 2018

WTF of the week

there is something evil, or smelly, inside their vent system!

Something wicked this way comes

When all else fails…

worse than just being a bad design, it's also a PT Cruiser

parking like Mr Magoo will get a result

the algae/moss is a good indicator that it's been parked quite a while. License plates are Oregon

excavators in a marble quarry

Rock Saw Excavator

found in the Star Wars Celebration parking lot.

The Kei Tora is a type of small truck used throughout Asia primarily in the agricultural industry, so the ‘Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors’ designated it as a canvas for its annual Kei truck garden contest.

decided that they weren't gonna wait in line and tried to drive over the median

Should have turned right and went up the grass into a parking lot.

it was officially announced last week that Ford has bought Detroit's long-vacant Michigan Central Station and will revitalize it in the middle of Corktown.

The automaker is expected to renovate the train depot and make it the hub of a campus for advanced automotive technology in the Corktown neighborhood.

The three-story depot with attached 18-story office tower has become a convenient symbol for Detroiters and preservationists to both criticize the city’s development practices and celebrate the ability of its unique as-is built environment to inspire the cultural class.

The Beaux Arts-style train station, designed by the same architectural firms as Grand Central Terminal in New York, opened in 1913 as the tallest train station in the world.

Before renovations begin, Ford is offering the public a chance to attend an open house at Michigan Central Station from June 22-24. Highlights of this complimentary tour include:

Exhibit: Curated in partnership with the Detroit Historical Society, an open and airy exhibit allows guests to explore the rich history of Michigan Central Station and Detroit through visuals, text and artifacts, while taking in the grand architecture around them. The exhibit includes pieces from local artists who capture the spirit of Corktown today.

Self-guided tour: Visitors will have rare access to the entire first floor of the train station with a self-guided tour that showcases images of what the train station once was, juxtaposed with how it looks today. Documentary preview: Visitors will get a first-look at “Detroit: Comeback City,” a HISTORY documentary that charts the mutual rise, fall and rise again story of Detroit and Michigan Central Station in the words of real Detroiters. The documentary will debut at 9 p.m. eastern July 1 on HISTORY.

Community Area: Ford is hosting community engagements in partnership with the Ford Fund inside the station, highlighting local artists, entrepreneurs and the youth from Corktown. Activities include live mural making with Corktown artists and a student STEAM lab.

more flooding photos

Michigan Tech University's admin bldg... the dorms are all built on higher ground

the above is looking downstream from Mt Ripley, into what was Cynthia's back yard.

the house above, on the right, the light tan one? Cynthia's.

The water first went crashing through her house, and woke her up by knocking over her fridge. That's in the middle of the night... scary as hell to wake up to a flash flood running THROUGH your house

Above is the far side of her house

 This is her back yard, and one of the worst of the flash flood rivers which destroyed her ground level floor, and the below photo is the debris field in her front yard and street, that was all washed down from her back yard

 and below, further downstream, and that house on the right is her house again

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

how has this not popped up before? Guinness made a tanker that looks like cans to mark the 250 years of production of Black Velvet

A $90,000 BMW, a 2016 I8, for sale on Craigslist? Seems like something isn't right, you know? That's what a sergeant with the Tennessee Highway Patrol suspected. He was proven right

On Monday, the Tennessee Highway Patrol made contact on Poplar Avenue, and noted the VIN number appeared to be fake and took the seller, identified as Marqueze Blackwell, into custody. A separate VIN number under the seat revealed the car was in fact stolen out of Orlando back in March.

play stupid games, win stupid prizes


3 on the tree

Mayans MC tv show preview is out, the previews are nothing but teasers, showing nothing but bikers... but it's great to see things getting started. The interviews are similarly useless, and simply rehashing the press release  Kurt Sutter interview that doesn't have much to say.

he did give insight into Sons of Anarchy more than he talked about Mayans.
“But the same way ‘Sons’ was a fictitious club and family in a real world, the real world always impacted that show. The whole storyline with the white supremacist was based on the 45 percent uptick in white supremacy groups when Obama took office. We never mentioned that, it was never a story point, but that was the reality of that world." Sutter stated

 Emilio Rivera (president of the Mayans) is still the only confirmed familiar face who’s serving as a link to SOA.

The main character of Mayans is Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, fresh out of prison in the pilot episode and seeking to step out of prospect boots in the Cali/Mexi border charter of the Mayans.

Symbolically, the ATX festival footage revealed that EZ will be the one who drives over the crow in the opening moments of the series, and he’s the former prodigal son who previously spent years attempting to grasp the American Dream. However, EZ emerges from prison to find that the Mayans are still in the drug-running business and working for the Galindo cartel, and he must choose between staying loyal to the M.C. or adopting the non-outlaw lifestyle that his girlfriend (who’s clearly not an old lady to the club) would prefer.

As is typical in the Sutter universe, EZ reluctantly ends up agreeing to do a drug run that goes bad, which leads one to believe that his role in the M.C. is a Jax-esque one that forecasts seasons of struggle. This dynamic is also reinforced by a Clay-like father figure played by Edward James Olmos.

So, it's really close in basic plot to SOA's theme of son trying to get the gang out of the drug dealing. Well, it worked in the 1st show, that had 7 incredible seasons, and the new Star Wars proved that a good story can get recycled and still make a ton of money with fresh faces

you may want to skip the first 3 minutes, it's pretty useless.

The show will have 10 episodes, and start in the fall... probably Sept -  Nov, or whatever the new normal half season is, then they'll announce based on ratings if it gets a second half season.

I'm going to predict at least 3 years, probably 4 years. More if they nail a great story line and terrific ratings

interesting, different, I like it!

Great tow truck photo

the cat was on his first car ride, the others had done this many times before, and were bored

how to write out "cycle"

getting out a bumper dent with hot water and a plunger

They are working on fixing roads in Houghton already, here is the progress on Agate St