Thursday, October 18, 2018

Found after 60 years in the workshop of a mechanic, a De Dion Bouton bike with a Motobecane engine and 20" Wooden Propeller

sewing machine tractors

I just stumbled across a petroliana Facebook page "Garage Antique Déco"

1913 Hupmobile Model 32 touring car with completely original paint, leather interior, engine, 3 speed transmission, brass lighting, acetylene headlight canister. The top was replaced in the 1950’s.

a 1923 Matchless J Type with rare sidecar and single family ownership since new was just pulled out of a Dorset barn

here's a different approach to the Back to the Future movies

the restoration of the Memphis Belle is complete

It's been a long while since Swift drivers did something stupid enough to get posted on Facebook

do you think this would work?

you can tell a couple things from this photo

this was bought by a guy, not a woman.

This was the early 1980s

these people didn't have kids

old French auto club medallions

wanna race?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Only in Florida... an Audi with duct tape doors

the organized way of putting away the buckets

it's embarrassing enough to not secure your boat, and have it destroy your truck at a stop light, it's worse when 3 Redditors are all there at the scene taking photos to post online

just another reporter trying to do a report from the streets... without a camera operator

All right, I'll step up and ask the stupid question. Why isn't this just as useful as a Fram air filter?

Work smarter, not harder

Reportedly the result of getting his girlfriend angry

You darn right the farmer used baling wire to stitch his tractor tire back together.

This Chevelle is nothing close to the mighty 454 SS LS6 1970, it's like the ugly cousin of the ugly 1974 Road Runner.

a 73 Laguna... about as far removed from the peak of coolness as a King Cobra Mustang was from the Boss 429.

1926 Checker Taxi

the early 80s, prototypes of future tech like steering wheel controls and av screen GPS

a 1984 Chrysler Corporation passenger car equipped with multiplexing has its controls mounted in a stationery hub on the steering wheel.

With the aid of a computer, the multiplex car uses electrical impulses and low current to operate control functions on a pair of wires instead of having separate wires for each function.

Replacing fumbling with paper maps in the Chrysler Laser Atlas and Satellite System, a new concept to provide drivers of the future with a space age vehicle navigation. Chrysler engineers have developed a simple, easy-to-use system for accessing a vast amount of map data that is displayed on a nine-inch color television screen mounted in the console area of the vehicle.

Chrysler models from 1924 to 55 infographic

Something I've never seen or heard of before, the Saleen Ranger

In 1988 they introduced the Sport Truck (Ranger). They produced produced 27 Rangers in 1988. Three were Race Trucks and 24 were sport trucks. All sport trucks were white with blue trim except one that was blue. They came with a 2.9L and were all 5-speed’s. They were all long bed’s.


Because in 1987 Steve Saleen went racing in the SCCA Coors Race Truck Challenge and captured two wins.

In 1991, Saleen won the SCCA Race Truck championship with five victories in six races which moved Steve into a tie for the most victories in the series, and provided Ford with the manufacturer’s championship.

Coolest thing I've seen all month! Damn it, I love true fundamental mechanics and design comparisons to show how and why things work, and whether after market "improved" designs are better or worse.

Though I haven't posted much about Gale Banks, as he's primarily diesel engine and diesel land speed, believe me, I've got tons of respect for his engineering and accomplishments.

now, for a regular diff cover shape:

a redline a day keeps the carbon at bay

street racing clearly has reached levels of power (over a 1000hp) that need far more professional traction control... considering that the cars don't have roll cages, fire systems, helmets HANS devides

thanks Allen!

A 64 yr old bicyclist is suing a San Diego police officer who roughly arrested him for bicycling through a stop sign (a T intersection, with a crosswalk) resulting in a sprained forearm and a neck contusion

Goodsell alleges the officer choked him while handcuffing him. “I thought he was going to rip both of my arms off, and he put the handcuffs on tight enough to injure both of my wrists,” Goodsell said.

The police report is a polar opposite take on the event, for this handcuffing and arrest for ignoring a stop sign, and not having a drivers license... keep that in mind. Those are the offenses the cop was handcuffing this guy for... while driving a cop car that states on the fender "to protect and serve" in "America's Finest City". The police report says that the bicyclist was enraged, throwing his bike across a road, and acting "5150" aka crazy or drug influenced.

So, someone is lying their ass off, and since the old bicyclist isn't a roid rager, and cops are... and SDPD has already been found to have cops on the beat that rape the homeless and roid rage on ambulance crew in a 7-11  it's pretty easy to see that without video, or witness statements, the police lose the confidence vote because they aren't honestly decent.

The bicyclist "filed a claim" which the police "denied" and now has filed a lawsuit so a judge can decide on the matter of false arrest and excessive force.