Friday, September 30, 2022

PSA, please pass it on

in over 10 years of seeing Ken Block doing stuff - I've never seen him shaved clean until now. Did he lose a bet? Is he trying to look older?


obligatory interesting car photo!

Being in San Diego, I hadn't heard that Ralph Lauren company was into coffee sales since 2014, but I like that the style includes the vehicles (a connection with Ralph's legendary collection of few, but incredible, rare cars)

Max Grundy did a cool Halloween pin and poster!

I think you're going to laugh, and enjoy, this new alternative to using a key to start a car

the Robb Report only posted 8 photos in the Goodwood Revival gallery. Why they chose the ones from their trash file, I can not understand, complete garbage

A blind chimp could do better swinging a camera around by a strap. 

Oh... now I get it they were using photos that BMW supplied to publicize a motorbike

Thursday, September 29, 2022

1957 Ferrari 250 GT Speciale Coupe designed by Pininfarina for Prince Bernhard of Netherlands

A 49-year-old Air Force EC-130H achieved a flawless 'black letter' inspection thanks to its hard-working maintenance team. (a news story about military mechanics... because I was one, and want to give a standing ovation to those that earn it)

755th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron celebrate their achievements in getting an EC-130H Compass Call to zero discrepancies at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

when it comes to maintaining aircraft in the U.S. Air Force, few things are more rare or distinguished than a black letter status aircraft, meaning an aircraft that has zero maintenance issues.

Thanks to the hard work of its maintenance airmen, an Air Force EC-130H electronic warfare aircraft named “Caesar” just received black-letter status following an inspection at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona. In a branch where even the youngest fighter jets rarely achieve such status, the black letter EC-130H is a remarkable accomplishment. Caesar is a seasoned 49 years old: the turboprop plane was first delivered to the Air Force in 1973, the same year the U.S. military withdrew from Vietnam.

“This rarely happens, especially on an aircraft nearly a half-century old,” Col. Melanie Olson, commander of the 55th Electronic Group, which flies Caesar, said in a recent press release. “I couldn’t be prouder of our maintainers who come to work every day with a can-do mindset. Their dedication and determination in keeping our aircraft in top shape are remarkable.”

The crew chief said a black letter aircraft is a “super rare” thing. Indeed, one chief master sergeant at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas said in 2015 that he had seen only two black-letter aircraft in his 30-year career. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base credited one airman with being the main reason why the aging Caesar hit the mark. Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Faaborg, a hydraulics craftsman, and the dedicated crew chief for Cesar, with the 755th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, seems to have made it his personal mission to get Caesar as ready as ever.

Master Sgt. Tan Pham, the production superintendent for the 755th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, said “Many crew chiefs work their whole career to try and achieve a black-letter initial aircraft,” he said. “Doing this as a maintainer who doesn’t even hold a crew chief [Air Force Specialty Code] speaks volumes about Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Faaborg’s work ethic, determination and leadership.”

not good, but important to learn, some urgent care centers may not accept your car insurance as coverage that will pay for your medical emergency caused by a car wreck

read the entire article, of course, but here is what I got from it that caused me to want to tell you, that United States urgent care centers have limits on who they treat — for both financial and medical reasons.

Standard policy for urgent care centers is to not treat injuries that result from car crashes, even minor ones.

Generally they do not take care of car accident victims regardless of the extent of their injuries, because it is going to go through that auto insurance claims process before the provider gets paid

Urgent care centers — even ones owned by big health systems — often operate on thin margins and can't wait months and months for an auto insurance company to pay out a claim.

Urgent care centers are not bound by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, a federal law known as EMTALA that requires hospitals to stabilize patients regardless of their ability to pay.

United States emergency rooms by law must see all patients regardless of such issues

Jorge Seman's 1956 Buick Centurion concept car re-creation racing in the La Carrera Panamericana. It's fiberglass on a tube chassis, GM Vortec V-8 with aluminum heads and a 600 CFM four-barrel carburetor (thank you Mark!)

the Centurion tribute contains no actual Buick parts, concept or otherwise, though it is powered by a cast-iron GM Vortec V-8 with aluminum heads and a 600 CFM four-barrel carburetor, the latter at class limit. Though most days of the week Jorge runs his industrial show and event business, he also campaigns a car in the Mexican NASCAR Toyota series with driver Xavier Razo at the wheel.

cool to see old racing cars with original lettering


Odin Metal Création


The OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational’s Peak Performance Challenge (a timed segment) and the Lingenfelter Design & Engineering Challenge will return to this year’s SEMA Show,

while the Autocross portion of the competition makes its debut at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Bronze Lot during the exclusive trade-only event. 

The remainder of the OUSCI continues November 5–7, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

California lead the way with gourmet food truck meets, and now will dive into legalizing street food vendors, fixing the permitting process, and the article dives into vendor cart designs

dang, I didn't even get an honorable mention.

The five finalists for the 2022 SEMA Automotive Influencer of the Year award are 
TJ Hunt, 
Adam LZ, 
and Alex Taylor.

I've admired Larry's photography for years! 
I've never heard of the others, as they are doing new car stuff
Chris Fix does youtube videos for things I have no interest in
and drifts a Mustang. 
TJ Hunt seems to be Youtube videos on various new cars he's bought wrecked and fixed up
Adam LZ seems to be drifting new cars in Florida
and Alex Taylor is famous for newly joining Hot Rod tv show, and drag racing a 55 Chev

Finalists for the award were selected based on their presence and influence across social media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

yep, not smart enough to protect their mopar set in Florida, when they KNOW that there WILL BE hurricanes EVERY year... and they live on the beach

photo by freelancer Sean Rayford

I stand by my comments below, this guy is a moron to believe that the cars, across the beach from the ocean, are safe in the huuricane guaranteed south Florida

coolest Halloween yard display I've seen! Thanks Bruce!

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Not many people, or companies, can tell you they've saved lives unless they work in the emergency services (ambulance, EMT, nurses, drs, emergency room) and fewer can say accurately how many.. but I do like to heap praise on them.

So, a standing ovation please!  

It's rare, but I do offer the standing ovation. Not since April.

I am proud to say I've saved two lives, that I know of. None of us know how many lives we affect, or how much of our donated blood (I've donated at least one gallon to the San Diego blood bank, and I did not keep track of how much to the Red Cross, but they did have vampire liberty when I was in the Navy) has saved lives, and it's hard to guess how many lives crossing guards have saved, or seat belts, air bags, helmets, penicillin, and the Nobel Prize winners that increased food production, decreased disease factors, etc. 

But it's very cool to know that Martin-Baker have a number of the lives ejection seats have saved! 

The Hyundai Nexo is a hydrogen fuel cell powered car that was revealed at the 2018 CES, and hydrogen fuel cell generates electricity by mixing oxygen with compressed hydrogen to create a flow of electrons. It only emits pure, clean water.

Because it relies on hydrogen fueling stations, it can only be sold and owned in areas of the country where those are available. As such, Hyundai is currently only offering the Nexo for sale in California.

refueling takes about five minutes. Anyone who buys or leases a Nexo receives complimentary hydrogen fuel for the first three years or $13,000 worth of fuel (whichever comes first)

California DMV worker admits to handing out CDLs in exchange for bribes

On September 19, Ulises Pena, 39, pleaded guilty to illegally producing California CDLs in Bakersfield exchange for bribes, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California.

 Authorities say that between January 2015 through August 2016, Pena wrongfully aided struggling CDL students from co-defendant Bikramjit Singh Pannu’s truck driving school.

1965 Ford F-100 found on a ranch and restored

There was nothing all that special about the F-100 when it was sold to its original owner, a ranch hand in Winslow, Ariz., but Jim and Beth Burchill bought it from him 49 years later and took it home to join their collection in Dublin, Ont. It has a 352-cubic-inch V8 engine, good for 208 horsepower, and it’s now been restored to better-than-new condition.

“It had 94,000 miles on it and the paint was baked right off, but everything was original – the owner hadn’t replaced anything,” says Jim Burchill. “We took it totally apart, and every nut, bolt, washer, rivet is now in the exact same hole I took it out of. I marked them and wire-tied them before I sent them to the refinishers. It’s to keep it original, trying to preserve history.

“I’m going to lose points here because it’s basically over-restored. The paint was never as good underneath that truck when it came from the factory as it is now. They all had over-spray and undercoating splattered where it shouldn’t be. Authenticity is one thing, but why do that and have those spots rust in four or five years? I said I’d show it for a few years and then drive it but I’ve now got to the point where I don’t have the heart to do that to the truck. It doesn’t deserve to be ill-treated by driving it on our (rural Ontario) roads.”

I didn't know that U2 planes went to airshows and performed touch and gos! It's been happening at Miramar for years, but this is the 1st I've heard of it

 the chaser/spotter car is a McLaren 720S 

The U-2 made three passes at the runway at Miramar, with one pass featuring the short touch and go.

interesting read of what it took to get the B 17s into the Pacific in 1942

tire shavers are a disappearing breed

first vintage Airstream accommodation in the Philippines was featured on Autoevolution, it's available through Airbnb.


the walk of shame, in F1, is every time the crew and staff head to their pit, because the winners are placed closest to the entrance, the worst teams are farthest down the row

 So the more they win, the fewer winners they must walk past.

The more they lose, the longer the walk of shame. 

I just learned about this (I don't follow F1) by watching Netflix's Drive to Survive, Season 4 episode 6

I like this... it's been a while since the Chuck Norris fame was at it's peak, but how cool is it that a tank in the gulf war was named for him?

and that he went on a USO tour to meet the crew! Very cool!

Reportedly, Geico has decided not to cover the costs to repair a Tesla in a Tesla certified shop in Phoenix

A Tesla owner has reportedly struggled to get his car fixed where the accident wasn't his fault, and, it seems Geico is unwilling to pay the cost to repair the Tesla, so the Tesla-certified repair shop won't move forward with the work.

the Staple Singers’ bestselling 1972 title Be Altitude ..... 50 years ago

Beginning in 1948, Roebuck “Pops” Staples and daughters Cleotha, Mavis, and Yvonne began singing in churches across Chicago. Pops had grown up in Drew Mississippi, next door to Charlie Patton, and played guitar with him, and Robert Johnson (legendary guitarists)

Staple Singers songs including 1955's "This May Be the Last Time" (later adapted by The Rolling Stones as "The Last Time") and "Uncloudy Day"

Songs Respect Yourself, and I'll Take You There are simply wonderful groovy stuff. 

posted for the fantastic music, but mostly, because of that album cover (I've posted a lot of album cover art over the years, even an album cover photographer) is unusual, using a airliner engine 

interesting facts about a road trip to National Parks, you better know the legal limits of the vehicles they will allow in...

21 feet long, 10 feet high or 8 feet wide, because of tight corners and narrow roadways on a cliff’s edge, with no shoulder, and oncoming traffic sharing the road

That's the limits for Glacier Natl Park in Montana

And I figure the largest allowed in any park, is the restriction for the largest I ought to even consider... you know, if I were going to road trip. 

So, no point in thinking of a big rv rental, or truck hauling an Airstream. 

Tear drop it is! 

the price of gas in So Cal is jumping fast... same old reason, bullshit California smog recipe gas that prevents gas from being imported from other states, so we are stuck with only getting gas from the El Segundo refinery. And when they break down, shift to "winter blend" or other excuses, gas gets ridiculously expensive

the price is 56.4 cents more than one week ago, 79.3 cents higher than one month ago and $1.692 greater than one year ago.

The average price has risen 12 consecutive days and 25 of the past 26

the record high in San Diego was $6.373 June 15.

"A string of planned and unplanned refinery maintenance issues has severely tightened fuel supply in California," said Doug Shupe, the Automobile Club of Southern California's corporate communications manager. "West Coast fuel inventories are at the lowest level in about a decade according to Energy Information Administration.

The national average price is $1.251 less than the record $5.016 set June 14.

How in the heck did these yoyos not hook tires and wreck when they were inches from certain contact, I can't explain