Monday, November 12, 2018

This is a bit different... a 283 and 350 turbo give it plenty of scoot... it could probably use some wheelie bars though

the 1966 Fitch Phoenix, a prototype created from a Corvair, body built by Intermechanica of Italy

A Chevrolet Corvair-based two-seat sports car created by the late John Fitch, a famous racing driver and inventor.

The Corvair's rear-mounted, air-cooled 2.7L flat-six was tuned to produce 170 horsepower, while the weight is 2,150 lbs. The big bumps between windshield and front tires? Are for spare tires, since the car has two sizes of wheels, it was equipped with a spare for each

Fitch planned to build and sell 500 examples of the Phoenix, but before that could happen, President Johnson signed the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act into law, making it pretty much impossible for a small independent manufacturer to offer a car to the public.

It's debut was at the Abercrombie and Fitch (no relation)  Manhattan, N.Y., store.

 As a result, the prototype was the only one built, he returned the 100 deposits, and Fitch kept it for the rest of his life.

here's a guy who will be the text book example for a long time to come, of what not to do... in several ways.

notice his speed triple from 47 mph to 141 before he catchs up to the speeder and pulls them over.

Ironically he says, "I don't recommend doing that" just before we can see the smoke start to appear from under his vehicle, due to the extremely hot exhaust pipe and catalytic converter lighting off the weeds he parked on.

He doesn't get his vehicle backed away, and off the weeds... so it starts to burn, taking out the electrical system, and disabling the vehicle.

Then he can't operated the fire extinguisher.

That's just stupid, doubled down.

Celebs and Hollywood stars are losing their homes in Malibu to the fires

Looks like he lost his Bronco too.

He recorded about a minute of the neighborhood in Point Dume and it's like the houses were built of gasoline soaked matchsticks. Everything around them is fine, but the houses are ash.

Other people whose names you know that have lost their homes, Myley Cyrus, Neil Young.... and those who might lose their homes, and have already been evacuated, Lady Gaga, Cher, Alyssa Milano, Riann Wilson, Guillermo del Toro, Orlando Bloom, and Mark Hamill

Trans Ams... good looking car that happened to be in the right time for Disco and the "Macho" movement

The Mecham brothers were selling new cars out of their father’s Pontiac Dealership in Glendale, Arizona, until 1977, when they founded DKM, Inc. to build hot Trans Ams bearing the ultimate ’70s moniker: Macho T/A, and  began pumping steroids into the Trans Am.

“At that time, macho was the ‘in’ word in the Southwest. Everything was macho. In desperation, I said, ‘Why not call it Macho T/A?’ It was almost tongue-in-cheek. It may not be the best name, but how can you forget it?”

With the 455 disappearing in 1977, DKM focused on Pontiac’s W72 400, and began by changing the jets in the stock Quadrajet carburetor to enrichen the mixture, altering the distributor’s curve to hit 36-degrees of advance by 2,500 rpm, opening up the Shaker hood scoop to enhance breathing, and bolting on a set of Hooker Headers and a custom 2-1/2-inch exhaust with a crossover tube and a pair of catalysts, but no mufflers or resonators.

The changes under-hood reportedly added about 50 horsepower to the Macho T/A, and period road tests show the car was capable of running from 0-60 mph in 7.8 seconds, on the way to a 14.29-second quarter-mile at 98.79 mph, a full second faster than stock

Most other options were performance-oriented, including a fiberglass hood that saved an estimated 60 pounds, Corvette disc brakes, a turbocharger, and an oil pressurization system that prevented starvation in high-speed corners. With a starting price of $9,610, over $3,700 more than a stock Trans Am’s base price of $5,889, the Macho T/A certainly wasn’t targeted to the budget-minded enthusiast.

Jerry Heasley comes across incredible barnfinds... like this Z 28 and AAR in adjoining stall spaces

AMX and the Breedlove spouses setting endurance records for speed and distance in Texas, in 1968

In Tibet, where cows are not killed for food ( I know, right?) there is a guy who has made saving the hungry and thirsty animals his pet project... with a motorcycle. That, good friends, is a kind charity.

This is what Interstate 40 looks like in part of Pender County after Florence

driving out of the wildfires

a rich rootbeer brown color makes this Coronet look terrific

1959 Buick Invicta

but if you can tell me what causes this to be at SEMA, you'll be a step ahead of me on that. 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

the most incredible air brushing at SEMA was this van that has been the canvas for the artist Ed Beard, whose incredible work you'll recognize as the Dungeons and Dragons art for the past 3 or 4 decades

the only troubling thing, is that PPG seemed to ignore him and the van throughout the convention

Mickey Thompson quote, or advertising, I've never seen before

race ready Trans Am

the Lingenfelter 1961 Chevy panel wagon in the Royal Purple booth built by Tim Strange of Strange Motion

interesting way to get your buggy to the desert, but it must raise the center of gravity to a dangerous level for the rig driver

Hot Wheels had a lot of coverage at SEMA this year, they had the biggest outside booth, and even had this truck advertising the 50th anniversary in the Ford booth

cool workplace vent invention

I don't know how this is better than a fan, though, it's certainly better filtered and more focused

finding the unexpected at SEMA is what makes it so fun to wander around, and this Volvo is pretty unusual

Mopar used to have a lot of cool old muscle cars in their booth, but lately it's down to one or two at most. They fill the booth with Jeep prototypes instead