Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Thank you Bruce! He sent me his Gurney Eagle Charter Member patch and shirt that were part of Gurney's fundraiser to pay for F1 racing!

the shirt was made by Russell, the company most famous for great college sweaters and athletic wear

and short of owning a real Gurney Eagle, maybe one of the coolest collectables there might be is one of 5 fiberglass replacement nose panels

cool Mopar garage! Spare parts and nice cars!

Phil Remington's Gerstner

In Switzerland, mobile overpass bridges are used to carry out road work without stopping traffic

above, the short version. Below, the extensive 11 minute official version from the Swiss govt

ever see a propeller fall off when the engine was powered up and spinning it? Want to?


as the engine starts to get smoky, look at the prop start sliding forward off the drive shaft

To all those who think cops are simply wonder, law abiding, honest, etc etc, it will be a shock to learn that a San Diego PD officer resigned after getting locked in the backseat with female detainee... to have sex. What a moron... he forgot the keys in the front, and had to call another cop for help

of course the police are going to let him resign, probably with a pension or some other payout. 

Is the DA going to charge him with any crime, will IA get him for violations of procedure? Nope. 

This reminds me that only a few years ago a SDPD was raping the women he arrested. Yes, I posted that too. If you see a cop, you're looking at someone who is confidant that they are immune from prosecution of anything. Even the guy that murdered George Floyd wasn't stopped by the other 3 cops around him keeping the crowd back, they let him kill Floyd for 8 minutes. No one arrested that guy until after the general national outrage happened. 

Dan Gurney communicating despite language barriers, Italian GP

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

1st time I've ever seen a Gurney Weslake in a slingshot dragster!

1944, three days after the D Day, General Montgomery had his prized Rolls Royce delivered on to battle-scarred Juno beach.

The black Rolls-Royce Wraith staff car that signaled to the world the British had arrived and were there to stay. 

Our troops cheered when they saw it, while captured German soldiers did double-takes.

It returns to Juno beach next Wednesday and will have pride of place at the British Normandy Memorial on June 6, the anniversary of D-Day.

Not only will it be special for Richard Hammond to drive Monty’s motor in France, it was also the team at his firm The Smallest Cog that restored this “priceless” car.

this 69 Vette was parked back in 1991 because the nose was damaged... ain't that crazy the owner never wanted to save a hundred a month for a decade or so to get it fixed.... and enjoy it some more

best looking car made in 1978 I'm sure of it.

1970 Dodge Diamante

40 years in a garage... that's ridiculous. How did people never want this Nova to be used as a backup, or for fun?

There is no proof this was sold at the Yenko dealership. It's possible, but, so is coming up with a Yenko story to triple the selling price of this barnfind

This switcher 4420 operated for 43 years, until 1957, when it was retired. They're going to try and restore it now, as it once saved Evanston from being cut out of the Union Pacific's train route

The switcher saved jobs in Evanston when Union Pacific decided in the late 1920s that it no longer needed to stop in Evanston anymore. Technology had improved, and trains could make it all the way to Ogden without that stop.

Knowing how this would devastate their community, Evanston residents went to Union Pacific offices in Omaha to plead with the company to change its mind.

That led Union Pacific to change Evanston’s railroad service facility into a reclamation center. They would send cars full of broken parts to the railyard for repair work. The switcher would take the cars to different areas of the yard, depending on the work required.

“That little locomotive is what provided the jobs here, and saved this town,” Ewing said. “Without that, this building wouldn’t be here, and this would be a ghost town. It was the savior of the city.”

The overall restoration project is going to cost around $300,000

Thank you George! 

For the first time in the 911's 60-year history, Porsche won't offer any 2025 model-year 911 with a manual transmission

a couple hundred bucks, a couple of beers, and they made the cops pull them over 22 times just to waste their time. The cops found nothing wrong (wipers don't count) and had to put the news out in the paper for Karens to quit complaining about the truck

not all publicity photos are a good idea. Tigers should not be teased like this.

what a cool, unique moment of manufacturing of the red white and blue theme... no one but the American Motors Corporation could or would do something this cool.

 Dan Curtis, owner of the five RWB warriors pictured here, owns AZ AMC Restorations in Peoria, Arizona. 

Dan’s love for AMCs dates back to the ’68 390 four-speed AMX he street-raced in Massachusetts as far back as 1971. He confesses that he initially dismissed the whole RWB concept as “silly,” but has held on to an A-scheme SC/Rambler since the late ’90s. 

Dan claims he never sought the RWBs out, but rather accumulated them over time - almost accidentally. The B-scheme SC/Rambler was purchased from noted AMC authority Mark Fletcher, co-author of the Hurst Equipped book, 

The SS/AMX was offered to Dan in 2018, its RWB status was incidental to it being the final SS/AMX built. 

Six months later, a friend offered Dan the T/A Javelin in a part-trade offer. “This was late 2018 or early 2019,” Dan says. Soon, “I realized I had four out of the five - I only needed a Rebel Machine to complete the set. 

Other than his own, “I’ve never seen all five RWB cars together in a private collection.” All five of the cars seen here have been sorted out by his shop, including the installation of some genuine vintage over-the-counter AMC Group 19 parts under the hoods for a little extra kick. All of them are now ready to drive at a moment’s notice

someone made a pretty good full size Professor Z from a Toyota IQ

A rail enthusiast has bought a 1970s train for £1 in a bid to save it from the scrapheap. He now hopes to raise money to move it to a museum

news to me... that people are getting smuggled into the US from Canada, on trains. So... how'd the Border Patrol miss that obvious entry point, are they actually clueless??

 The two men, 45-year-old Jesus Ortiz-Plata, and 35-year-old Juan Pablo Cuellar Medina, appeared in U.S. District Court in Seattle on charges of smuggling people from Canada into the U.S. on freight trains, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Pretty ugly... why would anyone design a car to look like this? a 2000 Fiat Multipla, what were they thinking?

do you know the most common lemon of the past decade was? A FIAT 500. So, why would anyone pick a 2012 FIAT 500 and pit in a 250hp engine, get it to 174 mph, and try and sell them for 145k?

Anyone can buy a Corvette, or whatever, and still have enough to pay for gas and insurance instead, so why would anyone blow 145k on a Fiat?

Monday, May 27, 2024

Bill just bought this Z 28 five months ago... and had a LOT of work to do to make a driver out of it, from the look under the hood. Hard to believe anyone owned this and ignored and neglected it so bad

( I bet Bill needed this car real bad, he has TWO mini vans in the drive way! YIKES!) 

442 with under the bumper scoops! Sweet!

I never see these anymore

How many people knew this? Not me!

 N Nova
 O Omega 
 V Ventura
 A Apollo
 S Skylark

It's been too long since I've seen anyone actually drive a cool Duster. What the hell ever happened to enjoying a low priced cool small block? Does everyone treat them like museum pieces now?

Sunday, May 26, 2024

stupid tourists... not looking around. That's how they become lion food. They got lucky this time.

Pondoro Game Lodge safari cruiser

interesting diversion for Bendix.. I thought they only made parts? 1947 to 1949 Bendix tried helicopters, but shut that operation down. Not many buyers for single seaters

The Bendix Model K prototype initially flew with an uncovered fuselage and later with a fully enclosed, egg-shaped fuselage. By January 1947 it was in this form, with an open cockpit. Oddly the Model K and the larger Model J were apparently both named Whirlaway. Bendix Helicopter closed its doors in 1949

Old wooden tool box with interesting drawer pulls. A brass strip recessed flush with the drawer face and held by two flat head screws is the pull.

There are two intersecting hemisphere-ish depressions for finger clearance.

Probably the only time a magnaflux sticker was ever put on a tool box, somewhere between 1952 and 1973, the good years to be a mechanic

68 vette with 90k miles, possibly owned by a Eastern Airlines flight attendant since 1974, finally hitting the market on Ebay... but the seller specifically avoids mentioning the engine size. And it's an automatic


The story is likely made up to increase the attention it gets, as there is no proof of the previous owner, and the only evidence of a connection to the airline is a sticker in the window. Which anyone for any reason could have put there, or bought on Ebay and installed to give this story some weight.

if you were very bitter about your car getting repossessed, would you destroy it or park it in the ghetto with the windows down and the keys in the ignition?

UK fuel retailers doubled their diesel profits, instead of cutting prices to continue the traditional amount of profit. That's real hard on ordinary income consumers

according to a series of laboratory tests and real-world analysis, oil additives have the potential to do far more harm than good. Lake Speed Jr. spent 12 years as Joe Gibbs Racing's lubricant specialist, so if anyone knows how oil works, it's him.

Speed Jr. picked out nine oil additive products you can find on the shelves of any auto parts store for this test. Stuff like Marvel Mystery Oil, Lucas Stabilizer, Rislone ZDDP Supplement, and Seafoam oil treatment are all extremely popular, but according to this test, you're better off leaving them out of your engine's oil.

In an oxidation test, Speed Jr. discovers that both Lucas Stabilizer and Marvel Mystery Oil increase the viscosity of the oil and cause imbalances in the mixture, decreasing the oil's effectiveness. In a separate test, he discovers Seafoam pulls in water from the atmosphere (the presence of water in an engine is bad) and actually boils away before the engine reaches operating temperature.

Oil Extreme, another additive, is especially dangerous for direct-injection motors, Speed Jr. says. The high amounts of calcium and sodium present can actually cause low-speed pre-ignition, giving it the potential to cause serious damage. The Rislone supplement is also bad, Speed Jr. says, because it raises the acidity of the oil, opening up the engine to corrosion-based damage and excess bearing wear.

In short, Speed Jr. says you should stay away from oil additives and instead choose the correct base oil for your engine.

I notice STP wasn't included. 

very interesting, FAST, battery swap station that moves trucking along far quicker than filling diesel tanks!

Honda modified a Peterbilt to run on 3 hydrogen fuel cells, and it can go 400 miles with a full load.

Honda will showcase it, along with other fuel-cell vehicles, at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Las Vegas on May 20. (A convention I haven't ever heard of until this moment)

Honda says the truck has an estimated top speed of 70 mph, and can travel 400 miles before refueling the fully loaded truck/trailer combo weighing 82,000 pounds.

Honda makes no mention of Peterbilt in its announcement, and images show Peterbilt badges removed from the concept.

“Honda is actively seeking business collaborations and customers to help bring these hydrogen fuel cell solutions to market here in North America.”

Nissan says the GT-R is the only vehicle evaluated under streetlamps at night to ensure colors like Midnight Purple and Bayside Blue stellar are the best they can be for people exhibiting their vehicle in late-night car shows

In fact, the iconic R34 shade of Bayside Blue is so-named for the Bayshore Route in Tokyo; the Wangan route that became a haven for after-hours street racing in the 1990s.

Watching filth get washed off a car, is just satisfying... and this NSX has been gathering dust while hibernating for 22 years. Skip the first 2:45 minutes. Amazing swirl comparison at 15:45

It's likely the lowest mileage NSX. 2002 miles was all it was ever driven. 

This Acura fan bought a new black NSX from a local dealership in 1991. When the owner brought the car back around to the dealership to be serviced, one of the service technicians reportedly decided to take it for a joy ride under the guise of a “test drive.” A wreck ensued, causing extensive damage to the car.

After battling back and forth with the dealer to get his car fixed, the dealership opted to replace the 1991 model with a white 1992 NSX. When he called his insurance company to add the new car to his policy, the agent mentioned that the NSX was becoming a rare model and the price would start to increase. The owner opted to cancel the insurance, instead covering it and parking it in a barn, where it has slept comfortably until very recently with only 2,002 miles showing on the odometer.