Wednesday, February 20, 2019

the largest smash up in classic car racing I've ever seen, Road America 2005

The fifth place guy was racing well before the green flag and tried to force his way between the wall and the car in front of him. He started scraping the wall and the guy behind him checked up and the car that hit him started to spin and then it was one after another into them. I am amazed that no one was killed. All the drivers except two had hans devices.

The green flag was in deed thrown. I red flagged the race with in 3 seconds of the green. Even with the red flag the drivers in the back just keep driving into the rear

Even with the red flag the drivers in the back just keep driving into the rear. The red was shown at corner 15(the walk over bridge). The drivers just did not pay attention. All drivers were forced to attend a meeting right after the incident. They were all yelled at.

many fist fights started after drivers started getting out of there cars.

Apparently the prior lap was not green-flagged due to the cars not being in position so this was a second attempt to start the race. Whether or not all of this contributed to the accident remains to be seen.

What is known is that some drivers starting racing before the green flag

(statement by the operating steward for this race, )'

I was in the second row...we came up the hill as always and as the front row accelerated the starter did NOT throw the flag, the front row let off the gas and I hit my brakes as did the Jag next to me also the third row and fourth row...someone maybe 5 rows back hit the car in front of him and that caused all of this. You are looking at a few million dollars in wrecked cars.

as it turns out the (novice) race director told ONLY the front row he wanted a 50 mph start.....these cars do not do 50 mph

A 10 nose art

it looks really simple, and extremely effective at getting a rust free desirable car from one rusted out POS and a plain jane who gives a damn 6 cylinder car

Yikes, this ol Bee had some serious cancer on the bottom!

but this Coronet 440 (which has nothing to do with the 440 cu in engine, it's the bottom of the barrel cheapest model line, and looking over to the far side, it was a 4 door maybe... a Coronet 500 was another lower trim level model) looks reamrkable well preserved

and bingo! Someone will have a car to love for decades to come

Didn't they learn why Oldsmobile and Buick were killed off?

Because they made the same cars with different grills and badges and no one was buying them... the duplication is a money loss. If a car maker can't do anything original, why do they exist? 

the loop.... not easy for the most prepared stuntman. Certainly not advisable for a wheelchair

hint hint Santa, just an early notification so you got time to outsource delivery to truckers, as the reindeer ain't going to be able to lift this and the sleigh, for a long midnight ride

Passengers waiting to disembark from a plane in Jakarta were shocked when a giant scorpion started crawling out of an overhead bin.

What would Sam Jackson say about scorpions? 

Lion Air spokesman Danang Mandala Prihantoro said on Friday that the airline was still investigating the appearance of the venomous animal.

“Based on our observation of the video, it seems like a spider,” he said as quoted by Kompas

there is more than on reason to practice

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Simple, cheap, effective

proof of a time traveling car stuck in the past due to no gasoline production before 1840

India's new high speed train hit a cow on it's first trip, then had more problems in the electric system, and broke down entirely... and that's why religions are so moronic. They make stupid rules

Since coming to office, Modi's nationalist party launched a crackdown on the slaughter of cows - considered sacred by many Hindus - which has led to crisis numbers of stray and unwanted cattle

Cattle obstructions on roads and rail tracks are common in India, particularly in Uttar Pradesh state where Saturday's collision happened.

Soon after the collision with the cow, the drivers noticed smoke billowing from the last four carriages and the electricity stopped working.

Last week India's rail minister Piyush Goyal was mocked after he tweeted a digitally altered video of the train zipping by a station at lightning speed.

Railway authorities say the train is expected to reduce the 850-kilometre journey between the two cities of New Delhi and the Hindu holy city of Varanasi from 14 to eight hours.

postcard to send to Hitler and Hirohito prior to getting into WW2... it might have done some good

Pennsylvania Railroad class S2

whoo boy, don't you wonder how the road test went?

when it's ok to worry

globe riding... what we could do if we'd done some thing when we were young to make plenty of money and were getting residuals the rest of our lives

Great googlamoogla, he's finished it! And installed an elevator!

the top deck consists of a repurposed 23-window Volkswagen Kombi van, the lower deck is custom built, the front end was sourced from a 1947 Divco truck (the iconic American milk truck), and the chassis is from a 1973 GMC Motorhome, powered by an Oldsmobile Rocket 455

Seriously, great display idea

damn, this guy deserves some recognition for an effing awesome idea

no info came with the photo though.

Menard strikes again. Someone keep this guy off the track, he's wrecking 2 dozen OTHER racers each week

the Cadbury trains

they are still out there, getting close to 50 years of being out there, and close to 40 since the last time they were driven

damn, just waiting for something... funds for a restoration, values to increase so it can be flipped, something

things change in less than a lifetime, that indicate an era has came, and went, and left nothing for the next generation but memories and photographs

Sure, why not recycle?

If you are ever in Arkansas, and have a bit of time, stop by the ASU campus library, and ask to the Cass Hough Collection

the Cass S. Hough Aeronautical Collection, which has been described as the single most valuable collection of aviation materials in private hands

It's comprised of 4800 books, and other materials

None of it's been digitized, nor is it likely to be, as there are only 2 people in the library archives. I just talked to Melissa, and they aren't ever going to get the time, people, budget, or motivation to scan and make the Cass Hough collection available online

could this have been planned? Or did he just get lucky?

Does he ever left off the brake? The world may never know

Was he posing for humorous effect? Or not even aware of the ridiculousness of a bucket on his head

there's a real helmet sitting on his headlight

Mike, I'm still waiting for the day you get another 69 Camaro (in 20 years I've known Mike, he's told me of the 3 or 4 he had back in the 70s)