Sunday, April 19, 2015

some cool newer Mustangs from this mornings annual Knotts Berry Farm Fabulous Fords Forever

these two do a remarkable job of using the slab sides to grab attention. I'm pretty sure Ive never seen either of these before, the signature and the snake with scaly numbers

that is damn cool

a California limited edition, not a California Special.

the blue and red work really well

and framing the Shelby name with the hood scoop is a brilliant design

the best way to choose which color you prefer, a side by side comparison

I like red better

Some things that caught my eye at the annual Fabulous Fords Forever at Knotts Berry Farm this morning

and the bracing.. damn. That's as much or more than a lot of race cars I've seen

Above, the Shaker 1000 subwoofers. They rock.

Great underhood painting

original AM radio and vintage air conditioning

in the above row of Mavericks... is one thing that got my attention

Side pipes on this Edsel wagon... look damn cool

Red and black and Keystones... col.

Cool tool or accessory box.

Dual quads? You have my attention sir

Big Daddy Roth's Panzer Trike and Honda

one of the few stand out vehicles at Knotts Berry Farm today was this COE with an engine in the back

The Farouk car collection

Hibernia Auto Restorations also has salvaged the 1947 fiery red Bentley Mark VI that King Farouk of Egypt drove even after he was exiled to the island of Capri in 1952.

The car, whose coach was built by the famed Paris-based design firm of the era, Figoni et Falachi, also went through a series of owners through the years before coming to a rusty rest in a Morristown, N.J., garage.

Before setting to work on the Bentley, Glen Smith, a Hibernia mechanic, consulted blueprints of the original model.

Then he carefully took it apart, storing every part in a plastic bag, labeling and cataloging it to make reassembly easier.

In his quest for authenticity, Smith learned that King Farouk had decreed that no one else in Egypt could own a red auto. The only exceptions were the military jeeps, painted red, that traveled as part of the king's entourage.

Farouk getting into his Mercedes Benz 540K, a wedding gift from Adolf Hitler, circa 1938

Far from being just a personal gift, this served to showcase Germany's engineering abilities: "a first-rate sports Cabriolet, the best, most attractive and most precise car manufactured in the entire world." The 540 K received a special and unique dashboard layout and a contrasting beige leather interior with a matching hood. Although the King was forced to abdicate in 1952 and spent the rest of his life in exile in Monaco and Italy, the car remained untouched in Cairo until 1988. A French collector purchased 169387 at auction and stored it in a barn in France.

The Central Japan Railway has broken their old record, at set the new speed rail record at 366mph

this record was set with no passengers, just engineering staff, and it might only last until the next set of speed tests. They won't operate with passengers at speeds over 313 mph, and that won't be until 2027.

Currently there is speculation and hopes that the USA will try and get a high speed rail system. Unfortunately for us who have hopes that we could jump on a train and get across country in a couple hours without the airlines... the federal transportation department is bankrupt and out of funding in a couple of weeks.

Denver to LA in 6 hours. San Diego to Seattle in 10. New York to LA in 20.

The USA already has many bridges and rail lines in bad need of repairs, it would be more cost efficient to replace entire lines than to repair them, in the long term. Imagine if the USA replaced its transportation infrastructure instead of wasting hundreds of billions waging war in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.

Chicago is crying out for federal funds,  and is the 2nd largest metro rail operation, behind New York. Their current funding ends next month, and their highway trsut fund is empty.

the Regional Transportation Authority has a project from Chicago to Wisconsin, that is only 25% complete, but out of funds already. Its capital projects, which include rehabilitating stations and expanding transportation lines, replacing ailing bridges along the Union Pacific North Line needs more money to finish a railroad that runs from Chicago to Wisconsin.

The federal government’s transportation funding measure is scheduled to expire on May 31. Lawmakers in both parties have been struggling to come up with a way to pay for an extension.

 The gas tax has been traditional source of transportation funding since its inception in the 1930s. The tax has not been increased since 1993, however, and its buying power has been sapped by improvements in car fuel efficiency in recent years.

Keep in mind, electric cars use the roads, but won't contribute to paying for road repairs. Small problem? Maybe. 

 The federal government typically spends about $50 billion per year on transportation projects, but the gas tax only brings in $34 billion annually at its current rate.

his brakes failed. Not doing routine maintenance and routine checks on his brakes, resulted in 22 innocent people dead. Instantly. Insist that everyone you know be aware that unsafe conditions

This happened in South Africa a year ago.

But face it, it's known as unexpected, because you're on the road with thousands of other strangers every day.