Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thanks to Dick & Jenni Froemming for reminding me about these corrupt LA Sherriffs Dept (and I was sticking to only posting good cop stories, but Dick and Jenni insisted I post the bad ones too)

Four LA Sheriffs Dept officers arrested by the FBI for drug charges, including making a deal to protect cocaine and met shipments in trade for $250,000

Deputy Sheriff Kenneth Collins, 50, of Chino, 51-year-old David Easter of Hyde Park District, 34-year-old Grant Valencia of Pomona and 56-year-old Maurice Desi Font of South L.A. are charged conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

This was the second such incident. Collins received $25,000 in exchange for providing security for a Nov. 14 transport of six kilograms of meth and marijuana and counterfeit cigarettes from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. This transport was in fact part of an undercover sting by the FBI.

Collins told undercover FBI agents that “all of our transports make it through,” the DA said.

According to an affidavit filed last week, Collins told to the FBI that he provided security and claimed to have three teams that were providing security for multiple drug operations in L.A. and San Bernardino counties, the DA said.

Collins acknowledged to the undercover agent that he was a law enforcement officer. Over the course of several meetings, he claimed he could “fix problems” using a team of “cops,” the affidavit states.

At one point, Collins told the agent he had set a luxury truck on fire for a Boston client.

“Deputy Collins sold his badge to assist an individual he thought was a drug trafficker,” said United States Attorney Nicola T. Hanna in a statement. “The deputy allegedly used his status as a law enforcement officer as a guarantee when he promised safe travels for large quantities of illegal narcotics.”

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