Friday, January 19, 2018

LAPD chief Beck announced today that he will retire early, ending an eight-year tenure as police chief. Maybe we can hope that the next chief of LAPD cares more about making the LAPD more professional

Beck will step down on June 27, his 65th birthday. 

He was sworn in as chief in 2009. It was the capstone of an unexpected 40 year career with the LAPD for Beck, who initially aspired to be a professional motocross racer before becoming a police officer.

His family is LAPD too, two of his children and his father is/are/were on the force

The LAPD even paid for his daughter's horse. Despite his claims that it didn't happen, his signature was on the paperwork. Yeah, RHIP, cronyism, conflict of interest, and nepotism, along with unprofessional conduct = LAPD. She needed a buyer, and it looks to me like dad's influence came through.

And shit like that is why nepotism is looked down on by honest people. Shit happens, gets excused, and the beneficiaries are always flying through the storm without getting wet.

What's the big deal? As it was purchased by a fundraiser, a donor that covers expenses not in the LAPD budget? (Who does that, and why? So they never get a speeding ticket? Kickbacks and favors?)

She got the department to buy her personal use horse from her, so that she could ride it at work.

It’s on top of buying the horse, that now the department pays all of the horses medical needs and boarding.

Have you ever heard what a horse costs? AFTER buying it? Might ask why only the rich have horses.

In laymen’s terms, let’s say you got a job working downtown in the Mayor’s office and you lived in Riverside. And let’s say you managed to get the City to buy a car that you already own from you that you use to drive to and from work everyday. On top of that, the City now pays for all of the maintenance on your car.

It seems that the Chief’s daughter was transferred to the prestigious Mounted Platoon after the brewhaha with her then boyfriend Sergeant George Hoopes whom she had investigated after she discovered he’d been having sex with other female officers he was supervising. Everyone in the department also knew that the only thing that saved Hoopes’ ass was the naked pictures he threatened to expose of her and that the Chief couldn’t let that happen.

According to LAPD insiders, Beck’s daughter, after about one month into the Mounted Platoon, was selected as the department’s horse purchaser and assistant trainer. A position that is usually reserved for people who have had significant time in the unit.

This was another slap in the face to tenured officers who believe it has less to do with her job performance and more to do with nepotism and cronyism. She’s the Chief’s daughter.

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