Saturday, January 20, 2018

Beverly Cleary, The Mouse and The Motorcycle, one of my favorites when I was a kid

The premise is simple: Ralph is a young mouse who lives in Mountain View Inn with his mouse family. He’s going a little stir crazy and wants to seek out adventure and live on the fast road, but past mistakes mean he’s got to practice caution. Things get interesting when a young boy, Keith, arrives at the inn to explore California with his family. Even more interesting, Keith has a shiny new motorcycle (toy) and it’s not long before Ralph gets involved in zany hijinks like getting trapped in a wastepaper basket and more.

Ralph and Keith bond over the motorcycle and at first it’s all fun and games for the two. Keith lets Ralph ride his toy motorcycle and the two get along famously, but sadly a stop comes to the fun when his mother catches the mouse taking it for a joyride. What follows is a mini adventure and even a rescue of sorts by Ralph who seeks to set things right between him and his friend.

They even made a stop motion animated of it back before CGI.

I wonder why this classic hasn't been given a proper new movie treatment?

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