Wednesday, January 17, 2018

One last chance to get a brand new competition '65 Shelby GT350. The only people who can, legitimately, create a real Shelby GT 350, were the guys in the 60s who did it, and they decided to do it again, for $250,000 per car

They are taking the opportunity to install upgrades meant for the original car, incorporating features the original car was meant to have, but development time and money not run out.

But, since it's the design of Peter Brock, either original alternate, or optional, then... really it's all still legit. I mean, if you could get Chip Foose to build some more Hemispheres, and he chose to go with a slightly different this or that, because he didn't get the chance to try them the first time... what's the diff? Really, it's all a wash, but the buyer gets a better built machine, and can always switch to the old 1965 variant of the rear glass, or scoop, or spoiler.

The engines didn't change, still supplied by the Carroll Shelby Engine Company, and it's coupled to a period correct 4-speed transmission with an authentic shifter.

The car bodies are fully reconditioned and built to 1965 “competition” specs before installation of a new Brock designed aero front valance, refined rear window, and quarter glass

The revised shape of the rear window improves the car’s interior aerodynamics by promoting better airflow for driver comfort. The new front valance increases the airflow efficiency to better cool the engine. While these changes may look subtle, they combine with the new suspension to dramatically change the character of the car.

in 2015, the built the two above, and then played around with them, making them a bit better, and then they were asked, a lot, if either was for sale... so now they're in business to sell some!

Since the Shelby cars begin with an actual 1965 Mustang, they can be raced and registered for street duty, and yes, they get a Shelby serial number, which will be submitted to the Shelby American Automobile Club Registry, as well as the official Shelby American Registry administered by Carroll Shelby International.

Once the OVC Shelby production kicks off, the company has plans to offer the valance, Plexiglass windows, brake ducts and IRS to vintage Mustang owners, either installed or as stand alone parts.

Peter Brock, Ted Sutton, and Jim Marietta. Ted Sutton are the Original Venice Crew

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