Saturday, January 20, 2018

An example of how I can remember cars pretty well, I saw this charger one Hickam AFB about 25 years ago. Once. It just popped up on facebook, and I recognized it.

Here is the conversation we had about it on Facebook...

Ray was saying I bought it in 1990 from the man who ordered it from Honolulu Dodge. 43k miles, matching #, no rust, for $7500. My friends thought I was crazy. Still own it.

I replied I believe I saw this car getting restored on Hickam Air Force Base in 1993-94. The one I saw was said to have been bought by a Honolulu cop, and that he used it as a cop car because the PD didn't have a budget to purchase a fleet of cop cars, so, officers were given an amount to buy their own. I think I've even got a photo of it getting wet sanded

Ray replied Yes, this is that car! Curtis Cabral painted it. He was the master! Can you find the photo? I would like to see it. Thanks! Curtis was killed in a motorcycle accident about 10 years ago. Would like a pic of him.

I took these photos in the early 90s, probably 93

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