Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I bet these would sell for an unexpected reason.... there simply will be nothing like it in the American market to compete with it for startling good looks, mini trucking, retro El Camino, and every one looking for something new and unusual to own, instead of another Camry look alike

I'm so damn tired of my commuter never having enough space inside to move big things, and still not yet a small car. I'd get a mini truck like this, if nothing else, it would finally put a 2 door on the market that isn't a 50 thousand dollar car. Vette, Camaro, Chally, Stang. All overpriced, with no entry level 15-20 thou model like the manufacturers made in the 60s.

You could get a entry level cheap Dart, Camaro, Mustang, Coronet, Chally, Charger, Road Runner, Torino, Falcon, etc etc with out the high powered engine, options, etc.

Not any more. There are no cheap american 2 doors for high school and college kids to buy.


  1. No way that's gonna happen. The closest they came was the Aussie version a couple years ago. And you can bet on a 40 grand tag if they did.

    1. The Aussie versions had to be imported and converted to LHD. Just like over here, a Camaro has to be imported and converted to RHD (big job). This extra labour adds another 33 grand+ (AUD)to the purchase price and shipping and Duty and.....

      But if they stamp them out locally in the US. They could be cheap enough. The new head of GM global styling is the same aussie who is responsible for the commodore ute and Monaro, Michael Simcoe. He also helped bring the Camaro from concept to reality here in melbourne. Michael has put forward many designs that suit production, including a Monaro convertible. But Detroit has always said, specialty products could be produced only if a suitable export program accompanied it. Unfortunately our cars don't really suit too many other parts of the world. Too big for Asia and not big enough for the US.
      The Monaro was only ever designed as a two door Commodore. It was the motoring press that went nuts and dubbed it 'the new Monaro'.
      Impressed by the low cost or production, Detroit gave it a green light as a Pontiac in the states and put it up against the Camaro in the US v8 sports coupe market... even in the middle east. This was never a good idea.

      But as Jesse says, this is a unique body style with lots of possibilities. And besides, the new guy at GM has a soft spot for them. So who knows..

    2. In a perfect world, they'd stamp them out here, and only charge up to 30k for a perfromance version. It's not necessary to compete with the Camaro and Corvette, it only has to be a 2nd stringer, at best. Or, make it with gas mileage as good as a Cruze Eco. Overdrive, turbo, 42 mpg. There are no small trucks being made by the big 3 anymore, and no El Camino/Ranchero type vehicles, and they could double down and sell a station wagon version too, as no one makes those anymore, and some people still want one.

  2. Oh man, do me a favor and please don't call it a Mini Truck. Its a UTE brother....a Ute. If only a truck.. any truck drove like one of these.

    The Holden blue collar sports coupe has been around since 1948. Long before the El Camino.....yet I never tire of the confusion these things create for you guys.

    Here in Australia its pretty much a right of passage to own one. What you see here is an evolution of generations bombing these things. The beauty of a ute is that its based on the passenger car floor pan. Hence, it all fits. In the old days, A base model 6 cyl ute often got all the good bits from your mates wrecked Monaro, or GTS. And I suppose I should mention, for those on the dark side how many GT Falcons met the same fate.
    Swap or modify the wiring harness, unbolt and swap Motor gearbox, cut hole for stick, front and rear suspension units come out one get the picture.

    We did this once over a long weekend. Drove in a 6 cyl, column 3 speed. Drove out 350, 4 speed lowered with disc brakes. Instant muscle car. All the GTS front panels and interior would swap straight over.
    Hard work but worth it.

    I have owned a Ute all my driving life. I have also owned a Dog or two. Those crap magnets will ruin any interior quick smart, so in the back they go. They love it.

    Whether it be taking the dog to the beach, moving house, going to a swap meet or just racing some prick on your way home. A ute does it all in car comfort.

    A nice tv Ad from a few years ago.......

    Here's a review of one on your shores......

    1. pish posh. The term UTE is Aussie, and overused in the USA due to all the damn Sport Utes, Xuvs, etc etc. The El Camino wasn't a ute, it was a truck. The Ranchero - ditto.
      I bet the Syclone did drive like one of these.
      Yes, I know the Ute goes back to 1948.
      All you say about why they make sense is pure gospel. Now, if the damn American companies would only make one, and give everyone that wants a station wagon (historically good selling) or an El Camino (20 some years of good sales) they'd fill a niche market.