Friday, January 19, 2018

that's not a torque plate, that's just a big gasket! HA! The Kaase winning 1958 MEL, a ludicrously innovative 769hp 473cu in pfm crafted engine, that Smokey himself would likely marvel at, for cheating around the rules as written

A quick glance at the engine reveals thick adapter plates on the intake and exhaust that allow the engine to use speed parts made for the much better breathing Ford 385 engine family, but all of the airflow afforded by the intake and headers have to squeeze through the head ports, so what gives? Look a little more closely and you may notice what looks like a deck plate. Class rules forbid those as well, and it turns out they aren’t deck plates at all, they’re head gaskets!

Removing the cylinder head reveals the true magic, as the combustion chambers appear to be sunken below what was formerly the deck surface. Indeed they would be if it weren’t for the head gaskets. Jon referred to these as “valve seats” and true to the rules they aren’t welded or epoxied in place.

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