Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Matthew was going through the old family albums, and found this cool pedal car photo! Thanks Matthew!

"I was going through some old family stuff and came across this photo. The occupant of the car on the right is almost certainly my uncle Ted, who was born in about 1916, so I'm guessing this picture to be from about 1921 or so. Somewhere there are other pictures of that car, quite a nice one. But of course what caught my eye in this was the amazing Mack truck. I have no idea whose it was, or where it came from, but aside from all the rest, I think it grand that the driver appears to be a girl.

The photo was probably taken by my grandmother, and almost certainly in Meriden, Connecticut. Beyond that I know not much. Please feel free to put this on your site if you like it. Maybe someone else can fill us in on that truck.

Cheers, Matthew Currie, Benson, VT.


  1. That is a 1920's Steelcraft Mack pedal truck!

    Every now then they surface in classic car and toys auctions.

    The Morris museum in Morristown NJ has one as part of their vintage toy exhibition.