Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Giant Uniroyal Tire on I-94 in Allen Park, was the 1964 Worlds Fair Ferris wheel, and when put on permanent display, they simply removed the Ferris wheel


  1. Well actually, it was more involved than simply 'removing the Ferris wheel'. My new book, 'The Story of the Giant Tire' will be out this Summer.

    1. well I only have so many characters I can use for a headline, your book isn't out yet, and I give this away for free. I'm not selling books. So, my readers expect a lot more interesting content, a lot faster, with a bit less accuracy, and seem to get more than they expect... based on the compliments
      If you want to send me an image of your book cover, a synopsis that covers why your book is worth the asking price, and a link to Amazon or whatever online sales site is selling your book, I'll make a second post and let my readers know about your book.
      How's that?