Friday, January 19, 2018

how in the world do they train a cat to ride on the back of a scooter?



    1. You kill me with finding other websites to get examples from, when I have examples myself! on MY site!

    2. 2015 might as well be 1915 for me. Had I known how to find the link on your blog (and I tried), I would have used that one.

    3. oh... to find stuff on my site, you can do several things. Type (and then the word you're searching for) into a search bar... or, in the upper left corner of this, and most other sites, is a search function that ONLY searches this site for whatever you're hoping to find. In this case, Cat. Or, you can use the tabs, all 1100 or so of them, in alphabetical order to click on the words that might most likely to pull up a result you're looking for