Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Two former San Antonio police officers were found guilty Friday on multiple counts of sexual assault

and other charges after a lurid trial in which three women described how the men seduced them with the promise of money and legal favors for participating in what turned out to be a fake undercover operation.

Thanks to Dick and Jenni Froemming for reminding me about these! 

How did Dick and Jenni do that?

With this email:
Hey, Jesse.  Screw you and your incessant cop hatred, ok?  Yeah, I’m sure there are enough assholes out there behind a badge, but the vast majority of them are good men, putting their fucking lives on the line every day to keep dudes like you and me safe.

I guarantee you, if some ammosexual starts shooting up your neighborhood, you’re going to be pissing yourself, hiding in the bathtub, until the SWAT team shows up to take this guy out.
Suggestion:  just stick to automotive-related articles.  You’re good at it.  You post some nice stuff.

But this cop hatred thing - shove it up your ass.

And Dick has this on his facebook page. Hypocrite.

If you're as fed up with bad cop stories as I am, let Dick and Jenni know! Tell them to quit interfering with the guy who makes the blog who isn't going to be fucked with. is their email.

Why did they step in it, and try and tell me what to do with my blog? (remember it's just a blog, it's not a newspaper, magazine, subscription service, or anything they have to look at or pay for)

So, don't complain to me anymore, complain to them

What got them so warmed up that they decided to push my buttons? I guess the article I finished last night about the 1970 speed trap outside San Antonio. That' would be the 5th Speed Trap City story I've done. I don't remember anyone getting butt hurt like a Isis goat before, so maybe it's some other bad cop story that's giving Dick and Jen the uncomfortable itchy red butt they can't sit on. 

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  1. I always thought the vast majority of them were busy hassling middle-aged men for driving 62 in a 55 but maybe that's just me.