Thursday, January 18, 2018

oldest tool chest I've come across yet, and with a cool history

A great grandfather's cellar was getting cleaned out, but none of the family wanted this tool chest. So they put it out in a yard sale. $70.

Apparently this great grandfather worked for a Peerless auto dealership in Kansas City,  the name is painted on the box along with a radiator badge from a Peerless.

The badge is worth about $125 as is but it will stay with the box. It still has the original keys for the lock!

The name of the box manufacturer is on the inside (the box is paper lined from the factory) and the tray dividers are made from an old yardstick.

The inscription on the inside of the box lid:" May 30 1918 Homeward bound"

A WWI veteran coming back from the war!

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  1. That is great! Have I shown you my Dad's old tool box that I have now? I'll have to find some pics.