Wednesday, January 17, 2018

saved from a junkyard, this is all that's left of a workstation, or really big tool chest


  1. MId-50's to early 60's service stations, repair shops, and especially fleet (mid-sized and big truck) repair shops had banks of these with different weights of oils and fuel. It is basically a bulk tank that can be moved with a forklift. The floor is canted at a slight angle, and there would be a manual drain spigot in the end that currently has the hitch. Notice how the rear view shows a couple inches between the bottom of the corner posts and the floor, but the hitch end the floor goes all the way to the bottom of the corner post?
    This one, however, looks like it has been modified to a tilt bed, and the end panel can be pulled or dropped so that whatever is in the box can be slid out the back end

    1. Thanks! I was working off the source material, which mentions workstations and large tool boxes, and gets the mind working in that direction instead of considering that it could be, as you say, an oil and gas tank