Thursday, January 18, 2018

A crabby old man has a meltdown at the airport, what's amusing is that the grouch is Buzz Aldrin, and he got so pissed, he got up out of his wheelchair

“Are you operating an airline here or not?” Aldrin asked on the video. “We’ve been sitting here now 20 minutes waiting for somebody to come and fix a two-minute problem…. This is the most lousy operation I’ve ever seen.”

At 9:20AM he’s still at the check-in counter for his 9:25AM flight, so it's not out of bounds to suppose the fault is his own for not abiding by the rules the apply to us mere blue collar working joes, who don't get to throw our weight around as one of a dozen people that have ever walked on the moon.

Huh, sure sucks to have to put up with airport bullshit, after being a military pilot and NASA god, huh? He says to someone trying to get a sound bite, that his son works for, or worked for, Delta, and I imagine he's used to being one of the privileged few that was given head of the line since he was a test pilot.

Welcome to the rat race Buzz. TSA probably doesn't give a shit about YOUR opinions either.

Buzz goes on to ask for the names of the Delta representatives, and says “I’m going to see the president, I’m not kidding you.”

You probably didn't know,

His mother's maiden name is Moon

 Buzz earned a full scholarship to MIT, but first he went to West Point, graduated 3rd in his class, then did his grad work at MIT, getting a doctorate in astronautics

In the Korean war he shot down 2 MIGs and had 66 combat fighter jet missions.

The docking and rendezvous techniques he devised for spacecraft in Earth and lunar orbit are still used today.

He pioneered underwater training techniques to simulate spacewalking, performed the world’s first successful spacewalk, and also took the first ‘selfie’ in space.

He was the  the 1st astronaut with a doctorate, and 1st non test pilot admitted to the astronaut program, ending the prerequisite that only test pilots could become astronauts

Ironically, he then became the commandant of the Air Force Test Pilot School before retiring from the military after 21 years. A career ended by post astronaut god status alcoholism and depression, no doubt brought on by the Carter era malaise, and the shuttering of the only govt program that paid for space exploration. An obsolete expert whose glory days altered the course of the human race to getting to another solar object, only to find nothing there that would excite the taxpayers to continue to fund a pointless ego trip for JFK's patriotic one upsmanship with the Russians


  1. He also punched someone who said the moon landing was fake.

  2. In principle it is not good to punch anybody in the face, but methinks the guy had it coming. Excerp from one of the descriptions of the episode: " The incident was investigated by the police after the conspiracy theorist filed a suit, but charges were dropped after witnesses told the police that Sibrel provoked Aldrin by aggressively poking him with a Bible."

    1. agreed, and I'd give him a pass on it if I were the cops. Some things you just don't fuck with, and one is an astronaut, war hero, doctorate having cranky old bastard. You're stupid to even try