Saturday, February 17, 2018

39 Studebaker truck, nice looking design, well, maybe the best looking Stude I've ever seen, and Truquetructruk.tumblr will no doubt steal this too without giving a source credit. Jackass

The Studebaker Coupe Express was in some ways the spiritual predecessor of the ’46 Hudson with its sleek, low-slung styling. The ’37 model was attractive in its own right, but the ’39 model had a decisively more modern look, with fender-mounted headlights. Adding to the iconic look was a front-fender-mounted spare tire, rounded roof, and pontoon front and rear fenders. The M-series truck, which succeeded the Coupe Express, had a unique style of its own, but its blunter, more upright profile lacked the head-turning style of the Coupe Express.


  1. Do what other web sites do and stamp your sites name across the photo.

    1. But it's not his own original content either. Jesse makes sure to try to include the link for where he found the photo or story.

      Also, the idea of "original content" gets murky when digging up historic photos. The closest thing we have to a "creator" for something like this is the person who either currently possesses the original photos or was responsible for digitizing them.

    2. thanks 79TA. I have made the effort for 32000 posts, over 11 years, to credit the place that was cool enough to share something I too wanted to share, and respect the source as they put something on the net for us all to enjoy. It's just a small respect. What Gregg doesn't get, is that watermarking photos is disrespect to the subject. Yes, it also disrespects the person who actually made the photo, or owns the rights to the image they created. For me the best example of being an asshole is Old Motor, who watermarks most everything they post, regardless of the fact that they don't own the right to do so, when they simply repost images, or find them in libraries, and they are public domain.
      Most of all, watermarking photos makes them ugly, and detracts from the cool subject that I find interesting enough to share.
      My problem is that Truquetructruk is selective in who they give a source credit to. What is that about? I don't know. But it's a bullshit move to get so much content from my blog and never lay in a source credit to my site. Truquetructruk does give credits to other sources. Why? They get a majority from my site, and very little from others.